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TSK Collections are here for you. TSK full form is Thaana Serndha Kootam. Thaana Serndha Kootam is releasing tomorrow all over the world with huge expectations. Suriya is coming along with Keerthik Suresh this time to test his luck at the box office. Suriya tops the list of heroes having craze among Telugu audience. Telugu audience loves to watch him on the big screen.

This is the reason TSK movie is being dubbed into Telugu by the name Gang and released into the theatres on the same day. Few moments to start Premiers in the USA and we will update the TSK Collection news once show falls on the screen.

The supporting cast of TSK movie is good and director Vignesh Shivan must be appreciated for his selection of characters. Ramya Krishna madam is playing one of the lead roles in the movie. She has done a fabulous job in past and so we can expect the good character of her in this movie.

Coming to the music director it is none other than Anirudh Ravi Chander who won the name Rockstar of South India. He is known for his catchy songs and he has done a good job with that.

TSK movie is releasing shortly and in this article, we likely provide you guys with the details regarding Thaana Serndha Kootam Collection updates. TSK movie Box Office Collection updates and the genuine numbers will be tried to post in this article. Follow the URL which will help you to view the information regarding TSK movie Collection updates.

This movie is releasing worldwide and this is one of the big Tamil movies which has huge expectations on it. Hope Suriya will rock the Box Office and fill the pockets of the producer. Scroll down to view Suriya’s TSK Thaana Serndha Kootam Tamil movie Box Office collection updates.

TSK Box Office Collections

TSK Box-office Collections Redirecting URL
TSK 1st day collections/
Gang 1st Day Collections
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TSK 2 days collections/
Gang 2 Days Collections
Check Here
TSK 3 days collections/
Gang 3 Days Collections
Check Here
TSK 4 Days Collections/
Gang 4 Days Collection
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TSK 5 Days Collections Check Here
TSK 1st week collections/
Gang 1st week Collections
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TSK 10 Days Collections Check Here
TSK 11 Days Collections Check Here
TSK 14 Days Collections Check Here
TSK Total collections/
Gang Total Collections
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TSK COLLECTIONS/ Gang Collections

TSK 1st day collections, TSK 2nd day collections, TSK 3rd day collections / TSK first weekend collections and TSK total collections, TSK Vasool and TSK collections till now / till date will be updated in this article.


TSK first day collections/ Gang day 1 Collection —>> Check Here

TSK 1st day collections are now updated in this article. TSK movie has huge expectations all over the world. This is the reason this movie is also being dubbed into the Telugu language by the name Gang. The first day collections of TSK movie are expected to be very huge and you can follow the link we have provided above to view Gang 1st day Collections. Suriya is looking cool in the movie and the presence of star cast like Ramya Krishna helped the movie to score a good talk at the box office. TSK is a complete entertainer and can be watched for this Pongal. Follow us for TSK Collections updates.

TSK Collections are very good on its first day. Suriya looks fine in the role of a CBI office. As he is good at living in the character, he did a wonderful job by loving in the role of CBI officer. Ramya Krishna madam is one big asset to the movie. She lived in the character of Jhansi Rani CBI and her role is a huge asset to the movie. In this article, we have provided TSK 1st day collections and if you want to view details regarding Gang 1st day collections, all you have to do is follow the URL that was provided above. Keep coming to view TSK Tamil movie Box Office Collections updates.


TSK second day collections / TSK 2 days collections —>> Check Here

TSK Collections are good so far. According to the reports we received, we can conclude that TSK box office Collections on 1st day are more than the 1st day. Stretching the issue, TSK 3rd day collections are greater than that of 2nd day. In this way, TSK Collections are improving bit by bit at the box office. Also, Gang movie has received a good talk at the box office. The gang is the dubbed version of TSK Tamil movie. Gang Collections are also good at the box office. For more detailed information regarding TSK Collections and Gang box office, Collections come here.


