Thupparivaalan Collections | Thupparivalan Box-office Collections

Thupparivaalan Collections | Thupparivalan Box-office Collections

Thupparivaalan Collections : Thupparivaalan is the Tamil movie released at the Tamil Box office. This movie managed to score a decent talk at the Box office and moving towards Hit talk. Mysskin the director of this movie was well known to everyone who builds the movie on suspense thriller element. But Thupparivalan is some what different from Mysskin natural films. He have managed to show intelligence of the Hero in this movie. That’s right Hero acts to be cleaver and guess the things like Sherlock Holmes. Hmm Yes the character of Hero From Thupparivaalan little inspired from all time favorite Sherlock Holmes.

Hero solves cases like Sherlock Holmes. He is weird and who has grim face over situations in the movie. Also the Heroine Anu Emmanuel was not so different. She also has that weird face too. Now these weird characters must fall in love according to most of the Indian films. It is bit uncomfortable for the Audience to keep an eye on this love story. But believe me Thupparivaalan has many interesting elements apart of this. The characters created around the story of Thupparivaalan intensifies your Brain and alerts your brain. If I am not wrong we too feel like Sherlock Holmes in some cases. That is not our fault. That is the director Who is making us involve with his movie.

Few characters come and go which you think. Hey why are you wasting our time showing these guys. Come man lets move in to the story. Vishal has done a tremendous job and his involvement in the role was impeccable. Even though few scenes Bore us a bit. All together Thuppativaalan tried a lot to Impress Guys who like Thrillers.

Thupparivalan Collections

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