Mersal Movie Review & Rating: Live Review from Premieres

Mersal Movie Review & Rating: Mersal is the much awaited Tamil movie. Vijay, Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal and Nithya Menon are the main cast of the movie. After Theri Atlee directed Vijay and named the movie Mersal. According to the known reports, Vijay did the Triple role for the movie. The teaser of Mersal movie released into YouTube and created a sensation all over the world. Mersal created a milestone in YouTube views and Likes. It is the most watched South Indian Movie Trailer and Most likes teaser in very less time. Thalapathy fans must be appreciated for their love to their hero.

Till now Mersal got 1 Million likes for the teaser. There are so many surprises for Vijay fans in the movie. Teaser itself increased huge craze and editor of the teaser must be appreciated for his outstanding work. Mersal is also planned to get release in Telugu language by the name “Adirindi”. All songs of Mersal are being dubbed to Telugu and released into music market. The makers of Mersal planning to make this Diwali as Mersal Diwali. So they are releasing in maximum theaters.

Atlee is quite intelligent. He know that releasing of Mersal trailer will increase expectations to sky. So to lower the expectations he stopped with teaser itself. Such a clever move from Mersal Promotion team. Not only Tamizhans but entire world is looking forward to witness Mersal on big screen. Will Mersal will reach the expectations. If you really want to know answer to this question, just follow my lead in this article. Hope vijay will make this Diwali a Mersal Diwali. let’s cut down and view Mersal movie review and rating below.

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Mersal Movie Review & Rating :

Our Rating: 3/5

Single Line Movie Review: “Mersaaaaaaaaaal”

Genre: Drama

Language: Tamil

Play Time:   2 hrs 52 Minutes

Censor Report: “U/A”

Main Cast: Vijay,Samantha Akkinei, Kajal Aggarwal and Nithya Menon

Music by: A R Rahaman

Dialogues: Atlee

Story By : Atlee and K V Vijayendra Prasad

Screenplay: Atlee, K V Vijayendra Prasad and S Ramana Girivasan

Camera Man: G K Vishnu

Banner Name: Thenandal studio ltd

Director: Atlee

Produced By: .N Rama Swamy

So these are the people who worked very hard to complete Mersal movie. Mersal is the Tamil movie starring Vijay,Samantha Akkinei, Kajal Aggarwal and Nithya Menon. Atlee, K V Vijayendra Prasad and S Ramana Girivasan did writing work for Mersal movie. G K Vishnu took care of the camera work. A R Rahaman composed music for Mersal Telugu movie. N Rama Swamy produced this movie under the banner named Thenandal studio ltd. Atlee directed this movie. Scroll down for Mersal movie review and rating.


Mersal starts introducing Dr Maaran (Vijay) as chief surgeon and one of the best surgeon in the world. He saves a foreign lady with his skills in airport. Love track runs in between Dr Maaran and Kajal also Maacho song plays with some stylish steps from Vijay. Vijay as a magician kills chief surgeon, the reason why he did is wrapped to reveal later by the director. Now Maaran along with his friend Vadivelu leaves to India in a aim to provide free medicine to every human. In India Maaran meets Tara, TV anchor (Samantha). Neethane song plays here escalating their bond. Tara explains Vijay about the medical system in India. The best scene in first half of the movie is a team of hospital trying to cash the life of a girl met with accident. Back ground score in this particular scene by A R Rahaman is out of stands. First half ends finally ends revealing second Vijay (Vetri) along with a big twist.

Flash back shared much of the Second half introducing third Vijay (Vetri Maran). Vetri Maran episode is too long for eyes to hold. After a long drag director goes to story which is easily predictable by audience. Village scenes are not at all interesting and keeping the form continue the movie ends.


  • Vijay is the first to be talked in this part of Mersal movie review. He did his part very well. He proved himself as one of the finest actors India has with Mersal Movie.
  • Doing triple role is not so easy but Vijay managed to show variation for each role and nailed it.
  • Story of the movie is so good. Atlee and write K V Vijayendra Prasad took special care in building Mersal Story
  • All the songs composed by A R Rahaman must be appreciated . Composition visuals on the screen are even good.
  • First half of the movie is decent and especially interval twist worked out well for Mersal
  • Hospital episode where Hospital staff tries to cash from a girl met with fatal incident is heart breaking. Background score from A R Rahaman worked out very well here.
  • Few scenes in flashback are nice to watch.
  • Heroines Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha Akkinei and Nithya Menon did justice for their roles.
  • Director is successful in giving thrills for Vijay fans. Vijay fans will be satisfied with the movie.


  • When first half is decent. Second half of Mersal is complete drag.
  • Village scenes so established on the screen are not new. They are also reason to drop out of the movie.
  • Screenplay of the movie can be planned well
  • Director took long time to go into the story.
  • Story in the second half is predictable which disappoints major of the audience. The reason is Director was successful in embedding a big twist in interval. This made audience to expect more by the movie ends. But it was normal.

Mersal MOVIE Final Verdict :

Mersal  is a movie which will entertain fans to core. It has nice message and so normal audience shouldn’t avoid the movie. It is baked nice but not to the level of expectations. It is good to watch for this  Diwali. So don’t waste your time and book your tickets to Mersal immediately.

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Watch Mersal Movie Teaser Below :

We all knowing the euphoria Mersal teaser has created in the Internet world. You may feel why so much celebration for a normal movie teaser. If you think so Brother open your eyes this is not a normal hero teaser. This is the teaser of a movie in which biggest south Indian star acted as a hero. Not only that he done triple role for Mersal movie which made the movie three times special. The mass mustache and Dhoti of Vijay sir in the movie making audience go mad. This diwali is going to be celebrated with Mersal. Mersal Diwali is now trending in the social media. Hope Mersal reach the expectations and stand tall in theaters. Lets welcome Mersal .

This is all about Mersal Movie Review . Keep coming for more Tamil movie reviews.