What to do in Manhattan when it rains?

In the meantime, you can move around very well with the subway, which reaches almost every point of the island (yes, if you didn’t already know Manhattan is an island, even if it doesn’t seem like it). And if the subway is already an excellent means of transport when the sun is shining (unless you want to take long pleasant walks) in Manhattan when it rains is definitely the most suitable way to move. But let’s see what you can do in Manhattan when it rains according to what interests you most:

  1. culture, history or nature
  2. modern and contemporary art
  3. romance
  4. sport or adrenaline
  5. shopping
  6. go off the beaten track
  7. in a thunderstorm

1. What to do in Manhattan when it rains… if you love the culture, history or nature

Manhattan is dotted with museums of all kinds. Not to be missed, especially for those who love nature, is the “American Museum of Natural History”, one of the main museums in New York, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, between 79ᵃ Strada and Central Park. The museum is divided into multiple areas that touch on the most diverse topics related to the history of man, animals and the earth.

If you love this kind of thing you could spend a week there, admiring the huge fossil skeletons of dinosaurs, touching giant meteorites, observing Mayan finds and taxidermied animals and being fascinated and amazed by all the extraordinary exhibitions it contains.

2. What to do in Manhattan when it rains if you love modern and contemporary art

One of the most famous museums in New York City is undoubtedly the “Museum of Modern Art” (also known by the acronym MoMA) which is located in Midtown Manhattan, on 53rd Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. Considered by many to be the best collection of modern art masterpieces in the world, MoMA’s collection includes more than 150,000 works, as well as 22,000 films and 4 million still images.

But be careful, before you pay for your ticket, read the name of the museum! This is something to do in Manhattan when it only rains if you are in any way interested in modern and contemporary art (or you want to get close to it), otherwise you risk finding yourself looking at objects that will simply seem randomly placed there, without understanding the deep artistic meaning and emotion that they generate in those who have this kind of sensitivity. Maybe you’ll find yourself under a paper-mâché penis (and I mean literally) hanging from the ceiling asking if it’s not a joke or why you’re so cynical that you can’t see anything more!

Similarly, you could consider visiting the “Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum”, another museum of modern art and contemporary art of international importance, located at number 1071 of Fifth Avenue. The building also has a very special architectural value as it was the last major work of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright and has a particular shape spiral upside down. The museum also exhibits works by Cézanne, Goguen, Picasso, Miró and Renoir, among others.

3. What to do in Manhattan when it rains if you are very romantic

Take a nice big umbrella and take a walk in Central Park yes, even if it rains! Maybe in good company, recommended making the day romantic and not depressing. Wear shoes suitable for the rain, of course, and reach the “Central Park Boat House”. Surely it will not be crowded on this occasion. Sit down and enjoy your lunch or even just an aperitif watching – to put it in a way that you can enjoy incurable romance – the drizzle that poetically draws its circles on the golden surface of the pond of Jacqueline, surrounded by the intense, colourful drums and crowned by the unmistakable Skyline of New York City, which can be glimpsed, soft, against the backdrop of this picturesque, idyllic scene.

4. What to do in Manhattan when it rains if you love sports or adrenaline

If you have felt nausea or drowsiness reading the previous paragraph because you love to move, do sport or throw yourself off a bridge tied to a rubber band, don’t worry. I know, you might feel a little sad to find out that you can’t walk all over Manhattan or run around Central Park because of the bad weather. But there are things to do in Manhattan when it rains that will save your day! For example, you could take a nice indoor free climbing lesson in one of the many gyms on the island. Or you could move around a bit to make the legendary experience of indoor skydiving: flying like jumping from the plane before the parachute opens, in complete safety inside a special wind tunnel.

For those who want to stay with their feet firmly on the ground, nothing better than a nice golf lesson in one of the many centres such as the “Premier indoor golf”, at number 1 of E 28th Street.

5. What to do in Manhattan when it rains if you like to shop

Maybe it’s the same thing you would do at home, but if you love shopping, something to do in Manhattan when it rains eh go to a nice shopping mall like “The Shops at Columbus Circle”, located near the southwest corner of Central Park. It’s a very nice building with a lot of medium-high level shops. It is also a great place to have a good lunch at a low price, thanks to the wide range of restaurants located in the basement. With the Self Service, for example, you can fill your trays and pay by weight and already with 10 dollars eat well and satiety.

6. What to do in Manhattan when it rains… off the beaten track

If you stay in the Big Apple is long enough to allow you to visit museums etc. calmly, even in good weather, this would perhaps allow you to find less confusion. But you would still have the problem of what to do in Manhattan when it rains. You can think of going to groupon.com and look for a good offer on one of the many activities carried out by the locals, depending on your personal preferences. There is much to discover in this way.

You can take an English lesson, for example, or learn how to cook a typical American dish like cheesecake.

Still, although New York is not known in the world for its spas, there are many very convenient offers to spend a relaxing day or do special treatments.

And so on.

7. What to do in Manhattan when it rains very hard and maybe there’s a thunderstorm

It may seem strange to you but it can be interesting to visit the Empire State Building even during a storm. Of course, you won’t be able to go outside and you’ll have to look at the view from the inside. But the lightning strikes that occur during a thunderstorm are really fascinating when seen in this extraordinary situation.

In short, there is a lot to do in Manhattan when it rains whatever your preferences. But remember: if you really want to have fun think outside the box, get out of the beaten path and avoid doing what everyone does but follow your own interests. Maybe you should avoid those attractions like the wax museum or the city aquarium. Not because they’re not very beautiful, but simply because they’re more or less the same in all big cities is that you could do elsewhere.