Yudham Sharanam Collections | Yuddham Sharanam Box-office Collections

Yudham Sharanam Collections | Yuddham Sharanam Box-office Collections

Yudham Sharanam collections : It is this week Naga Chaitanya’s Yudham Sharanam going to hit the screens. It is very good sign for the movie that most of the cinema lovers in both Telugu states are very much interested in the movie. Yudham Sharanam Trailer recently got before the audience elevating the interests of the people over Yudham Sharanam movie. Along with Yudham Sharanam collections you guys can look over things like Yudham Sharanam Telugu movie review and Yudham Sharanam Songs lyrics from this article. Let’s move to the collections part which is the ultimate aim of this article.

Yudham Sharanam is the movie Naga Chaitanya doing after Ra randoi Veduka chuddam movie. In that movie Naga Chaitanya did well and reached one more level as a hero and actor. Rakul Preet Singh appeared along with Naga Chaitanya in that movie in a completely different role. It is the Naga Chaitanya who must be appreciated for selecting and bringing different type of stories on to Telugu cinema screens. There is a lot of variations in the movies he is doing. Sahasame Swasaga Saagi po , Ra randoi veduka chuddam and now Yudham Sharanam movie. Different conceptual movies with cool titles. All the Best Naga Chaitanya.

If you guys haven’t watch Yudham Sharanam movie Trailer . Go and watch below. I am providing you direct access to Yudham Sharanam theatrical trailer below. Watch the trailer by clicking on the play button.

If Yudham Sharanm movie was successful to jump over all the hurdles No doubt it is going to make huge money at the Box office. In my view it will be scoring like 45 to 50 Crores at least.

Watch Yudham Sharanam Theatrical Trailer Below :

Hope you enjoyed the trailer of Yudham Sharanam movie. What are the interesting things you watched in the trailer above. May be so many but I will be mentioning the utmost interesting things from the list.

I really love that Hero Heroine pair worked out well for the movie. Lavanya Tripati and Naga Chaitanya suited the screen. It is like dream coming true, Karthik from Ye Maaya Chesave with Andhala Rakshasi on screen. They will be shown on the big screen in a day. The chemistry worked out well and the songs from Vidya Sagar must be appreciated. He composed music for Yudham Sharanam with the same passion he did for Pelli choopulu movie. The Music album of Yudham Sharanam succeeded in impressing the audience. Most importantly the rap song was well written, composed and sung. This song seems to be used as Background score for Yudham Sharanam movie.

One more important thing to be noted from Yudham Sharanam Theatrical trailer is Hero Srikanth. He is no longer hero in the movies . Hero Srikanth changed the gear of his career vehicle and acting as Bad villains. He looks stunning and his fierce looks are really scaring. The transformation from a Family Hero to a Villain is quite difficult and Hero Srikanth have accomplished the task with utmost ease. Director written every inch of the movie very well. Mainly he concentrated on the screenplay of the movie I think so. From the happy family scenery to a war Platform which was never expected from the audience.

Yudham Sharanam Collections


Yudham Sharanam collections will be updated here as soon the number count starts. All the information regarding Yudham Sharanam 1st day, 2nd day and 3rd day collections will be updated here. Stay tuned to our website to know more details about the Yudham Sharanam box-office collections.

Hero belongs to a family who are very happy with the things they have. Heroine Lavanya Tripati enters their lives as a guest to the house. Rao Ramesh who played Hero Father role in the movie asks Naga Chaitanya you and your friends must not disturb her for any reason. Naga Chaitanya says that;s okay but you know according to the rules of Movies Hero Naga Chaitanya gets attracted to Laavs Loves :p.

Suddenly there is change in everything . Yudham Sharanam rap song plays with the frames which confuses the Hero. It is quite sure that Hero entered the ground of war with villain Srikanth. What changed his life that much must be waited and watched on the big screen.

Yudham Sharanam 1st Day Collections 4 Crores Approximately

Watch Yudham Sharanam Movie Teaser below :

Hey if you haven’t watched Yudham Sharanam Telugu movie teaser till now. Go up and hit on the play button. It is really very interesting teaser to have a look over. A happy family and a happy life disturbed the unexpected things. Naga Chaitanay as usually looking good in the movie. He must be appreciated for his brave heart for agreeing movies like this. He is in the steps of his father in doing experimental movies.

This is all about Yudham Sharanam Collections. Stay tuned to know whenever we update info regarding Yudham Sharanam Box-office collections.