Vivegam Tamil movie Review – Ajith Vivegam Review & Rating

Vivegam Tamil movie Review – Ajith Vivegam Review & Rating

In this article we are providing you with all the information regarding Thala Ajith Vivegam movie. Mainly it consists of Vivegam Tamil movie review , Vivegam collections and Vivegam songs Lyrics. I will be providing you with all the links that will lead you to the path you are wishing to travel through this article. All you have to do is just follow my lead and I will take you to there. Vivegam is releasing for this Friday and there are so many expectations over the movie. The main reason for the hype Vivegam movie gained is Thala Ajith. He is the one Hundred percent reason for Thala fans to go to theaters and watch the movie. Now scroll down to read Thala Ajith Vivegam Tamil movie Review.

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Vivegam seems to be one of the typical movie Thala fans will like. There are so many interesting elements for Thala fans to fish in the movie. This movie seems to be give us the remembering of Mankatha movie. Mankatha under the direction of Venkata prabhu rocked then Tamil movie records. Again it may happen with Vivegam movie. Also Anirudh Ravichander Electrifying Background score increasing the expectations.

In this article now I will be writing Vivegam Tamil movie review and also about the first Vivegam Teaser that got released into the youtube and smashed the records. Hence first I will be providing you with Ajith Vivegam teaser and then write in detail about the Vivegam teaser . Finally I will be writing about Ajith Vivegam Tamil movie review. So if you are ready my passengers I kindly request you to pass on your seat belts.

Watch Vivegam Teaser below :

There is so much to talk about Vivegam teaser so before we start our talk I request you to watch Ajith Vivegam teaser from below link. Once you hit on the you tube play button, it will play automatically entertaining your ears. Let us start the beat now.

Now I will be going in detail about Ajith Vivegam Teaser. If you want to skip and read Vivegam Tamil movie review, you can do so by scrolling down. Let me start over boy.

As the teaser starts, music opens up with mixed colors screens and the title Sathya Jyothi films. It glows and blinks and there in dark Thala Ajith Stands holding two guns in his hands. Also there was a world map sticked to the wall to his back wall. He says ” Even if the world turns against you,” then he fires two bullets from the two guns he is holding. T. G. Thyagarajan Presents next comes and blinks on the screen now. There is a path on the screen now and a man is walking in it. There is a quick fire from group of uniformed people. And the continuity of dialogue is mentioned in quotations “at all the circumstances”

It is a forest and people fire with the light in front of their gun head. “The word you lost echo strongly”. There is a change in the building now and flags of different nations. There comes up a press meeting where a man addresses for a most wanted criminal. The same forest and a guy throws a weapon at the camera. “Screaming at your face” . As the weapon hits Ajith kumar title blinks on the screen.

Middle of Ajith Vivegam Teaser

We are in middle of Ajith Vivegam Teaser. If you feel bored you can scroll down and read Ajith Vivegam Tamil movie review down there. Ajith holds branch of a tree and doing some healthy push ups. ” Until you accept it”. There is a smoke now and as the gathering of police disperses we can see image of Thala Ajith coming on the screen. Now Ajith appears blurred where focus goes on a not known creature for me. He is looking good with black T-Shirt and black shades. “Whoever”. There are four buildings shown on the screen now and names of the buildings blinks over the walls.

“Wherever”. A snow covered land is shown and There is some firing in the place. People get dispersed with the gun shots. Fire and a man shooting hard shown now. “Forever”. A tunnel with increase in the background score shown now and as the camera travels on the wheels so fast. Lights gets on and half wildly. Finally we can see Thala Ajith clearly in the tunnel from back. “Cannot defeat you ever”. A maze gets dispersed and Vivegam Title rolls on the screen with the caption Believe in yourself.

Hanger where planes are parked is shown between the smoke. Thala Ajith walks slowly setting goggles to his eyes with electrifying Background score from Anirudh Ravichandran. Another shot of Ajith with black shirt putting his goggles on was shown. Siva and Team along with Yogi B Anu vardan rolls on the screen. An arch BGM with so many cops , helicopters and police cars surrounding were shown. Here Ajith violently says ” Never .. Ever..Give Up”. In middle we can see him doing martial arts and riding his bike.

End of Vivegam Teaser :

Holding his snipper and finally riding his bike in middle of parked cars taking Gun out of his Pant pocket. Also he struggles in snow land with wood log on his back and waving. As he fires bullet from gun comes storming from August. This is Thala Ajith 25 years and so Vivegam is so special movie for him. You can read Vivegam Songs Lyrics and Vivegam Tamil movie review below.

Vivegam Songs Lyrics

Here at the top we have provided you all the song names and their respective lyrics. I know that you all came here to view Vivegam Song Lyrics. Okay let me help you then. At top I have provided you with all songs and a text link beside it which was written as ” Click Here “. So if you want to view your favorite song lyrics go to the text link. Hover your cursor to confirm that it is the text link. After making your confirmation click on the link. It will redirect you to the spot where you can find your favorite song Lyrics from Thala Ajith Vivegam movie. Scroll down for Vivegam Tamil movie Review below.

Vivegam Tamil movie Review :

  • Our Rating: 2.5/5
  • Single Line Review: “Vivegam shouts louds..Audience close their ears”
  • Release Date: 24th August 2017
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Language: Tamil
  • Play Time:  2 Hours 23 minutes
  • Censor Report: “U/A”
  • Main Cast: Ajith Kumar and Kajal Aggarwal
  • Music by: Anirudh Ravichander
  • Writeen By: Siva and Kabilan Vairamuthu
  • Dialogues:Siva and Kabilan Vairamuthu
  • Story By : Siva and Aadhi Narayana
  • Screenplay: Siva and Kabilan Vairamuthu
  • Camera Man: Vetri
  • Banner Name: Sathya Jyothi Films
  • Director: Siva
  • Produced By: Sendhi Thyagarajan, Arjun Thayagarajan and T. G. Thyagarajan

So these are the people who worked very hard to complete Vivegam movie. Vivegam is the Tamil movie starring Thala Ajith and Kajal Aggarwal. Siva. Kabilan Vairamuthu and Aadhi Narayana worked on writing work for Vivegam Tamil movie. Vetri took care of the camera work and Anirudh Ravichander composed music for Vivegam Tamil movie. Sendhi Thyagarajan, Arjun Thayagarajan and T. G. Thyagarajan produced this movie under the banner named Sathya Jyothi films. Director Siva directed this movie. Scroll down for Vivegam Tamil movie review and rating.

Story :

Ajay Kumar (Ajith) along with his four friends tries to solve the international cases. He was employed to decode the weapons which will create a instant Earthquakes when activated. Ajith Kumar with his intelligence chases the case and finds important clues regarding the case. By the interval Ajay Kumar turns against the system and wants to eradicate the weapons secretly. What turned him like that ? How important was the Kajal Aggarwal role must be watched on the screen.

Assets :

  • Undoubtely Thala Ajith
  • Editing
  • Action Scenes
  • Music

Defects :

  • Story and Screenplay
  • Other characters other than Ajay kumar
  • Logic less Attempts

Vivegam Movie Final Verdict :

Vivegam is strictly for Thala fans. If the story was concentrated more than the Action sequences, it would have been a sure blockbuster. If you are a great Thala fans Vivegam is a must watch movie for you.

Our Vivegam Rating :- 2.5/5

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This is  Vivegam Tamil movie review for you. Stay attached with us for more info.