New Orleans neighborhoods to avoid. Let’s see what they are!

New Orleans the neighbourhoods to avoid: New Orleans, the most important city in Louisiana (although, as often happens in the U.S., it is not the capital) is known for its French Creole architecture, its music, cuisine and picturesque carnival. But it is also sadly known, especially in the United States, for being the place with the highest per capita homicide rate in North America (about 40 per 100,000 people against 5 of the national average). But the problem is not just the murders. The statistics speak for themselves, New Orleans has a very high crime rate on all fronts. But if you take a closer look you realize that in the end, the tourists involved in the crimes are all in all few, as in many other cities. There are, as everywhere, also in New Orleans the neighbourhoods to avoid and quieter areas.

Fortunately, the most visited and tourist areas, such as the French Quarter, the area from Bourbon Street to Decatur Street, and from Canal Street to Ann Street, are not among the neighbourhoods to avoid in New Orleans. Although they are at high risk of pickpocketing and especially of typical scams against tourists, they remain, after all, quite safe areas. If you use common sense and don’t walk alone in dark, hidden alleys at night, for example, you won’t have any problems.

1. New Orleans the neighbourhoods to avoid absolutely

First of all, it should be noted that any consideration is purely statistical.

At university I learned that statistics should be taken with pliers: if one eats two chickens and the other remains to fast statistically they ate a chicken each… but go and explain it to the hungry one!  However, this is indicative, and it is still the only way to make considerations on a large scale. This means that strictly personal considerations can be different because maybe it can happen to pass in the most dangerous area of the world without anything happening as well as being the only one who has been robbed in the safest place on paper in the USA!

Based on data on unemployment, average income, the value of the property and especially crime rate the 12 neighbourhoods to be avoided absolutely in New Orleans are still:

  1. Desire
  2. Vivant-Venetian Isles
  3. Tulane-Gravier
  4. Pines Village
  5. Florida
  6. Fischer Dev
  7. Lower 9th Ward
  8. Dixon
  9. West Lake Forest
  10. Tremble’ Lafitte
  11. Village De L’est,
  12. Whitney

2. New Orleans the neighbourhoods to avoid… at least at night

There are a few neighbourhoods to avoid where there might be a place you want to visit such as Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard in the Central City neighbourhood (13.). In this case, try to go only and directly to the area you want to see and especially do not stay in that neighbourhood after sunset.

You may also want to visit Though Faubourg Tremé (14.) for its wonderful Creole culture and music. But even here you need to pay close attention.

The same goes for the city’s cemetery which has a very special charm and is definitely worth a visit. This case is absolutely recommended to turn to has official companies for a guided tour and not go absolutely alone to the cemetery at night. Criminals even hide among the tombs.

3. New Orleans the neighbourhoods to avoid if possible and in which to pay the utmost attention anyway

There are other neighbourhoods where crime is prevalent:

  1. Lower 9th Ward
  2. Zion City,
  3. Garden District (near the river after Magazine)
  4. Hoffman Triangle
  5. Irish Channel
  6. Touro

These should be avoided during the day and absolutely not attended at night for any reason, especially without the accompaniment of a local person or an expert guide and official.

 4. New Orleans the neighbourhoods to avoid for different reasons

One of the neighbourhoods that should be avoided for various reasons is certainly Mid-City (21.) because if it were to be flooded again would be the most affected. Likewise, all areas to the south-west of the canal can be dangerous in this sense.

5. New Orleans districts NOT to be avoided

Always with the utmost attention and observing the general rules of security, there are relatively safe neighbourhoods in New Orleans and are, apart from the already mentioned French Quarter (1.), the area between Bourbon Street to Decatur Street (2.), and from Canal Street to Ann Street (3.):

  1. Lake Vista
  2. Lakewood
  3. Lakeview
  4. Audubon
  5. Black Pearl

6. New Orleans the neighbourhoods to avoid… in detail

As for the security of the area in which you go, beyond all the talk you can hear, and except for some opinions that you might read about the structure and the area in which it is located, there are in many countries so-called “Chart Crimes” officers who report online statistics on crimes of the different areas, sometimes even from palace to palace, so that you can really assess the potential risks present in the exact place where you want to stay.

However, you have to repeat it because, as they say in the United States, “better safe than sorry” (literally “better safe than sorry” but more similar to our “better prevent …”): However, when travelling, you must always maintain the general safety rules dictated by common sense.

Smart Travelling – secret tricks and ideas for the modern traveller:

  • Try not to show the fact that you are an easy prey with the typical clothing and attitude of a tourist.
  • Adopt all the common sense behaviors that are held in big cities, such as not showing off valuables, not leaving anything insight on the dashboard of the car, keep the bag or backpack in front when crossing crowded areas or areas at risk of pickpocketing, not showing the money, keep your wallet in your front pocket and so on.
  • Do not keep documents and money in the same place.
  • Always contact authorized personnel and official taxi drivers.
  • Be respectful and avoid grumpy discussions and attitudes.

And so on.

Particularly in New Orleans where nightlife is definitely an integral part of the fun, it should be stressed that special attention is needed in bars and clubs in the city that are often very crowded. Never drink, for example, drinks that have not been served directly by the bartender or that you have lost sight of.

Especially during events such as the “Mardi Gras” and “Jazz Fest” be careful of the accomplices of pickpockets who will try to distract you. etcetera, etcetera.

Yes, I suppose you’re shivering, a city with 21 neighbourhoods to avoid is just 8 where it’s just a little quieter, but were paying special attention anyway can seem scary. But if you prepare your itineraries in the best possible way, keep your eyes open and act like real travellers, and not tourists, I am sure you will only be able to enjoy the best of this fascinating, A colorful magical city that still bears the heavy scars of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina.