Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review and Rating

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Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review:

Mass Maharaj is back with another interesting film Touch Chesi Chudu written by Vakkantham Vamsi and directed by Vikram Sirikonda is new director marks debut in Telugu cinema. The movie is scheduled for worldwide release on 2nd February 2018. The movie has Raashi Khanna and Seerat Kapoor in the lead roles, Known Bollywood actor Freddy Dauwala is playing the antagonist role in the film.

Touch Chesi Chudu Review: Live Updates

Bhai Who do Smuggling for his living enters the screen as the movie Touch Chesi Chudu Starts. DGP tries to stop his smuggling activities. This makes Bhai very angry and he threatens him not to do like that again.

Ravi Teja who is the star to be talked now gets introduced on to the screen with the first song of the movie named Rang Barse. Along with Ravi Teja, his family also gets introduced on to the screen.

Now it is the time for the introduction of Rashi Khanna who makes her presence on the screen. She is good and we can appreciate her presence. Few Love Scenes are shot in between Ravi Teja (Karthikeya) and Pushpa (Rashi Khanna).

The second song from the movie Touch Chesi Chudu is on to the screen now. This song is very good in audio rather than in Video. If taken good care, would be a good music hit. Touch Chesi Chudu movie review here for you.

When the Story is not going anywhere we will be witnessing one more song from Touch Chesi Chudu movie. Chaka Chakamani song is on to the screen and the audience in the theatres are bit confused what is the movie man!

Now we go to Pondicherry and still, there is nothing much to talk about.

Finally, we can see a Goosebumps scene where Karthikeya comes to meet face to face with the Villain. Even though this scene is not up to the mark, after a long run this scene gives relief to the audience.

Never Expected! A twist in the tale and now it is time for the Interval. Touch Chesi Chudu movie review and rating will be updated over here.

The first half of Touch Chesi movie ended. The first half of the movie is not as much as expected. Rashi Khanna appearance helped the movie a bit but not upto the mark. The movie scenes are not so convincing and failed to impress the audience. Touch Chesi Chudu Movie review and rating will be updated here.

After a pale first half of the movie, here comes the second half of the movie. Ravi Teja is more energetic in the second half of the movie. The scene in which Ravi Teja saves the daughter of DGP will be a good scene to watch on the screen.

Follows the title song of the movie “Touch Chesi Chudu”. Ravi Teja as a Police Office looks good on the screen and you will definitely like him on the screen now.

It is time for the introduction of the second heroine of the movie, Divya aka Seerat Kapoor on the screen. You will definitely like her watching on the screen.

Here comes the most awaited scene on to the screen. Karthikeya will deal the issue of a riot in the Old City. The director of this movie has taken a lot of care while shooting this scene. This is the best scene we have witnessed so far in this movie.

Now it is the time for Rayye Rayye song. This is the mass number from the movie. Seerat Kapoor is looking stunning in this song. Even Ravi Teja’s performance in this song is impressive.

The second half of the movie is good and the warning Scene in the second half which involves Karthikeya and the Home Minister is quite impressive and received whistles from the audience.

Finally with a simple Climax scene, Touch Chesi movie ended. Stay tuned for Touch Chesi chudu movie review and rating.

Touch Chesi Chudu Review and Rating: 2/5

When the actor is playing on the screen, We can see a 25 years old guy in the film, It’s bringing back the truth Age is just a number, It’s all about how you are in your mind and at your heart. Ravi Teja has been placed in two different backdrops and time periods, Though he played cop roles in the past, TCC is an emotional character.

In the film, Ravi Teja will be seen hiding his real character throughout the first half to complete his mission as he is an essaying cop who will be revealed in the interval block.

Story writer Vakkantham Vamsi said every association with Ravi Teja will be. “I got my first major break as a writer for Ravi Teja’s Kick, so working with him will always be special. I’m currently directing my first film and I know how Vikram must be feeling. This is a special film for him as well as me.”

Both Raashi Khanna and Seerat Kapoor has the crucial part in the movie, They will earn good name after this film.

Vennala Kishore made his presence with his brilliant comedy timing throughout this film.

