Velaikkaran Tamil Movie Review & Rating | Sivakarthikeyan | Velaikaran Movie Review

Velaikkaran Tamil Movie Review & Rating| Sivakarthikeyan | Velaikaran Movie Review

Velaikkaran Tamil Movie Review: Velaikkaran is the upcoming Tamil movie of Sivakarthikeyan and Nayanatara. It is the movie which has huge hopes in Kerala lang too. The reason is Mollywood Superstar Faahadh Faasil is acting in a lead role for this movie. Velaikkaran movie review will be updated here as soon as the movie hits the screen. So if you want to read Velaikaran Tamil movie review keep in touch with this page. Scroll down for Velaikkaran Tamil movie review.

In this article along with Velaikaran Tamil movie review you can view more info about Valaikkaran like Velaikkaran songs lyrics, Velaikkaran collections etc; Stay with us and click on the appropriate link to view what you wish for. Velaikkaram Tamil movie teaser released recently so first I will be talking about Velaikkaran teaser, discuss it in detail. Then move on to Velaikkaran songs lyrics and finally to Velaikkaran Tamil movie review. So before hurrying our things to Velaikaran Tamil movie review let me make you watch Velaikaran Teaser below.

Velaikakran movie is releasing all over the world today. As it is the movie starring raising star Siva Karthikeyan and Lady Superstar Nayanatara this movie has huge expectations all over the world. Velaikkaran movie is mainly aimed at the revolution against the unhealthy food. Siva Karthikeyan is playing the lead role in the movie. This movie is the second release for Siva Karthikeyan in the year 2017. The first release will be Remo which is a huge hit at the box office. For Velaikkaran Tamil movie review you can follow the article present below. Velaikkaran Tamil movie review and Velaikkaran Tamil movie Box office collections are being updated in this article.

Velaikkaran Movie Review

Velaikkaran Movie Box Office Collections


Velaikkaran Tamil Movie Review :

  • Our Rating: 3.25/5
  • Single Line Review: “Message Oriented”
  • Genre: Action Thriller
  • Language: Tamil
  • Play Time:  2 hours 30 minutes
  • Censor Report: “U”
  • Main Cast: Siva Karhikeyan, Nayanatara and Faasil
  • Music by: Anirudh Ravichander
  • Written By: Mohan Raja
  • Dialogues:Mohan Raja
  • Story By : Mohan Raja
  • Screenplay: Mohan Raja
  • Camera Man: Ramji
  • Banner Name: 24 Am Studios
  • Director: Mohan Raja
  • Produced By: .R. D. Raja

So these are the people who worked very hard to complete Velaikkaran movie. Velaikkaran is the Tamil movie starring Sivakarthikeyan, Nayanatara and Faasil from Mollywood. Mohan Raja did writing work for Velaikkaran movie. Ramji took care of the camera work and Anirudh Ravichander composed music for Velaikkaran Tamil movie. R. D. Raja produced this movie under the banner named 24 AM Studios. Mohan Raja directed this movie. Scroll down for Velaikkaran Tamil movie review and rating.

Story :

Velaikkaran movie starts with the voice over of the Director Mohan Raja. He tells the audience about the things needed and not needed in the life. The story is mainly aimed at the slum area. Siva Karthikeyan is one of them who dreams to save their people from Kasi. Kasi is the guy who gives bad jobs to do for the Slum People. Without wasting time Mohan Raja driven hero into the story. Who starts his fights against Food adulteration and many Social threatening issues. The movie ends giving the social message to the crowd.

Assets :

  • Mohan Raja investigation for Velaikkaran must be appreciated

  • The Screenplay of the movie is well written and audience are not allowed to get distracted
  • Supporting roles for Nayanatara nad Faahidh Faasil must be appreciated
  • Anirudh music is a life for the movie. Even Picturization of the songs is good.
  •  Few scenes like setting up Radio in slum are good and deserves claps

Defects :

  • Velaikkaran movie is not a regular commercial movie, so it will have some defects for sure
  • Background score was not to the level the audience have expected
  • When First half was baked good, second half was not up to the level
  • As the director doesn’t want his audience to get distracted he avoided comedy plot

Velaikkaran Movie Final Verdict :

Velaikkaran is a very good movie and Mohan Raja and Siva Karthikeyan must be appreciated for their hard work for the movie. They have done well and created the impact. Watch it in theatres and you will love this movie for sure.

Our Velaikkaran Rating :- 3.25/5

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Watch Velaikkaran Movie Teaser Below :

Here is Velaikkaran Movie teaser for you. Once you click on the play button you can watch the Velaikkaran movie teaser here itself. We can see in the thumbnail of velaikkaran movie teaser Sivakarthikeyan standing with his one leg up over a thing looking into the sky. The background seems to be a slum area with plastic water buckets and houses around.

As the Velaikkaran teaser starts, a bell rungs and the slum are was shown. Also few people in middle of the streets are shown. Now Sivakarthikeyan face from his head to above mouth was shown in black and white. He closes his eye slowly and there is a sight of slum again. He starts telling the dialogue again this time in a different place ” It’s enough changing yourself to suit a situation. It is the time to change the situation to suit us”, During this dialogue so many interesting frames of Velaikkaran are shown. Below you can find Velaikaran Tamil movie review.

He switch on the mike and hold kennedy mike in his hand. Now there is a change in the background score with 24 AM Studious with green background playing on screen. RD Raja Presents comes on to the screen now. There is a change in the pace of music and Sivakarthikeyan putting on his headphones. The music was so wild and Sivakarthikean name to the side of the screen appears. Here comes heroine Nayanatara from a opened door in a green dress.

Director name comes to screen and it is shown as from the mind of Thani Oruvan. Siva appears in formal dress with bag around him. Prakash raj makes his debut in Velaikkaran teaser with a tooth pic in his mouth laughing cruelly. There is a big strike  with shouting people in front of the house Nayanatara is staying. Siva runs ferociously to hit the villains. A Mohan Raja Film comes on to screen now. A fist folding was shown now there comes Malayalam Super star Faasil behind Siva. It appears like Faasil is giving some support in a matter to Siva. They walk with attitude on screen now. Get Velaikkaran Tamil movie review below.

Siva takes a sprite bottle in a shop and waves it in air to show off before Nayanatara. He puts a plastic bag to his head watching, a dialogue comes now ” Officers won’t ask questions even authorities won’t. But as a worker I will ask questions”. A group of people comes shouting whom Siva splash on to the ground. “I mean the worker will question”. As he completes this Velaikkaran Tamil logo occupies screen and Faasil hugging Sivakarthikeyan. Faasil assures Siva that it gets work out for 100 percent. Few mass steps were shown now and Anirudh Ravichander name comes on to screen.. Finally Velaikkaran English title comes on to screen stating Velaikkaran Release date will be on September 2017. Now let’s go to velaikkaran movie review .

We will update you with Velaikkaran Tamil movie Review as soon as the movie gets released until then stay tuned.