Vedalam Songs Lyrics 2015 – Ajith Tamil Vedalam Songs with Lyrics

Vedalam Songs Lyrics 2015 – Ajith Vedalam Songs with Lyrics

Vedalam is the Tamil movie starring Ajith and Sruthi Hasan as Hero and Heroine. Also Laksmi Menon acted as sister of Thala which can be said as the crucial role of Vedalam movie. Director Siva well directed this movie. He must be appreciated for his work. On the other hand Tamil music sensation Anirudh Ravichander composed music for this movie. He proved his music capability once again. Mainly Aaluma Doluma tops the list of Vedalam songs. At the bottom of this paragraph I will provide you links for all the Vedalam Songs Lyrics 2015. Scroll down for Vedalam Songs Lyrics :

Vedalam Songs Lyrics :

As mentioned above there are totally five songs in Ajith Vedalam movie. Vedalam songs are queued in order as Veera Vinayaka song, Don’t you Mess with me song , The Theri theme song , Aaluma Doluma Song, Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhe song respectively. All those five songs lyrics are provided above. Click on the link provided along the specified song to view those song lyrics.

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According to the story line Ajith is a newly arrived Taxi driver for the city. He along with his sister Lakshmi Menon comes to the city. But beside being a Taxi driver his real intention to come to the city will be revealed in ultimate hero elevation scene. By the time of interval of the movie Heroine Shruthi Hasan comes to know the facts about Ajith kumar. To her Thala Ajith tells his flashback and everyone comes to know that Lakshmi Menon is not his original sister. Every criminal activity he is doing is to avenge her revenge. Scroll up for Vedalam Songs Lyrics.