RX 100 2 Days Collection

Rx 100 2 Days collection report will be updated in this article. Rx 100 is the Telugu movie released this week and is getting a good response from the audience. This movie shows us that this movie was totally influenced by the Aggressive Arjun Reddy. RX 100 2 Days Collection

This is the movie which is embedded with unconditional love and with a mind-blowing twist. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, go and watch this movie for sure and you will enjoy watching this movie for sure on the big screen. The aggression from the hero is the main asset for the movie and the romantic scenes are well established by the director on the screen.

Kartikeya is the hero and Payal Rajput is the heroine for this unconditional love story. Rao Ramesh is the one star whose face is well known to the audience. Ajay Bhupati is the director for this movie who has given his best for this movie.

Chaitan Bhardwaj composed music for this movie and we must agree that the background score and the songs of RX 100 movie impressed the audience to the one hundred per cent.

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RX 100 2 Days Collection

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This is all about Karthikeya’s RX 100 2 Days collections. If you have watched the RX 100 movie comment below the most favourite scene of yours in this movie. Keep coming to view updates like this.