VIP 2 Collections – Dhanush VIP 2 Box-office Collections

VIP 2 Collections – Dhanush VIP 2 Box-office Collections

In this article along with VIP 2 Collections we are going to get you info like VIP 2 movie review and VIP 2 Songs lyrics. VIP 2 movie is releasing for August 11th 2017 after crossing so many hurdles. Now it is official that VIP 2 is going to hit the screens on August 11th 2017. We will update you with all the info regarding VIP 2 Collections. Scroll down to view VIP 2 Collection below :

VIP 2 is filled with so many interesting elements that will attract you. The hype for VIP 2 movie begun with VIP 2 Teaser. Even the first look posters that got released into the market, created hype over the internet. VIP got huge success at box-office, Now it is the time for VIP 2 to make sensation at box-office. Dhanush with his own hands written story for VIP 2 Movie. The story of VIP 2 runs b/w Raghuvaran and Vasundhara. Who wins the race must be  checked on the screen.


It is not VIP 2 collections that must interest you to watch the movie. You first watch the VIP 2 trailer and VIP 2 teaser. IF you find any interesting element I suggest you feel the awesomeness in the theaters rather than stumbling movie info in the internet. Now I am going to explain you in detail about VIP 2 Teaser. It will be a best idea if you watch VIP 2 Teaser first and then have look over my detail information about VIP 2 movie teaser. Below I am providing you VIP 2 Collections and VIP 2 Teaser official you tube link.

Watch VIP 2 Teaser below :

Hey I am providing both Telugu and Tamil VIP 2 movie teasers below. Do watch them if you are interested. However you can jump into VIP 2 collections if You want to .

As the VIP 2 Teaser starts, Wunderbar studios presents enters the screen. Samuthirakani sits in a chair to start his dialogue. He says like this “If one gets more number of enemies, it means that they all are fearing seeing his success. That is when you are correctly doing your job. Life without enemies is waste ya. This type of enemies will come and go like Passing clouds. ”

When Samuthirakani is completing the above dialogue. Some frames of Dhanush fighting were shown. Those frames have attracted me very well. Dust making rounds in air when he is fighting shakes the thrill. Tightening Fist shot was shown followed by Head kicking shot. Now someone shakes Raghuvaran and the mass look from Dhanush . Oh my God this is what I am wishing for. Now my favorite shot may be yours too Dhanush giving Bruce lee kick in air. Two shots of Bruce Lee kick are shown with Excellent Background music from Sean Rolden. And Then VIP 2 Teaser ends with VIP 2 title rolling on screen.

Verdict :

It is good to watch VIP 2 Teaser and Dhanush was looking stunning. Sean Rolden Background score helped to collect few Goosebumps. I Found it very interesting to watch VIP 2 teaser. You can watch Both Tamil and Telugu VIP 2 Teasers above. Scroll down for VIP 2 Collections.

VIP 2 Collections (Tamil and Telugu) :

VIP 2 Collections will be update after movie release.

VIP 2 First Day Collections :

VIP 2 First day Collections are around 5.75 Crores.

VIP 2 Second Day Collections :

VIP 2 Second Day Collections are upto 11 crores for saturday

VIP 2 Weekend Collections :

VIP 2 Weekend Collections are 17 crores for Sunday

This is all about VIP 2 Collections. You can also find VIP 2 Songs lyrics in this article. Scroll down to view VIP 2 Songs lyrics.

VIP 2 songs Lyrics (Telugu and Tamil ) :

VIP 2 Telugu songs lyrics :

Vip 2 Tamil Songs lyrics :

Sean Rolden composed all songs from VIP 2 Telugu movie. The songs namely Nada Ra Raja, Iruvuram Kaadhu. Pellannade, Dooram nuvve undaloi songs in Telugu , Where as Nada Da Raja, Iraivani Thandha Itaiviye, Ucchathula anad Dooram nillu in Tamil. You can watch all VIP 2 Songs lyrics from above. All you have to do is click on the appropriate link that will fetch you to your favorite song lyrics from VIP 2 movie. If you want to find VIP 2 collections, Scroll up and find them above. Also Read VIP 2 movie review here.

This is all above VIP 2 Collections. Stay connected to us.