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Ninnu Kori Collections – Nani Ninnu Kori Collections

In this article we are providing with Nani Ninnu Kori Collections. Scroll down to view Nani Ninnu Kori Collections.

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Ninnu kori is the recent blockbuster at the box office. It has managed to score one more hit for Natural Star Nani. Things this year going well for him. Here we also written Nani Ninnu Kori Movie review. If you haven’t read Ninnu kori movie review , read it from Here. Nani Ninnu Kori Movie Review Here –> Click Here. We know that you guys came searching here for Nani Ninnu Kori first day movie collections.

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Ninnu Kori Collections :

Ninnu Kori CollectionsTotal ShareFull Story
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First Day Collections6.25 CroresIn Detail
First Weekend Collections15 CroresIn Detail
First Week Collections22.5 CroresView Details
Ten Days Collections25.5 CroresClick Here

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