Touch Chesi Chudu movie review is here for you. As per the reports this movie has good expectations among the audience. The Telugu movie lovers are waiting to watch this movie on the screen. The expectations of this movie have raised since the announcement of Touch Chesi Chudu movie title. Rashi Khanna and Ravi Teja are looking awesome in the trailer. We can expect minimum Goosebumps from Touch Chesi Chudu movie. However, we have to wait for sometime till Touch Chesi review and rating gets revealed by the public who watches the movie.

Touch Chesi Chudu Review along with the live updates will be updated in this article. Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja Played the lead role in the movie with full energy. He is good in his role but so thing which we haven’t expected. when someone on the twitter asked the same question he replied that whenever he changes the diet, his fans worry about him. They ask him why you became fat when he is fat and why he is so thin when he becomes thin. Touch Chesi Chudu movie will be getting its screening in few hours, hold on to our genuine Touch Chesi Chudu movie review and rating.

Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Cast

  • Ravi Teja as Kartikeya
  • Raashi Khanna as Pushpa
  • Seerat Kapoor
  • Freddy Daruwala
  • Murali Sharma
  • Satyam Rajesh
  • Jayaprakash
  • Vennela Kishore
  • Suhasini Maniratnam

Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Crew:

  • Directed by Vikram Sirikonda
  • Produced by Nallamalupu Bujji, Vallabhaneni Vamshi Mohan
  • Written by Sreenivasa Reddy, Ravi Reddy, Keshav (Dialogues)
  • Screenplay by Vikram Sirikonda, Deepak Raj
  • Story by Vakkantham Vamsi
  • Music by JAM8 (Apprentice band of Pritam)
  • Cinematography Richard Prasad, Chota K. Naidu
  • Edited by Gautham Raju
  • Production company: Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Productions


More About Touch Chesi Chudu Movie

Captain of TCC Vikram Sirikonda previously collaborated with Associate Director for Chiranjeevi’s Tagore, Vikram Sirikonda has written the screenplay for super hit films like Ravi Teja Mirapakay and Allu Arjun’s Race Gurram.

Touch Chesi Chudu Movie is a romantic action entertainer. The actor is coming new avatar as a cop. He played serious – type cops earlier, Now he is coming with fun quotient in TCC, He is more sarcastic and funny. Besides he is a tough and duty-minded cop. Raashi Khanna seen in the role as a city-bred girl, She has done a good job. Her character is entertaining she never appeared in such a character. Rashi Khanna is playing as a dance teacher in the film and her role is completely loaded with entertainment. Rashi Khanna tried several western dance moves for Touch Chesi Chudu.

Touch Chesi Chudu movie is releasing with huge expectations all over the world on Feb 9th, 2018. This movie is coming after Raja The Great movie. After many flop movies, Raja The Great movie is a super hit at the box office. Now we have to wait and see whether Ravi Teja can continue his Victory streak or not. He is known for Mass Dialogues and the hero who caught mass pulse. But if this movie fails at the box office, audience will get disappointed because they are expecting a lot from Ravi Teja on this Friday. Let us wait and see how far Ravi Teja can make. Here Touch Chesi Chudu movie review for you.

Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Music:

Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Music is composed by JAM8 (Apprentice band of Pritam). The Music composer Preetam has given a good background music of this movie he using instruments.

  1. “Touch Chesi Chudu Title Song” – Marc D Muse for JAM8
  2. “Raaye Raaye” – Marc D Muse for JAM8
  3. “Manasa” – Kaushik-Akash-Guddu (KAG) for JAM8
  4. “Rang Barse” – Kaushik-Akash-Guddu (KAG) for JAM8
  5. “Pushpa” – Ashish Pandit for JAM8

Final Verdict:

Rashi Khanna and Seerat Kapoor look extremely glamorous throughout the film, Touch Chesi Chudu is loaded with commercial elements, Ravi Teja looks fit and younger. Background score has been elevating. Like in KICK movie the hero delivers bliss by touching lives!

Touch Chesi Chudu movie is a good movie to watch for Ravi Teja fans wherre as other fans feels hard to watch it. Director should have worked good on the story and the screenplay. If you like Ravi Teja the the hard core, go and watch this movie for sure.

This is all about Touch Chesi Chudu Movie Review and Rating.

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