Bike Rental in Amsterdam

The close link between Amsterdam and bicycles dates back many decades. Even when owning a car became the norm, the Netherlands refused to go with the flow, mainly because of the flat terrain and the clear decision to create an efficient cycling infrastructure. Today the first thing you notice when you leave the Central Station is the constant comings and goings of cyclists of all ages and social backgrounds, from businessmen in suits to parents carrying their children. It can be said that Amsterdam is by far the most welcoming city in the world for cyclists. That’s why renting a bike is the easiest and most convenient way to explore the city and integrate with its inhabitants.

Amsterdam, a City, Built for Bikes

Rent a bike in Amsterdam to make the most of the city. Exploring Amsterdam by bike is not only cheap and convenient, but also safe. The city has 400 kilometers of bike paths, which is more than the distance between Amsterdam and London. Of course it’s easy to hop on your bike and ride along the city’s typical cobbled streets, places of interest and canals. There is so much to do and see by bike in Amsterdam, but first you have to get one of these means of transport. Luckily, Amsterdam offers an impressive selection of shops and bike rental services.

Many hotels and hostels offer their guests a bike rental service at discounted prices, so we recommend that you find out about it before you rent a bike. Also, keep in mind that Amsterdam is a highly accessible destination and several bike rental companies also have bikes, tricycles, tandems and other solutions for users with special needs. In citiec ike this you may require instructions for form 1040, this link may help.

Enjoy Amsterdam by Bike

Exploring Amsterdam by bike is a fun and unforgettable experience. But it is important to remember that it is a very lively and crowded city and it is therefore advisable to follow the advice received from your chosen rental company. It is essential to adjust the seat according to your build, learn the basics of cycling and choose an appropriate route. If you have never ridden public roads by bike, it is advisable to do some practice in the Vondelpark first. Guided tours are a perfect way to learn the tricks of the trade, including how gears work; during these tours there is always an expert at hand, who will be happy to answer any questions about cycling. Also avoid imitating the bad habits of local cyclists, especially during peak hours. Almost all Dutch people have been cycling since the day they were born, so it is quite common to see someone who crosses a junction with ease without paying attention to the red light.

Other Attractions in the Surrounding Area

Many of Amsterdam’s bike rental shops are located within the canal belt, where there is no shortage of things to do and see. If you have a bike available for a day, you can take the opportunity to visit some of Amsterdam’s most famous museums, such as the Rijksmuseum or the Stedelijk Museum, or you can go to the Melkweg near Leidseplein for a live concert. A canal cruise is also a must-see experience, and if you’re adventurous you can also explore the canals and admire the major attractions on a paddleboat.

Etiquette in Flight: the Rules to Follow ni the Plane

When traveling by plane, whether it is a few hours or a long flight, it is good to keep in mind some basic rules, mostly advice, so that you can face the flight in maximum harmony with the other passengers. Let’s call it etiquette in flight, let’s call it good manners, the issue does not change everyone (including us) want to face the trip in the best way without having to face annoyances that can be easily avoided with a bit of attention by our “travel companions” however unknown they may be.

But what are the behaviors to avoid in flight? How can we help to make the journey pleasant for us and other passengers?

Follow our advice!

What Not To Do On The Plane

Push To Get To The Place

Don’t worry, unless you’ve chosen a seatless ticket, there’s no hurry, your seat is waiting for you! Pushing other passengers during boarding is the worst way to start your journey, isn’t it?

Same thing in case we don’t have an assigned seat… unless you’re going to run over the other passengers, pushing them in a hurry while you’re getting 1099 MISC form on the plane will only make the other passengers nervous.

Occupying Other People’s Compartments With Your Own Stuff

How many times have you opened the compartment for your seat and found it occupied? That doesn’t feel good! So try to occupy only the space related to your seat and not “invade” the space of others! Taking advantage of the space under the front seat is also not the best, especially if we can bother the passenger in front or next to us.

Getting Up All The Time To Pick Up Objects In The Cabin

Before the plane takes off, make sure you take everything you need from your hand luggage. This way you will avoid having to get up frequently, and annoy your neighbor.

Choose The Right Times To Go To The Bathroom

If you travel in the indoor seat, and you see that your neighbor is getting ready to take a nap, take the opportunity to go to the bathroom. You’ll avoid waking him up soon afterwards. At the same time, try to avoid the moments when the stewardesses pass by with the trolley, or when there is already a nice queue for the toilet.

Reclining The Seat Too Much

It is true that the seat is made specifically to be reclined, but it is also true that it is good manners to think of those sitting behind us who want everything except to travel for now in an even more restricted space.

Use Devices Without Earphones

If you are going to listen to music, watch movies or videos, bring a pair of earphones with you. Of course, you don’t need to use the speakerphone and involve the whole plane.

Get Up And Call As Soon As The Plane Touches The Ground

Scenes we see every day. When the plane touches the ground (and maybe it’s still moving), many people immediately start calling despite the stewardesses’ recommendations.

Avoid doing so and wait to set foot in the airport so as to avoid creating chaos.

Also wait for the plane to stop to get up and pick up your hand luggage and above all don’t rush, wait your turn.

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