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Taxiwala Collection will be posted in this article. Taxiwala is the Telugu movie released this week starring handsome hunk and the new generation hero of Tollywood Vijay Devarakonda along with the Anantapur girl Priyanka Jawalkar as the heroine. Rahul Sankritiyan had written and directed this movie.

This movie was made along with Vijay’s latest hit movie Geetha Govindam. Vijay is very happy with the output of Taxiwala movie and all other casts of the movie are totally excited to watch this movie on the big screen. But then a new came onto the limelight that Taxiwala movie got leaked. There is a sharing of links all over the web world.

However, Taxiwala movie’s dubbing was not completed which saved the Taxiwala box office collections. As the movie will be so confusing watching the non-edited and non-dubbed version of the movie, there is a chance that movie lovers will go to the theatres to watch Taxiwala movie on the big screen.

But is quite depressing that so many audiences have already watched the movie on the small screen. Also, there are some rascals who watched the movie in the pirated version and written reviews. It is so sad and depressing thing for Tollywood.

Malavika Nair will also be seen in the movie along with Uttej and Ravi Prakash in the lead roles. We will try to update all the regular updates regarding Taxiwala movie box office collections in this article. So whenever you like to view Taxiwala Telugu movie box office collections, just hop in here.

Taxiwala Box-Office Collection

Taxiwala Box-office Collections Redirecting URL
Taxiwala 1st day collections/
Taxiwala movie 1st Day Collections
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Taxiwala 2 days collections/
Taxiwala movie 2 Days Collections
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Taxiwala 3 days collections/
Taxiwala movie 3 Days Collections
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Taxiwala 4 days collections/
Taxiwala movie 4 Days Collections
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Taxiwala 5 days collections/
Taxiwala movie 5 Days Collections
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Taxiwala 6 days collections/
Taxiwala movie 6 Days Collections
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Taxiwala 1st week collections/
Taxiwala movie 1st week Collections
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Taxiwala 8 days collections/
Taxiwala movie 8 Days Collections
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Taxiwala movie 9 Days Collections
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Taxiwala 10 days collections/
Taxiwala movie 10 Days Collections
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Taxiwala Total collections/
Taxiwala movie Total Collections
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Taxiwala COLLECTION/ Taxiwala movie Collections

Taxiwala 1st day collections, Taxiwala 2 days collections, Taxiwala 3 days collections and Taxiwala total collections Worldwide and Taxiwala collections till now / till date will be updated in this article.


Taxiwala 1st day Total Box Office Collections Worldwide
Andhra 1.4 Cr
Ceded 0.5 Cr
Nizam 1.5 Cr
Overseas & Rest 1.8 Cr
Total Worldwide Share 5.2 Cr 

Taxiwala 1st Day Box Office Collections
Taxiwala movie released all over the world and collecting decent at the box office. This movie got a few moments which will be appreciated by the audience for sure.

USA: At the USA Box Office, Taxiwala 1st day collections are $98K. There are just the collections from the premiers in the United States of America.

Taxiwala movie was bought for 1 Crore in the USA. That means Taxiwala movie has to collect more than 1 Crore to be called as a hit at the box office. However, this movie has managed to collect $115,944 which is equivalent to 80 Lakhs in Rupees. Now it is a cake walk for Vijay Devarakonda to collect the remaining 20 Lakhs at the USA box office and emerge as a Hit movie. Taxiwala AP/TG 1st Day Collection report will be posted soon, stay tuned 🙂

Taxiwala 1st day collections in Nizam are pretty decent. As per the sources. Taxiwala 1st day Nizam Share is 1.38 Crores which has crossed movie’s 2 days Amar Akbar Anthony Nizam’s share. Yes, Taxiwala and Amar Akbar Anthony movies which have released simultaneously at the box office, are competing and Taxiwala is ahead as per now.

Taxiwala movie collected 1.4 Crores in Andhra, 0.5 Cr in Ceded, 1.5 Crores in Nizam and 1.8 Cr from the Overseas. All together Vijay Devarakonda’s Taxiwala Collection share for the 1st day is 5.2 Crores. Total Gross of Taxiwala on 1st day is 10.5 Cr thus achieving break even just on the first day of the release itself.


Taxiwala 2 Days Total Box Office Collections Worldwide
Andhra 2.76 Cr
Ceded 0.75 Cr
Nizam 2.75 Cr
Overseas & Rest 3 Cr
Total Worldwide Share 9.26 Cr 

Taxiwala second day total box office collections
Taxiwala movie is doing great in the USA. This movie created a history at the USA box office by doing the break even just on the 1st day itself. Vijay Devarakonda’s box office stamina is increasing from movie to movie. He is one of the best actors Tollywood has produced.

Taxiwala movie 1st day USA collections are $115,944 and on the second day, it collected $192,802. Summing up altogether, Taxiwala movie collected $308,746.00 which is equivalent to 2.21 Crores INR.

Taxiwala movie in Nizam area on the first day collected a share of 1.4 Crores. On the second day, this movie has managed to grab up to 1.35 Crores. Altogether, Taxiwala movie has collected 2.75 Crores for two days. 

Moving to Karnataka, Taxiwala movie 2 days box office is around 1.49 Crores. This movie has already done break even in Karnataka and all the buyers are happy with Taxiwala box office collections.

Taxiwala movie 2nd-day collection reports are in Andhra 2.76 Cr, in Ceded 0.75 Cr, in Nizam 2.76 Cr. Thus this movie collected good amount in both the Telugu states on its second day. From Overseas and Rest of India this movie collected 3 Crores. All together Taxiwala movie is nearing to 10 Crores Share on its second day itself.


Taxiwala 2 Days Total Box Office Collections Worldwide
Andhra 3.3 Cr
Ceded 1.2 Cr
Nizam 3.5 Cr
Overseas & Rest 3.5 Cr
Total Worldwide Share 11.5 Cr 

Taxiwala 3 days total box office collections
Taxiwala movie for 2 days in the USA collected $308746 and on the 3rd day, this movie collected $119,935. Totally for 3 days, Taxiwala 3 days USA box office collections are $428,681.00 which is equivalent to 3 Crores INR


Taxiwala first week collections —>>Check Here


Taxiwala total collections will be updated soon.

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