Vivegam Collections | Ajith | Tamil | Box-office Collections

Vivegam Collections | Ajith | Tamil | Box-office Collections

In this article I am providing you inf regarding Vivegam collections. Scroll down to find Vivegam collections below. Vivegam is releasing this week with huge expectations all over the world. Ajith fans are eagerly waiting for this movie. There are so many interesting things about Vivegam. The teaser and trailer of the movie have revealed so many things. I am going to discuss about those things in detail and later on lets move to Vivegam collections.

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Anyway you can view Vivegam Tamil movie review and Vivegam songs lyrics from this article. So select the things you are interested in from this article and have a look over them. I don’t want to eat your time. I am providing Vivegam Trailer below and a detailed discussion about it below. If you are not interested in the stuff you can just scroll down to find Vivegam collections below.

Vivegam Theatrical Trailer :

This trailer is a treat for Thala fans. It has all the elements they like. Now let’s start our discussion .

As the trailer starts Thala Ajith walks in the snow land with a massy getup. He is seen dragging a wooden lag with the help of a rope. “Who are you” is the question raised by someone in the trailer. T. G. Thyagarajan presents comes to screen, a long shot of Ajith standing in a snow ground astonishes everyone.

Ajith comes out of a screen with dialogue ” who am I is never decided by me, whoever faces me determines who I am”. He stand in a arch dam i think so surrounded by cops and a helicopter in air. AK Ajith 25 years rolls on the screen. Scroll down for vivegam collections below.

He is now in a cops working room saluting the camera. Behind him comedian and there goes the long shot of the working space. He was seen training group of candidates in uniform. Series of bomb blasts and Ajith sir hiding behind a tree. All his moves are seen in a moving image collage.

Vivegam – Believe in yourself title card rolls on the screen. As it goes Anirudh Ravichander intensifying Background score impress the crowd. Meanwhile Thala walks stylishly adjusting his goggles and working hard to climb a tree. He was seen training group of military candidates. Taking reverse pull ups is the added attraction at this part.

Middle of Vivegam Trailer :

Here comes villain Vivek saying Party time. The group of cops along with Ajith starts firing in the forest. A girl with knife appears stunning. Vivek and Ajith shoot each other sitting over the biggest guns in the battle field. “We don’t rescue each other. Do you know what rescues us always The friendship that five of us share” .

This is too crazy Vivek is one of the Ajith Five friends. Ajith saves him from  a cardiac arrest. Also they shake their knucles as a symbol of friendship. They set up fire in the forest and enjoying themselves. Comedian ” What more do I ask for” for which Ajith replies Ask for a coffee. Comedian face goes confused.

A church bell rings and this is the place where Ajith meets his heroine Kajal Aggarwal in a church marriage. “My happiness is not being with you, it is you my happiness” . Ajith proposes to Kajal Aggarwal driving the car. Two shots Kajal Aggarwal Playing piano with her hands in Ajith and enjoying rain with Ajith are shown.

This time she says in the same car ” In my entire life I have never told a bigger truth than this and could never say in future too” By the time she completes alarms beeps alerting Ajith to a war. Also scenes featuring Ajith and Kajal Aggarwal glorifies the screen.

End of Vivegam Trailer :

Few shots move fast in seconds and there goes a bomb blast. Appears like a terrorist attack and every one who appears in this part of time seems to be confused. There Ajith starts the war throwing two men at a time smashing the glass window. He brings fire from the knife by touching it to the moving train wheels. This is my favorite shot from vivegam movie trailer. Get vivegam collections below.

He stand top of a car and firing the bullets with two guns in his hands. “That’s my friend for you” Vivek laughs loud. Thala riding the bike with super speed, also firing the bullets. “Without struggling hard He won’t quit or succumb to death” Vivek says about Ajith.

Few mass shots of Ajith in snow and tearing his shirt off showing his work out. An eagle flies and “Like a Phoenix he rises and rises from the ashes |” says Vivek and Vivegam title this time falls in English on the screen. The trailer ends Ajith rising from the snow and with the dialogue ” You will see my rage” and the frames shown during this dialogue are outstanding. It is a very good trailer and director must be appreciated for his hard work.

Vivegam Collections


Vivegam Collections will be update after movie release.

Ajith Vivegam First Day Collections :

Vivegam First day Collections are 35 Crores approximately

Ajith Vivegam Weekend Collections :

Vivegam as given a solid start collections are huge which are approximately 50 crores at the Box-office

Ajith Vivegam First Week Collections :

Vivegam First Week Collections will be update after movie release.

Ajith Vivegam Ten Days Collections :

Vivegam Ten Days Collections will be update after movie release.

Ajith Vivegam Total Collections :

Vivegam Total Collections will be update after movie release.

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Vivegam Songs Lyrics

Vivegam is the Tamil movie starring Thala Ajith and Kajal Aggarwal. Siva. Kabilan Vairamuthu and Aadhi Narayana worked on writing work for Vivegam Tamil movie. Vetri took care of the camera work and Anirudh Ravichander composed music for Vivegam Tamil movie. Sendhi Thyagarajan, Arjun Thayagarajan and T. G. Thyagarajan produced this movie under the banner named Sathya Jyothi films. Director Siva directed this movie. Scroll down for Vivegam Tamil movie review and rating.

This is all about Vivegam collections. You can find everything related to Vivegam movie in our website. Scroll up for Vivegam collections above.