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Vikram Vedha Collections

[I]n this article we will Provide you with Vikram Vedha Collections. Scroll down to view Vikram Vedha Collections below.

Vikram Vedhais a Tamil movie released on July 21st , 2017. The Genre of Vikram Vedha movie is action. Vikram Vedha is a Action based movie. Vijay Sethupathi and Madhavan acted in main roles of this movie. Sam C S  composed music for all the songs from Vikram Vedha movie. Pushkar – Gayathri written and directed this movie.  S Shashi Kanth produced this movie under the banner named Y not studios. Scroll down for Vikram Vedha Review and Vikram Vedha collections below.


Vikram Vedha is the upcoming Tamil movie. This movie is so special for Tamil movie lovers as two different genre actors sharing screen in this movie. Both are cool actors but of different Genres. Madhavan is a lover boy in early Tamil movies but later on recently he emerged as a Mass hero. When we talk about Vijay Sethupathi he was successful grabbing some mass pulse. So it is now Two Massive Mass Heroes clashing on screen. Scroll down to read our view and Vikram Vedha Tamil movie Review and Know Vikram Vedha Collections below.

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[showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”…” less_text=”Show less…”] Vikram Vedha seems to be a movie with very interesting plot. It is a story in between a cop and a gang star. Generally in these type of movies either one of them I mean Either cop or Gangster will be a good human being. Whom we take as a hero of the movie. But Guess what, Here Both of them are bad guys. So to choose one among them as our hero , we must be bad too.

Vikram Vedha is the upcoming Tamil movie starring R. Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. This Multistarrer movie teaser released recently. Vikram Vedha teaser seems to be very interesting. We could not grab full concept of Vikram Vedha movie from the teaser but we can know some important things from Vikram Vedha teaser. Two directors have directed this movie. Look at this irony two heroes and two directors. Those two directors are Pushkar and Gayathri. Both of their work visible on the screen which made it a promising teaser. Meanwhile this article is embedded with all Vikram Vedha Songs Lyrics . Scroll down to view Vikram Vedha Songs Lyrics . This article is embedded with Vikram Vedha collections . Check below for Vikram Vedha songs lyrics and Vikram vedha collections [/showhide]

Vikra Vedha Collections  :

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Vikram Vedha Songs Lyrics :

[showhide type=”post2″ more_text=”…” less_text=”Show less…”]  I am providing full list of Vikram Vedha songs in this article. Along with the list you can find a text link beside every song. If you are still confused what do you mean by Text Link. To segregate your tension I named it as ” Click Here “. Now go to above list and find your favorite song in the list . Click on the text link beside your favorite song. Once you click you will be redirected to a new tab where you can find your favorite song lyrics. So I think that my instructions have helped  you 🙂 . It’s time for Vikram Vedha Collections .

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