Raja The Great Collections – Telugu Raja The Great Box-office Collections

Raja The Great Collections – Telugu Raja The Great Box-office Collections

Raja The Great Collections : Raja the Great is an interesting story where a blind Hero strives to protect his girl. The part of the story where hero has the capability to sense his surroundings even though he is blind is very interesting. Mehreen Pirzaada is looking glorious on the screen even. She is well accepted by the Telugu audience. She first created her fan base with Krishnagaadi veera prema gaadha and after with her second movie Mahanubhavudu. Now it is time for Raja The Great in which she is playing one of the crucial role.

In present Telugu movies. Heroine roles are not having so much importance. They are picked for glamour roles and they absolutely have nothing to do with the story. But Raja The great is not like that. In Raja The Great movie Heroine seems to play a crucial role all over the movie. When evil powers of the movie try to attack her our hero protects her. Prakash Raj played father role for heroine. There is also one song named chinnari explaining us the beautiful bond in between a father and a daughter.

Srinivasa Reddy has so much to do with the movie too. He is the best friend for Ravi Teja who guides him in some matters. Rajendra Prasad sir after a long time playing a comic role in the movie. Audience are so eager to watch this big movie on the screen. If you want to know whether Raja The Great reached the audience expectation just follow this article. This article is embedded with Raja The Great daily collections updates. All you have to do is click on the appropriate link that will lead you to the place where you can find Raja The Great Box office collections.

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Watch Raja The Great Telugu Trailer Below :

If you guys haven’t watch Raja The Great Theatrical trailer till now watch it over here. Raja the great trailer is fabulous and very interesting. It is really a very interesting concept picked by Dil raju sir. Just click on the play button and you can watch Raja The great Theatrical trailer here itself without getting redirected into YouTube. Anil Ravipudi is very clever in cutting the Raja The Great Trailer. He kept eye to keep all the interesting elements embedded in the trailer. Also Ravi Teja is looking stunning in the movie. He lived in the character and no doubt his dialogues in the movie has given goosebumps. All together Raja The great is an interesting flick which can’t be avoided by the Telugu movie audience.

Raja The Great Pre-release Business World-Wide

Raja The great has done good business even before movie gets its screening. The details of Raja the great pre relese business world wide is like I show below :

AreaValue in Crores
Rest of India0.75
Broadcast (Telugu and Hindi)18.0

This is really good and producers go to safe side because of this type of pre-release business. Brodcast and music rights are sold for 18.5 crores. Theater rights all over the world are like 30 crores approximately. It is a good sign for Telugu movies. Hope Raja The Great do great at box-office and escalate Mass Maharaja on Screen.


Raja The Great 1st day collections, Raja The Great 2nd day collections, Raja The Great 3rd day collections / Raja The Great first week end collections and Raja The Great total collections will be updated in this article.


Raja The Great first day collections –> Check Here

Raja the great is a full time family entertainer. The movie is filled with mass elements as well as fun elements. No doubt this movie will bring fortune for Ravi Teja. After a very long time Mass Maha raja scored a hit at box-office. He chose the role of blind guy who fight for heroine. He even though works under secret police mission he loves heroine in deep. We can see his happiness when Heroine proposes to him. This is the best part of the movie. All the logics in the movie are well adjusted by the director and he must be appreciated for his outstanding work. In this article Raja The great collections are embedded in detail.

Heroine character is very important for Raja The Great movie. Mehreen Pirzada has done a fabulous job with her expressions. She is cute in starting of the movie. But she fades away when father gets killed by the villain. The hunting of 5 police men who are involved in villains brother’s dead was made in a way audience feel sorry for victims and gets angry over the villain. Later on Heroine thinks that no policemen should get hurt because of her. So she stays in Darjeling along with his friend’s family. Hero enters her life asking her to add happiness to her music. This is how the love story starts in between Hero Raja The great and Heroine Lucky.


 Raja The Great second day collections —> Check Here

Raja The Great started solid on its second day. No doubt Raja The Great is huge success for Ravi Teja after a long gap. Anil Ravipudi did fabulous job with Raja The great. There is no sentiment to core which was expected when Hero is blind. Raja The great was made in a aim to evaluate the heroism and build the new concept which was very new for Telugu audience. Ravi Teja was very much apt for the movie. He has given his 100 percent for Raja The great movie. Dil raju has not compramised in any factor with respect to production values.


