Penang Malaysia when to go and other small general tips

It is divided into two parts: the Island of Penang (where the famous capital city of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located) and Seberang Perai (or Wellesley Provinces) on the mainland. Are you planning to go to Penang, but do you want to be sure to choose the best time based on the climate, crowds or any other factor? Or are you simply looking for a magical place to spend your holidays and want to consider whether it is appropriate to go to Malaysia at that time? Well, in any case, you are reading the right article: we will talk about when it is best to go to Penang in Malaysia and take advantage of it to give you some more little general advice.

When to go?

On the other hand, I hope to be able to give you some intelligent advice and “off the beaten path” to allow you to better organize and enjoy your trips. In particular, I’m referring to the fact that when you choose the best time to go to a place (be it Malaysia, the Caribbean or even the city museum next to yours) you have to assess what are the parameters to consider. In particular, everyone thinks about the climate. This is certainly a fundamental factor, especially for some types of destinations or activities, but it may not be the only one. There may be times when the climate is not exactly perfect but the absence of crowds due to this allows you to enjoy the destination to the fullest. So if you are going to Penang in Malaysia, when to go depends mainly on what you want to do and what kind you are.  If you already have the answer to this question we can proceed and see when to go to Penang in Malaysia based on climate, crowds or events.

When to go according to climate

It’s always hot in Penang. The temperature varies between 23°C and 32°C more or less all year round, with very small variations. Between December and February, the climate is still slightly cooler, although these months correspond to the high season and therefore more crowded and more expensive.

September and October are absolutely the rainiest months (almost two days out of three).  On average it rains one day out of two even in April, May, August and November. Often these are afternoon storms that do not last long. And maybe even a nice monsoon shower and flip-flop walk in the puddles could be part of Panang’s exotic experience, right?!

January and February are less rainy months.

Consider then that all the forecasts, as such only kiss on the average data recorded in recent years … so always consider a nice plentiful pinch of factor C … (for those who do not know the jargon strictly technical … let’s say “luck”).

When to go according to the tourist season

If a monsoon rain does not frighten me and you prefer to save money by taking advantage of the special offers of low season and above all you do not want to find confusion, you might think of visiting Penang between March and October. But remember the umbrella in the raincoat because the rains are quite frequent. November could be a good middle ground between the confusion and the acceptable climate.

When to go according to events

If you love social events and crowds, the best months to visit Penang are definitely between December and February.   In December, the nightlife is very active for the celebrations of the various Western holidays (Christmas and New Year).

In February, when the Chinese New Year is celebrated, every day is a public holiday. It is impossible to keep track of all the events and the streets are a potpourri of festivals and decorations. Songs, dances, food cartoons, fireworks and characteristic animated dragons will soon make you forget that you paid more for the high season and found a line at restaurants and the airport. So if you want a truly unique, characteristic and traditional experience, although touristy, you could consider February as a time to go to Penang.