Spyder Collections – Spyder Box-office Collection

Spyder Collections – Spyder Box-office Collection

Spyder Collections : Spyder is the upcoming Indian movie under the direction of A. R. Murugadoss. This movie is a bilingual movie. It is made in both Tamil and Telugu languages. Keeping Mahesh Babu charisma in Tamil A. R. Murugadoss stepped forward to do a movie like Spyder. Yes Tamil people are very much interested watching Mahesh Babu on the screen. In Tamil Nadu Super Star is Thalaiva Rajanikanth and in Telugu Super Star is Mahesh Babu. He gained that title with his hard work. Once upon a time Super Star Krishna and Now it is Super Star Mahesh Babu.

Spyder has so many interesting things to keep an eye on. The combination Super Star Mahesh Babu and the Director A, R. Murugadoss is just enough  for any Telugu or Tamil cinema Lover to buy a ticket for Spyder movie. Rakul Preet Singh was taken as Heroine for this movie. She is good at acting and Her role in Nannaku Prematho may inspired the Spyder Makers to take her for this great project. After so many suggestions for the Heroine role Rakul Preet Singh was finally took for Spyder Project.

If you don’t know the name of the villain till now, I pity you. Because it is S J Surya. Till the name didn’t strike your brain. He is the one who directed Pawan Kalyan Kushi, Mahesh Babu Nani , Vijay Kushi and Thala Ajith Vaali. One more interesting thing about him is to do the role of villain in Spyder movie S J Surya left the movie with Pawan Kalyan. When media people asked about it he said that Pawan Kalyan is the man who asked him to leave his project and continue with Spyder. Such a good Gesture from Big Stars.

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Spyder first day collectionCheck Here
Spyder Second Day CollectionCheck Here
Spyder 3rd day collectionCheck Here
Spyder 4th Day CollectionCheck Here
Spyder 5th day collectionCheck Here
Spyder 6th day collectionCheck Here
Spyder 1st week collectionsCheck Here
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Watch Spyder Telugu and Tamil Teasers Below :

Here are Spyder Tamil and Telugu movie Teasers for you. These teasers pumped more oxygen for the life called expectation over the movie. If you haven’t watched Spyder movie teasers till now, Go and hit on the play button above to watch the teasers in Full volume. It is a very interesting teaser to watch. As expected A. R. Murugadoss was out of the line of expectations with Spyder teaser. No one expected a Cat and Rat play in Spyder. But is officially announced through the Spyder teaser that It is the win or die game in between Mahesh Babu and S J Surya.


Those who haven’t watch Mahesh Babu Spyder glimpse can go above and hit on Play button to watch it. You can view Spyder collections for both Telugu and Tamil versions below.

Spyder Collections

Spyder 1st day collections, Spyder 2nd day collections, Spyder 3rd day collections / Spyder first week end collections and Spyder total collections will be updated in this article.

Day1 – Spyder 1st day collection

Mahesh babu Spyder first day collections —> Check Here

Spyder 2nd day collections

Mahesh babu Spyder second day collections —-> Check Here

Spyder 3rd day collections / Spyder weekend collections

Mahesh babu Spyder third day collections —> Check Here

Spyder 4th Day collections

Spyder 4th day collections —> Check Here

Spyder 5th day collections

Spyder 5th day collections —> Check Here

Spyder 6th day collections

Spyder 6th day collections —> Check Here

Spyder first week collections

Mahesh babu Spyder first week collections —> Check Here

Spyder total collections

Spyder ended collecting 125 Gross Approximately

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