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Sarkar Collections will be posted in this article. Sarkar is the Tamil movie starring Illaya Thalapathy Vijay and Mahanati Keerthi Suresh in the lead roles directed by Ar Murugadoss. For all the regular updates regarding Sarkar Tamil movie box office collection, bookmark this page.

This movie is releasing as a feast for Illaya Thalapathy fans on the occasion of Diwali. Sarkar movie is the third movie coming under the combination of Ar Murugadoss and Vijay.

The first two movies under their combination Thupakki and Kaththi are Blockbusters and collected record collections at the box office. This is the reason why all the big eyes and audience eyes of Kollywood are in this movie. If it is Vijay’s movie, then it is not only Kollywood which talks about the movie but all the South India.

Illaya Thalapathy Vijay has a huge fan following in Kerala, Karnataka and also Andhra Pradesh. So the team of Sarkar are planning to release this movie all possible languages. As per the reports right now, Sarkar movie is releasing by the name “Sarkar” in Telugu on the same date it is releasing in Tamil Nadu.

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Sarkar Box-Office Collection

Vijay Sarkar Box-office Collection Redirecting URL
Sarkar 1st day collection/
Sarkar 1st Day Collection
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Sarkar 2 days collections/
Sarkar 2 Days Collections
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Sarkar 3 days collections/
Sarkar 3 Days Collections
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Sarkar 4 days collections/
Sarkar 4 Days Collections
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Sarkar 5 days collections/
Sarkar 5 Days Collections
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Sarkar 6 days collections/
Sarkar 6 Days Collections
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Sarkar 1st week collections/
Sarkar 1st week Collections
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Sarkar 8 days collections/
Sarkar 8 Days Collections
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Sarkar 9 days collections/
Sarkar 9 Days Collections
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Sarkar 10 days collections/
Sarkar 10 Days Collections
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Sarkar 11 Days Collections Check Here
Sarkar 12 Days Box Office Collections Check Here
Sarkar 13 Days Collection Check Here
Sarkar 14 days box office collections Check Here
Sarkar Total collections/
Sarkar Total Collections
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Tamil Sarkar 1st day collection, Sarkar 2 days collection, Vijay Sarkar 3 days collection and Sarkar total collection Worldwide and Sarkar collection till now / till date will be updated in this article.


 Sarkar day 1 Collection —>> Check Here

Sarkar Tamil movie 1st day collections are now updated in this article. Sarkar movie released all over the world with huge expectations and did well at the box office. This movie has managed to collect more than 36 Crores Share on its first day itself. This is the first time Vijay’s movie to cross the first day share of Rajini at the box office. Even though Rajini’s Kaala movie underperformed this year, we could expect a lot from him for the upcoming 2.0 movie. For all the regular updates regarding Vijay Sarkar’s movie box office collections, stay tuned with us.


Sarkar 2 days collections —>> Check Here

Sarkar movie is doing very good at the Overseas box office. This movie has managed to collect $335,836 for the premiers and $169,986 for the second day. Totally this movie is nearing the edge of Half million in the USA. Vijay has increased his market at the box office incredibly. For all the regular updates regarding Tamil Sarkar box office collections, keep checking our website. Come here for Vijay Sarkar Collections.

Sarkar movie stated doing wonders at the box office. This movie is one of the biggest Grosserrs in the Tamil Nadu right now. On the first day release of Sarkar movie, Vijay’s stamina managed to collect around 67 Crores Gross and after the movie got talk all over the world, the word went like a wind and Vijay’s Sarkar collected 43 Crores in total. Tamil Sarkar movie gross collections till now is around 110 Crores. For all the regular updates regarding Vijay’s Sarkar Box office keep visiting this website. We will be very happy to share with you guys regarding Sarkar movie.


Vijay Sarkar 3 days collection —>> Check Here

A lot of drama is going on in Tamil Nadu regarding Sarkar movie. Those who have seen Sarkar movie will definitely know that this movie was aimed at the politics that are going on in Tamil Nadu. Jayalalitha, the ex-chief minister of Tamil Nadu was said to be offended because some of the scenes in Sarkar Tamil movie resembles her real life and attitude. So many AIADMK party members protested against Sarkar movie to remove those scenes which insult their party. Also, the law minister of Tamil Nadu warned the director of Sarkar movie AR Muturugadoss to remove the scenes which insult politics in Tamil Nadu and also to mute the dialogues which hurt the sensitivity of AIADMK party.

Sarkar 4 Days Collection

Sarkar 4 Days Box Office Collections –> Check Here

When the AIADMK members are protesting against Sarkar Tamil movie, Illaya Thalapathy fans tore the banners of AIADMK party and showed their protest. In this way, the things are boiling up and worrying Tamil Nadu Politicians. On the other hand, Sarkar movie is not backing up at the box office. This movie has already collected over 100 crores Gross just in first 2 days. However, Sarkar movie has to collect over 200 Crores gross to do break even. Stay tuned for Sarkar Collections updates.

On the other night, Police of Tamil Nadu approached AR Murugadoss’s house. Sun Pictures tweeted that Police have gone to AR house to arrest him. This worried entire Kollywood and fans of Vijay. Then the higher Police official denied that there is no truth in the idea of arresting Director but it is a regular police patrolling. Later AR tweeted that the police came to his house and as he was not there in the house they left.

