Ninnu kori Review 2017 – Telugu Nani Ninnu Kori Review

Ninnu kori Review 2017 – Telugu Nani Ninnu Kori Review

Ninnu Kori is a Telugu movie starring Natural Star Nani, Aadhi Pinisetty and Nivetha Thomas. This movie has huge expectations among the Telugu movie lovers. The reason for that is the cast of the movie seems to be very interesting. Also the concept of the movie increasing the eager to watch the movie. In this article we are providing with Nani Ninnu Kori movie review. Before going to the movie It is a best thing to read review. So before buying out movie ticket, Just scroll down and read Ninnu Kori Review.




Ninnu Kori is a typical movie which turns round in between three people’s love. Also explains the pain in the love. Nani and Nivetha may be love with each other first but later on fate makes Nivetha closer to Aadhi Pinisetti. “To Read Ninnu Kori Review in 10 Seconds — >>> Click HereYes, what you are thinking is absolutely right. This story line remembers you Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s Araya 2 movie directed by B. Sukumar. In that movie Kajal Aggarwal gets closer to Nava Deep to warm up Allu Arjun. Even Arya 1 story resembles the same concept.

It is the type of story which revolves around three characters. Named gently as Triangular story as it involves mainly three main characters. But I can assure you that Ninnu Kori is entirely different from Sukumar’s Arya stuff. Oh may be you don’t believe me. That’s okay but once you watch the trailer below you will gain a great chance to agree my decision. So, Here you go Ninnu kori Theatrical trailer here for you below.

Ninnu Kori Theatrical Trailer :

Okay then I hope that you watched Ninnu Kori Theatrical trailer. I am not hoping but I am one Hundred percent sure that you liked the trailer to deep heart. If the one who is reading this article belongs to male gender, then you may loved Nivetha Thomas screen presence on screen. May be she is good at stealing hearts because she stole my heart even :p . [showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”Read More” less_text=”Show less…”]  Same as If the one who is reading this article is a girl . No doubt, you liked Nani. There are also so many of girls who like Aadhi Pinisretty too. I said at starting point of this article named Nani Ninnu Kori Review that the cast of the movie will steal your heart. So I am correct, right ?

Now I am going in detail with the Nani Ninnu Kori Theatrical trailer. At the starting of the trailer a friend of Nani asks him to complete the Nani Friend’s Love story he began earlier. Nani says okay and then the song Once upon a time lo song starts playing. Nani rides happily on bike and Nivetha Thomas looks back smiling as well as riding her bike. If I am not wrong these two shots and Background music played will increase your enthusiasm to watch the trailer further. Later on according to the trailer it was pretty clear that Nani tries to win Nivetha’s Love. So he runs back her and gives her a love letter.

As Nivetha Thomas was cute and sweet ( those words are used to show my love towards Nivetha Thomas <3) she handles it to her father. When her father asks who has given you this ? my brother-in-law ( If you know what you mean) replies Nani given her that love letter. Later on Background music of Once upon a time lo song goes on and Nivetha falls in love with Nani. So the love story begins and few staring and smiles from our favorite stars steals the part. Now comes the introduction of Tanikella Barani sir. He says who will do anything if people fall in love instead of working for their future. May be Unnatundi Gunde song plays meanwhile .

Nani Ninnu Kori Review :

Now the Breakup bit song plays from Once upon a time lo song. As the song indicated it is the point when break up of Nani and Nivetha takes place. She cries and he was seen with a sad face. Now as the shots going on in the trailer slowly Hair style and dressing style of Nani changes. Be ready to face the introduction of Aadhi Pinisetty. As the door opens Nani will stand outside of the door with bag hanging on his back. Nivetha and Aadhi introduce themselves to Nani. I think the fun part begins here. Heroine father says that If I have one more daughter I would have definitely married you with her. For this Nani vexes and shouts on him . This part of the trailer was really hilarious and thrown few laughs.

Next part of the trailer is Nivetha Thomas assuring her father that no one can come in between her and Aadhi Pinisetty. These words are made to hurt Nani’s feelings. Now the shot plays where Nani beats the guys who tries to tease Nivetha Thomas. I particularly liked this part of the trailer where Hero, Heroine and Aadhi Pinisetti tells dialogues in a row. Dialogue delivery from Natural Star Nani was very natural and melts hearts. Later on he laughs and says that he was just kidding. Here Adiga Adiga Song and that son’s Background music plays on.

