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Velaikkaran Collections are here for you. Velaikkaran is the second direct movie directed by Mohan Raja. This movie has huge expectations all over the Tamil Nadu State. The reason is that of the combination of Siva Karthikeyan and Nayanatara. Mohan Raja who started doing directed movies with

Thani Oruvan is now coming forward with Valiakkaran. Velaikkaran is the concept based on the food adulteration. Faasil from Malluwood also joined the team and his union did so much favour for the movie. Even Kerala Faasil fans are eagerly waiting to watch their hero role in Tamil movie. And the wait is over as movie is releasing soon.

In this article, we will be discussing in details about Velaikkaran Box Office collection updates. Siva Karthikeyan previously did Remo and astonished everyone with his collection stability by collecting around 33 Crores at the box office. Now we have to wait and watch how much Veliakkaran is going to collect in total before the closing share. In this article, we will be updating every day the Velaikaran collection updates. So you can come here and then view Velaikara Box office collection updates over here. Velaikran Collection prediction is also updated in this article, you can view the Redirecting URL below.

As the Velaikkaran movie is totally based on the revolution against Food revolution this movie is going to impress the audience for sure. Velaikkaran is a movie coming with a social message. Hero Siva Karthikeyan promised the crowd watching Velaikkaran audio function that he will not be doing any ads which will be a harm to the society.

This thing has influenced lot and it is really a good movie from the star like Siva Karthikeyan. On the other side, Mohan Raja is pretty confident about the movie. Scroll down to view Velaikkaran Box office collections and also we are providing Velaikkaran movie review URL below. Check on the appropriate link to view the info regarding Vedlaikkran.

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Velaikaran 1st Day Collections
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Velaikaran 1st week Collections
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Velaikaran 11 Days Collection
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Velaikaran Total Collections
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Velaikkaran COLLECTIONS/ Velaikaran Collections

Velaikkaran 1st day collections, Velaikkaran 2 days collections, Velaikkaran 3rd day collections / Velaikkaran first weekend collections and Velaikkaran total collections and Velaikkaran collections till now / till date will be updated in this article.


Velaikkaran first day collections/ Velaikaran day 1 Collection —>> Check Here

Velaikkaran 1st day collections are good at the USA box office. In this article, we are updating the USA Velaikkaran collections updates related to the areas of Noth America and USA. Velaikkaran has got only 40 Locations at the box office in the USA. Despite this movie has collected almost 40K Dollars at the box office. This is really a good start for the star-like Siva Karthikeyan. He is increasing in fan base in USA step by step. Must be appreciated for his brave step to do a movie like Velaikkaran. Velaikkaran Collections updates will be there for you in this article. Keep coming to check Velaikaran Box Office Collections.

Velaikkaran Chennai city 1st day collections are now updated in this article. Velaikkaran is doing very good at the Chennai city box office. Chennai city opening day collections for Velaikkaran movie is around 90 Lakhs. This is the best opening collections for Siva Karthikeyan. Velaikaran 1st day collections will be updated in this article in detail. Keep visiting for Velaikkaran Box Office collections. Velaikkaran Chennai city box office collections are good enough and hope that Siva Karthikeyan will mainatain same speed at the box office daily. Chennai city Velaikaran collections are updated in this article. Go in to find Velaikkaran box office collection.

Velaikkaran Tamil movie 1st day collections are good in Australia. This week is a very busy day for Indian Theatres. The reason is along with Velaikkaran Tamil movie, so many other Indian movies are releasing. This decreased number of theatres in Australia for Velaikkaran movie which in turns reduced the Velaikkaran collections. Velaikkaran first day total collections will be updated in this article. We have updated Velaikkara 1st day Australia collections. If you like to view Velaikkaran collections and Velaikkaran Box Office Collections updates then bookmark this page for sure. So that you can land directly on this page directly whenever you like to view Siva Karthikeyan’s Velaikkaran collections.

Velaikaran Total 1st day collections are here for you. Velaikkaran irrespective of other Indian movies release did well at the box office. Velaikkaran movie on its first day collected the Gross amount of 8.45 crores at the Tamil Nadu Box office. The main reason for this success is Siva Karthikeyan. Faahid Faasil who belongs to Malluwood helped in lifting the movie. His role is perfect and well designed by the Director Mohan Raja. The concept is the King of this movie. It has helped the movie to score a hit talk at the box office. Velaikkaran collections will be huge and the best in the career of Siva Karthikeyan for sure.


Velaikkaran second day collections / Velaikkaran 2 days collections —>> Check Here

Velaikkaran is the Tamil movie released this week. Now we have updated Velaikkaran 2nd day USA collections and also Velaikkaran Tamil movie 2 days USA collections. Velaikkaran is aimed to show the social message. Director Mohan Raja has made an attempt to show us the problems faced by the poor people in present society. To fulfil this intention Siva Karthikeyan was selected and we must admit that his selection was too good. Siva Karthikeyan lived in the role and also he was very successful in generating emotions all over the screen. Velaikkaran Collections are good for its second day. Velaikaran Box office collections will be more on its weekend as expected.


Velaikkaran third day collections / Velaikkaran 3 days collections —>>Check Here

Velaikkaran 4 days collections/Velaikaran 4 Days Collections

Velaikkaran 4 days collections/ Velaikaran 4 Days Collections —> Check Here

Velaikkaran collections started to weaken by the 4th day of its release. Siva Karthikeyan’s Velaikkaran movie under the direction of Mohan Raja got very less number of screens in the USA. This is because of the competitive release of other Big Indian movies like Tiger Zinda Hai, Hello and MCA. Also, there is one more Tamil release for the weekend namely Sakka Podu Podu Raja starring Santhanam. Velaikkaran on its 4th day of release collected 2.24 lakhs at the box office and Velaikkaran total 4 days USA collections are around 1.2 crores. Hope Velaikkaran Box Office Collections improve for the Christmas festival.