Murugadoss was now on Madras court steps to seek anticipatory bail. Hope there will be no chaos due to Sarkar in Tamil Nadu.


Sarkar first week collection —>>Check Here

Sarkar 10 Days Collections

Sarkar 10 Days Total Box Office Collections Worldwide
Tamil Nadu 110 Cr
Ap/TG 18 Cr
Karnataka 16.60 Cr
Kerala 13.5 Cr
Rest of India 3.45 Cr
Total India Gross 161.5 Cr
Overseas $9.30 Million [67.8 Cr]
Total Worldwide Gross 229.3 Cr 
Sarkar 10 Days Collections
Sarkar movie collected 229.3 Cr worldwide Gross for 10 days. Talking about the breakdown of the Sarkar collections, this movie collected 110 Cr in Tamil Nadu, 18 Crores in Andhra and Telangana, 16.60 Cr in Karnataka, 13.5 Cr in Kerala and 3.5 Cr from rest of India. Thus All India Sarkar Gross collections for 10 days is 161.5 Crores. Sarkar movie box office collections are good not only in India but also in overseas. This movie for 10 days collected around $9.30 Million which is equal to 67.8 Cr INR. 

Sarkar 11 Days Collections

Sarkar 11 Days Total Box Office Collections
Sarkar movie is doing very well at the Chennai box office. This movie has managed to suppress the record set by Vijay’s previous movie Mersal in Chennai. As per now, this movie has collected 27 Lakhs at the Chennai Box Office on the 11th day.

Sarkar 12 Days Collections

Sarkar 12 Days Total Box Office Collections
Sarkar movie is nearing to get 1 Million at the USA box office. As per the 12 days report of Sarkar movie, It has collected $964273 at the USA box office which is equivalent to 6.92 Crores in Indian Rupees. As the Sarkar USA Collections are coming at a slower pace, we could expect a slow growth in Sarkar USA Collections.

Sarkar movie Chennai box office collections are as follow. For the first week, it is 10.77 Cr and the Second week it collected 2.32 Crores. Two more days left for the completion of the second week and this movie has managed to collect 13.02 Crores at the Chennai box office wiping the previous record Mersal.

Sarkar movie is a blockbuster in UAE-GCC. The total 12 days Sarkar Collections from these two regions are around 16.43 Cr. Way to go Sarkar.

Sarkar 13 Days Collections

Sarkar 13 Days Total Box Office Collections
Sarkar movie is nearing to hit the 1 Million mark at the box office. However, it is strange that a superstar’s movie is underperforming in the USA. Sarkar movie has already been a huge hit at the Telugu and Tamil box office but it is struggling to pick up at the USA box office.

Sarkar 13 days USA total box office collections are $981383 which is equivalent to 7 Crores in Indian rupees.

For 12 days of its release, Sarkar movie collected 13.02 Gross at the Chennai box office. On the 13th day, which is a Sunday it collected 57 Lakhs. Thus Sarkar movie total Chennai City Gross is 13.59 Crores.

Sarkar movie for 13 days collected 18 Cr Gross in both the Telugu States Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Sarkar 14 Days Collections

Sarkar 14 Days Total Box Office Collections
Vijay’s Sarkar movie in USA for 13 days collected $981383, on the 14th day this movie made $10,195. Thus for 14 days Sarkar USA collections are around $991578 which equals 7.07 Crores INR


Tamil Sarkar total collection will be updated soon.

Vijay Sarkar Tamil Movie Cast and Crew:

Sarkar Cast & Crew Name
Hero Vijay
Heroine Keerthi Suresh
Other Important Cast Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Yogi Babu  and Radha Ravi
Music Director A R Rahaman
Writers A. R. Murugadoss and Jeyamohan
Screenplay A. R. Murugadoss and Jeyamohan
Cinematography Girish Gangadharan
Production Company Sun Pictures
Producer Kalanidhi Maran
Director A. R. Murugadoss
Year 2018
Censor Report U/A
Runtime 166 Minutes
Genre Political Drama

Vijay is next superstar of Tamil Nadu and there is no doubt he has craze beyond boundaries which cannot be matched by other heroes. Even a simple and small video of Vijay cheering up with a kid gives millions of views on the social networking website. For Sure, Vijay is the new sensation and a great driving force of audience to the theatres. This is the reason why all the Producers of Kollywood are too much excited to do a movie with Thalapathy. He got the craze which is unmatchable and unpredictable.

I could give you an example regarding the statement I made above. Recently Vijay’s upcoming movie Sarkar’s teaser got into YouTube. Fans are all set to create huge records and after the teaser got released within 5 min Vijay’s Sarkar teaser made 1 Million views on Youtube. On the 6th minute, The views and likes of Sarkar teaser got struck and this is new for Youtube.

After a day the clouds got cleared and Sarkar Teaser made a record with huge likes around 1 Million. Sarkar teaser not only competed with Hindi movie teasers but even with Avengers. This is how crazy Vijay’s fans are. They plan and they execute and also they are as much dedicated as their hero Vijay.

This is all about Sarkar collections. Keep coming for more Tamil Movies Box-office collection here. Follow us for more interesting updates about Tamil cinema (Y).