Raja The Great third day collections —> Check Here

Raja The Great released with huge expectations all over the world. The story of Raja The Great is very interesting indeed. A blind guy fighting right from his birth to live in the world is the main concept of the movie. On a secret mission he needs to save one girl from villains. He gets closer here and even loves her. By the time of interval Villain comes to know the place where Heroine Mehreen Pirzada lives. When remaining cops wants to run away from villains Raja The Great likes to stay and fight with the culprits. This part of the story is well built by the writer and director of the movie Anil Ravipudi. Dil raju produced this movie with high production values. He never compramised in the movie. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Raja The Great Collections.

Raja The Great is the new kind of movie for Telugu audience. A blind guy who was trained to fight with the society. There is also one dialogue in the movie which says that I am the guy  who is fighting right from my birth. I am Blind but I am trained. He was trained in childhood about the things in his surroundings. He has no eyes but he has whole body for himself. He uses his brain as his weapon. Trains his brain right from the childhood to face the obstacles in the society. He shocks even villain who think himself as greatest wonder. Ravi Teja The great must be approved by everyone for this acting in Raja The Great movie. Raja The Great collections are embedded in this article.

Raja The Great 4th day collections

Raja The Great 4th day collections and Raja the Great 4 days collections –> Check Here

Cinematographer must be appreciated for his work in Raja The Great Telugu movie. Especially the heroine scenes in Darjeling are well shot by him. We fell in love with the locations in the movie. Alabe ALabe song was awesome to hear as well as treat for eyes to watch. Interval fight scene was well designed and well shot as well. Even scenes when Raja The great went to village to meet Ravi Teja given goose bumps. No one has expected that much mass from Director Anil Ravipudi. He is giving his best for every movie and continuing his hit track with Raja The Great too.

Raja The Great 5 days Collections

Raja The Great 5th day collections / Raja The Great 5 days collections –> Check Here

Raja The Great 6 days collections

Raja The Great 6th day collections / Raja the great 6 days collections –> Check Here

Anil Ravupudi is so clever in his direction. He knows how to catch the audience pulse. When hero was blind anyone would think that sentiment elements will wrap around the story. But in different Director created a new mass elements around Hero character which made youth go crazy for Raja The Great. No doubt Raja The Great is the sure block buster for Ravi Teja. Even though he scored some good hits in middle Raja The Great is the movie which remained us his mass in Vikramarkudu. We will update this article with Raja the great 7 days collections and Raja the great 8 days collections. Stay tuned for Raja The great collections.


 Raja The Great first week collections —> Check Here

Raja The Great first week collections are here for you. To view Raja The great first week collections just hit on the check here button above. Once you click on the link you will be reaching the place where you can find Raja the great first week collections. Along with Raja the great first week collections, you can view all Raja the great first-week box office collections here. All you have to do is click on the appropriate link to view Raja The great collections. Daily updates of Raja the great box office collections will be updated here so keep coming for more updates.

Raja The Great 2 Weeks Collections

Raja the Great 2 Weeks Collections –> Check Here

Raja the Great 2 weeks collections are here for you. We have provided link URL above which once clicked leaves you to the place where you can find Raja The Great 2 weeks collections. Raja The great box-office collections are updated in this article every day. So whenever you want to look at Raja The great collections, Come over here hover on the link and click to vieew Raja The Great collection here. Raja The Great successed in impressing audience with its elements. Mainly audience fell in love with context of the movie, a blind guy helping aa helpless girl.


Raja The Great total collections –> Check Here

Raja The Great total collections are now updated in this article. Raja The Great which is directed under the direction of Anil Ravupudi remained profits for the producer Dil Raju. This movie released with minimum expectations and succeeded to give profits to the makers. It also has given a boost to the Ravi Teja’s Career. Ravi Teja’s son was introduced as a child artist in Raja The Great which was liked by most of the audience. No doubt, Raja The Great will be one of the milestone in Ravi Teja’s career. He has given his best as a blind guy in the movie. Keep coming for more information regarding Telugu cinema collections over here.

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