Next few shots of Nani , Aadhi and Nivetha Thomas goes on with Hey Badhulu Cheppave Song . Finally the Title Ninnu kori fetches on to screen. As we think the trailer ends Nani surprises everyone with his beard look. He tells that the Victory was already begun. So this trailer made me eagerly wait for Nani Ninnu Kori movie . Hope you guys also likes Ninnu kori movie Theatrical trailer. [/showhide]

Nani Ninnu Kori Review and Rating :

  • Our Rating: 3.25/5
  • Single Line Review: “Neku Ardham avtundha…Nani Anna ki Onko Hit Vachesindi”
  • Release Date: July 7th ,2017
  • Genre: Love
  • Language: Telugu
  • Play Time: 137 minutes
  • Censor Report: “U/A”
  • Main Cast: Nani, Nivetha Thomas and Aadhi Pinisetty
  • Music by: Gopi Sunder
  • Writeen By: Shiva Nirvana
  • Dialogues: Shiva Nirvana
  • Screenplay: Kona Venkat
  • Camera Man: Karthik Ghattamaneni
  • Banner Name: D V V Entertainmets and Kona Film Productions
  • Director: Shiva Nirvana
  • Produced By: D V V Danayya

[showhide type=”post2″ more_text=”Read More” less_text=”Show less…”]  So these are the people who worked very hard to complete Ninnu Kori Telugu movie. Ninnu Kori is a Telugu movie released on July 7th , 2017. The Genre of Ninnu Kori movie is Love. Ninnu Kori is a Love based movie. Nani , Nivetha Thomas and Aadhi Pinisetty acted in main roles of this movie. Gopi Sunder composed music for all the songs from Ninnu kori movie. Shirva Nirvana written and directed this movie. Ninnu Kori is the debut film for Shiva Nirvana as a director. Kona Venkat written Screenplay for this movie Ninnu Kori. D V V Danayya produced this movie under the banner named D V V Entertainments. Scroll down for Ninnu Kori Review. [/showhide]

Story :

According to the story line, Ninnu Kori is a Triangular Love story. Uma ( Nani ) is a PHD student in Vishakapatnam. He fells in love with Heroine Pallavi ( Nivetha Thomas ) . After so much hard work of Natural Star Pallavi agrees his love and fells for him. They Both love each other deep and promise to get married only after getting settled well in Life.

But Meanwhile Pallavi’s Father ( Murali Sharma ) asks her to marry Arun ( Aadhi Pinisetty ). As Pallavi can’t say no to his father she break-ups with Uma. This breaks Uma’s heart and Pallavi gets married to Arun. How Uma deal with his life after ? Does he makes any attempts to gain his love back ? All those type of parts gives you kick while watching movie. Do watch movie to experience Pain of a love failure.

Cast Performance :-

Nani is improving actor in him with every movie. He did well in every part of the movie. The transformation from a lover boy to love failure guy to a matured guy is awesome. He must be much appreciated for his ease in acting. The pain evolution on screen of a love failure guy is well shown through Nani. He scored one more hit with Ninnu Kori.

Nivetha Thomas on the other hand did equally well. The chemistry between her and Nani steals the show. I am sure that she is going  to get lot more fans from Telugu with Ninnu Kori. She is cute, She is angry, She gets emotional. Everything the character Pallavi needs was well established by her. On the other hand other main role of the movie Aadhi Pinisetty did equally well. He must be appreciated as well.

Murali Sharma was apt for Pallavi’s father role. He well carried emotions and he flourished few laughs in second half of the movie with Prudhvi Raj. All other cast of the movie was quite impressive.

Technical Team :

Director and writer of this movie Shiva Nirvana did quite well. Most of the scenes seems like came from a well experienced director. It is hard to believe that Ninnu kori movie came from a debut director. But he trembled a bit while finishing off the movie. Apart of that his work was awesome.

On the other hand Camera man of this movie Ninnu kori Karthick Gattamaneni impressed every one with his work. It gives a cool feeling watching the screen. All the credit goes to Cinematographer of the movie Karthick Ghattamaneni. Gopi Sundar impressed every one with his music. Back ground music gave more connection as well to the movie. Production values of D V V Danayya were impressive.

Reasons to Watch :

  • Love Story
  • Emotional Scenes
  • Story and Screenplay
  • Music
  • Comedy

Reasons to Deny :

  • No Mass elements
  • Climax can be done well

Ninnu Kori Final Verdict :

Yes, Nani Scored one more hit. This movie Ninnu kori is a good movie to watch for this week end. But only thing is it won’t have any commercial elements we saw in Natural Star Nani previous movie. It is a complete classic. Do watch the movie in theater and Enjoy this week end.

Ninnu Kori Rating : 3.25/5

Hope you liked Ninnu  Kori Review. We will be coming with more movie review every week end. Below you can read Ninnu Kori review in less than 10 seconds. I am sure you are going to like it.  Share Ninnu kori review with your friends. Keep Smiling 🙂

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