Set up a 2wire Router

Set up a 2wire Router information is now available in this article. 2Wire routers are one of the best routers in the market right now. These routers are getting a huge response and sold well because of its performance. It is a simple task to set up a 2wire router but some guys may find it difficult to fix it so.

For all those ones, who are facing problem regarding setting up a 2wire router can follow this article. Here we will be helping you with setting up a 2wire router withing less time.

Set up a 2wire Router

To set up a 2 wire router, all you have to do is open any internet browser. Now is the search bar type “″. It is time to hit enter. Once the page gets loaded you can find an admin panel on the screen.

Now select “wireless” and now enter Admin. Now it is time to enter the password and click on submit.

But few people may be not aware of the default username and password of a 2wire router. I will help you guys, don’t worry. Just hop in here –> Find router username and password

Now enable the wireless interface. Recheck whether you have ticked the option on the screen or not.

SSID which is also called as the network name can be changed now. This will help you to easily access your router without any confusion. So change the router password and username from the default settings.

Ensure Wireless security is checked. Also, select the Authentication type on the screen.

Check the use customer wireless security key and enter the key mentioned 10

Now hit on saving to save all the changes you have made to the 2wire router.

This is the all the information we gathered regarding Set up a 2 Wire router. Keep coming for more information regarding router set up.