Sarkar Section 49p

Sarkar Section 49p is the hot topic right now. The reason is quite simple, it is because of Sarkar Tamil movie which was released recently and making history at the box office.

This movie collected more than 100 Crores in just two days and made its makers happy. But what is the link of Sarkar movie with Section 49p? We all heard that in Sarkar movie Vijay is the CEO of a multimillionaire company GL. But how does a corporate person know a law in the constitution?

According to the storyline, in Sarkar movie, Sundar is a non-resident NRI who comes to India to cast his vote for elections. But someone else casts his vote which makes him angry. No government official responds him or approaches him to solve the issue. So Sundar goes to coat and stops the announcement of the results in that particular constituency. But how does he manage to stop the announcement of the elections results is all about Section 49p.

We all know about section 49o according to which NOTA came to the light. According to section 49p, when someone’s vote was misused then that individual have right to retrieve his vote back. In Sarkar movie, Vijay vote was voted by someone else. So the court stops the announcement of election results and gives his right to vote again. This is how all the crows get to know about Section 49p. Around 3 Lakh people file a complaint keeping section 49p in mind. They ask their right for a vote and which brings back the election. Thus the court states to conduct state elections after 15 days from that day.

In this way, director of the sarkar movie educated people regarding Section 49p. Sarkar movie is worth watching and if you haven’t watched the movie yet, go and watch the movie today.

This is all about Sarkar Section 49p.