Velaikkaran 5 Days Collections

Velaikkaran 5th day Collections/ Velaikaran 5 days Collections –> Check Here

Velaikkaran Collections are good on its 5th day. Velaikkaran is the movie which is mainly aimed at the food adulteration concept is doing very well at the box office. Faahidh Faisal is one of the assets of the movie. Everyone doubted why Faisal was chosen for Velaikkaran movie when there are so many artists in Kollywood. But after watching the movie, everyone understood that only Faahidh Faasil can do that role and suits the role. Velaikaran movie Chennai collections are 4.41 Crores at its box office. Velaikkaran USA Box Office Collections are around 1.65 Crores. Keep coming to view Velaikkaran Box Office Collections daily updates.

Velaikkaran 6 Days Collections

Velaikkaran 6th day Collections/ Velaikaran 6 days Collections –> Check Here

Here Velaikkaran Box office collections updated every day. Velaikkaran is the Tamil movie which is ruling Chennai Box Office presently. Velaikaran 6th Day Chennai collections are 0.52 Crores. Velaikkaran 6 days Box Office collections are around 4.93 Crores approximately. This is very good for Siva Karthikeyan and Velaikkaran is the top grosser among all the Siva Karthikeyan’s movies. Siva Karthikeyan is not only improving his collections at the Chennai city box office but all over Tamil Nadu. Hope Velaikkaran Collections never stop and fill still it does break even for the producers and the distrubutors of the Velaikkaran Tamil Movie.


Velaikkaran first week collections —>> Check Here

Velaikkaran Tamil movie is doing very good at the box office on its 7th day. Here we are likely to provide 7 days Velaikkaran Tamil movie box office Collections. Velaikkaran Collections are around 5 Crores at the Chennai Box Office. This movie has crossed the count of Bairava movie and racing further in the USA. The Overseas Collections of Velaikkaran Tamil movie is around 7 Crores mark and it is one of the career best for Siva Karthikeyan. For more information regarding Siva Karthikeyan’s Velaikkaran Tamil movie Box Office Collections, Keep connected to this article.

Velaikkaran 1st Week Collections are around 38 Crores Worldwide. This movie needs to collect 62 Crores in long run to do break even. That is Velaikkaran movie was bought worldwide for 62 Crores so this movie has to collect the Gross amount of 62 Crores to be called as a hit at the box office. Velaikkaran Collections reached 40 Crores approximately, Hence this movie was expected to do the break even by the end of 2nd week of its release. Velaikkaran Box Office Collections will be here for you daily. View Velaikkaran Collection updates daily here in this article.

Velaikkaran 11 Days Collections

Velaikkaran 11 Days Collections/ Velaikrana 11 Days Collections –> Check Here

Velaikkaran 11 Days Collections are now updated in this article. Velaikaran movie has managed to collect 50.7 Crores at the box office on its 11th Day. Velaikkaran is the movie which is a message oriented one and sold for the very big price at the box office. Especially at the Tamil Nadu Box Office Velaikkran was sold at very high prices. So even though the movie is very good, Velaikkran will remain with few losses at the Tamil Nadu Box Office. However, Velaikkarn Collections are huge as expected.

Velaikkran 12 Days Collections

Velaikkaran 12 Days Collections are good and growing day by day. In this article, we have exclusively focussed on the Gross amount Siva Karthikeyan’s Velaikkaran is collecting at the box office. Velaikkran movie has collected worldwide Gross of 80 Crores but the break-even is yet to be done at the Tamil Nadu State Box Office. This movie is expected to do break even for 62 crores at the Tamil Nadu Box Office. But things are not right and Velaikkran movie is finding it difficult to do break even at the box office. For 12 Days Velaikkran movie collections are around 50 Crores and 12 Crores have to be grabbed which is so much difficult. For more information regarding Velaikkaran Collections, Keep coming to our website.

Velaikkran 17 Days Collections

Velaikkaran 17 Days Collections are now updated in this article. According to the sources, Velaikkaran Tamil movie has managed to cross 8.62 Crores in the Chennai city on its 17th day. The USA Velaikkaran Collections will be 2.38 Cr and The UK will be 94.87 Lacs. Velaikkaran as a Superhit movie collected 82.34 Lacs in Australia. In Chennai City, Velaikkran movie has managed to bring profits in one area and there are two more areas where Velaikkaran movie is still in losses. Velaikkaran has to collect some decent score to be called as a Superhit movie at the box office.


Velaikkran movie is doing very good at the box office and this movie has faced loss in few areas even. Velaikkaran movie with the presence of two heroes one from Tamil Nadu and one from Kerala did very well all over the world. But as the buyers of this movie has over estimated this movie, Velaikkaran has faced few downs along with ups. However most of the buyers are happy with the output of the movie and satisfactory collections from Velaikkaran screens. We have started updating Velaikkaran Total Collections report in this article. If you want to know more information regarding Velaikkaran Collections, Stay tuned to our website.

Velaikkaran total collections will be updated soon.

This is all about Velaikkaran collections. Keep coming for more Tamil Movies Box-office collections here. Follow us for more interesting updates about Tamil cinema (Y).