TSK third day collections / TSK 3 days collections —>> Check Here

TSK 3 days Collections are now updated in this article. Suriya is back with TSK movie. As the movie is a super hit in both Tamil and Telugu states, Suriya is wandering as part of the Success meeting. He concentrated mostly in the theatres located in Telugu states. The reason is he has an equal fan base in Telugu land as that of in Tamil Land. Here we will be updating all the information regarding TSK Box Office Collections. Whenever you like to view TSK Box Office Collections, make a visit to this place and view with your own eyes.

TSK 4 Days Collections

TSK 4 days collections are now updated in this article. Gang movie is doing very good at the box office and it is very good that Suriya has gained his strength back at the box office with TSK movie. Suriya faced few flops at the box office before which done worst at the box office for an instance we can talk about Suriya’s Singam 3 movie. TSK collections are improving inch by inch daily and we can expect more output from the movie in upcoming days. The collections of Gang movie are updated in this article. Keep coming for more interesting updates regarding TSK movie collections.

TSK 5 days Collections

TSK 5 days box office collections are now updated in this article. Thaana Serendha Kootam Tamil movie is the Sankranthi winder both in Telugu and Tamil lands. The reason is the storm of Collections at the box office from the side of Thaana Serendha kootam Tamil movie. You guys can watch the increasing graph of TSK collections day to day. TSK collections will be updated in this article every hour and if you like to view TSK Tamil movie collections, you can come over to this webpage and view TSK Box Office Collections on your own without any wastage of time in the internet.


TSK first week collections are here for you TSK is the Tamil movie starring Suriya and Keerthi Suresh directed by Vignesh Shivan. This movie in the race of Pongal stood as the Winner. The reason is this movie has got so many fun elements and the family audience will love to watch fun this on the screen for the festivals like Pongal along with their families. TSK 1st week collections are good and you can view TSK Box Office Collections over here. For more information regarding Suriya’s TSK Box office Collections and TSK collections updates, follow this article.

TSK 10 Days Collections

TSK 10 days Box Office Collections are now updated in this article. This movie is the Pongal winner for sure and the presence of Suriya and Keerthi Suresh increased the bookings for Gang Telugu movie. Gang movie on the other side in Telugu did well and collected a good amount at the box office. TSK ten days box office collections are here for you and if you want to know more information regarding TSK Collections and TSK box office collections, you can come over this article and check the information regarding TSK Collection updates over here.

TSK 11 Days Collections

TSK 11 days collections are now updated in this article. Suriya’s TSK movie has collected good amount for 11 days of its release. This movie started scoring profits to its producers on its 11th day. Not only Producers of TSK, even the exhibitors are scoring profits for the movie. The pair of Suriya and Keerthi Suresh worked well on the screen and the story of Vignesh Shivan for this movie raised the joy. His Screenplay for Gang movie is tremendous and the audience enjoyed watching this movie on the big screen. For more interesting updates regarding TSK Collections and Gang Box Office collections, keep coming to our webpage.


We are with a small update regarding TSK movie. This movie was released with so many big movies worldwide with huge expectations. Not disappointing the audience, TSK movie has managed to score good talk at the box office and do well. Suriya’s presence in this movie has helped this movie to collect a good amount in the other states too. Now, we are here with TSK movie Overseas total Box Office Collection update. You can view the latest update regarding TSK collections by following the link we provided above.

TSK movie total Box Office collections are now updated in this article. In Tamil Nadu, TSK movie has collected the Gross amount of 78 Crores in total and 19.5 Crores in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. This movie has collected 8.5 Crores in Karnataka and 9.89 Crores in Kerala. From Rest of India, TSK Collections are 3 Crores and Overseas collections would be 35 Crores. Total Closing share of TSK movie is around 153.89 Crores.

TSK total collections are still to be updated and now we have updated the information regarding Gang box office collections in this article. By the link, you can get to know the information regarding Gang final box office collection in both the Telugu states. As this movie has collected less amount of money when compared to the other movies that have released for his Pongal this movie is considered to be an average hit at the box office. For more interesting updates regarding Suriya’s TSK Collections and final closing share of TSK movie keep coming to this webpage.

This is all about TSK collections. Keep coming for more Tamil Movies Box-office collections here. Follow us for more interesting updates about Tamil cinema (Y).