Setting Up a Router

Setting Up a Router is explained in this article for you. With the help of this article, the user can install any router. Just follow some basic steps mentioned in this article and in no time you will be setting up a router of yours. This is a guide to setting up any router. This article will help the readers to set up the router.

However, there will be some variations based on the model of the router. You can find all the information regarding installation of any router from this article. Search with the keyword in our search bar and you will be found setting up a model router you want to.

Setting Up a Router

The Location of the router is a very important thing. So you have to choose a place in your working place or at home that will give some interface to your router. The router must not be disturbed frequently, which may disturb its wiring. So choose a small isolated place for the sake of your router.

Now you have to supply Power to the router. The knob of the router which will receive the power is generally located on the back side of the router. Connect a wire to this knob which will be having a power connection.

One important step for router setup for routers with Modem is the Modem Connection. For this, you may use ethernet chord and in some cases USB chord. Connect the modem to the router at the plug key saying internet or WAN something like that. To cross-check whether the task was accomplished or not, restart the router.

It is the time for Router connection with the computer. This task can be achieved by using the network cable. For some routers, you can also use wi-fi to connect the router to the computer. But for the initial setup of the router, it is advisable to use a network cable to connect the router to the computer.

Go to the Router Admin Control console are to change the router settings. The configuration of the router will be done here. For that, you have open any internet browser on the internet and hit enter after entering your router’s IP Address. Mostly it will be or If it doesn’t work find router’s IP address here.

Now you have to log in to router admin panel. This can be achieved by entering the username and password. The username and password will be the default for the first time while using. here. Find default router’s username and passwords. If the default username and passwords won’t work out you have to reset the router.

This is the time when you have to contact your internet service provider for internet setup. After logging into the admin panel of the router, you can see network connection tab. Hop over there and enter your internet connection details. Aks your internet provider for the more information regarding this setup.

Change your network name is the next step to set up a router. Also, you can set up the new password for your network. This will helps you to easily identify your network and connect easily.

Internet connection will be available for you now. Check it by browsing something in the google. If you are getting the Google results, it means you are good to go.

Check Signal Strength and place your router in the best place.

This is all about setting up a router. Keep coming  for more information regarding router setup over here.