Mersal Collections Report – Tamil Mersal Box-office Collections

Mersal Collections Report – Tamil Mersal Box-office Collections

Mersal Collections : Mersal is the Tamil movie releasing on the occasion of Diwali starring Vijay, Samantha Akkineni, Kajal Aggarwal and Nithya Menon. Mersal has so many interesting elements to keep an eye on.

Let me tell you about those things one by one. First we have to talk about Music director A R Rahaman. After a long time A R Rahaman has rocked the album. Mersal no doubt is a music album which has A R Rahaman mark over it . All songs are good enough to hear. Mainly Aalaporaan Tamizhan is a special song in Mersal movie as it has elevated Tamil culture customs.

Neethane is a love and cool song played in between Akkineni Samantha and vijay. It remains us the beauty A R Rahaman used to do in past with melodies. Macho song plays in between Vijay and Kajal Aggarwal. Kajal is looking stunning in the Macho song. Mersal Arasan may be the introduction song for the hero. I really liked the special care taken by the music director for every song in Mersal movie. In our website we have written all Mersal Tamil songs lyrics. If you guys want to view you can navigate to place where you can find Mersal lyrics from bottom provided link.

Mersal songs lyrics –> Check Here

Mersal Tamil movie review –> Check Here

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Mersal 1st day collectionsCheck Here
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One more interesting thing in Mersal movie is K V Vijayendra Prasad sir has provided story and screenplay for Mersal movie. He is the one who given story for Indian Blockbusters like Bajarangi Bhaaijan and Baahubali movie. Hope Mersal also create wonders like both the movies I mentioned above. In this article I will exclusively discuss in detail about each day mersal collection. Just follow this article to know in detail about Mersal Box office  collections. Scroll down to view Mersal Tamil movie Box office collections

According to the known reports Mersal story is like this. Vijay lives in foreign and he wants to solve a health problem wide spread all over India. He comes to India and when he tries to solve the issue he comes to know a secret behind his father’s death. This part will lead us to the next part of the story and how story runs from here is the interesting part of the movie. Atlee and K V Vijayendra Prasad well threaded the screenplay to make it as interesting as possible. Samantha and Kajal Aggarwal are looking stunning in the movie. A R Rahaman music given life for entire story.

Vijay did his best in Mersal movie. It is very hard to any hero to show variation in the movie. But vijay nailed it simply and his ease in the acted must be appreciated. Mersal on the other side releasing in Telugu by the name Adirindi. Hope it does well in Telugu theaters too and give good loads of money to the makers of Mersal movie.

Watch Mersal Teaser Below :

Mersal is the much awaited movie of the Kollywood. Entire Kollywood is waiting for Mersal movie. The teaser of Mersal has increased the huge expectations and fans gone mad after watching Mersal teaser. They fixed this thing is mind that Mersal will be sure blockbuster. So they started celebrating after release of Mersal teaser itself. Mersal collection prediction was huge in number and it will be one of the biggest movie in kollywood history if it manages to reach the expectations. On its opening day itself Mersal is expected to collect 35 crores which is very big of course. Lets wait and see how much big Mersal does at box-office. Scroll down for mersal collections below.

It is second time director Atlee doing movie with Vijay sir. First he did Theri movie which became all time blockbuster. Now he came again with Mersal. Atlee is a great director indeed. He did only three films and still stood in the race of greatest kollywood directors. His first movie Raja Rani is the masterpiece. That movie itself has a great concept inside it. It is dubbed in Telugu and scored huge hit. It is all time favorite movie for so many love failures. He proved with his second movie Theri that he can do not only love movies but also mass movies like Theri. All the Best for Atlee team. Go huge and entertain us.

We all knowing the euphoria Mersal teaser has created in the Internet world. You may feel why so much celebration for a normal movie teaser. If you think so Brother open your eyes this is not a normal hero teaser. This is the teaser of a movie in which biggest south Indian star acted as a hero. Not only that he done triple role for Mersal movie which made the movie three times special. The mass mustache and Dhoti of Vijay sir in the movie making audience go mad. This diwali is going to be celebrated with Mersal. Mersal Diwali is now trending in the social media. Hope Mersal reach the expectations and stand tall in theaters. Lets welcome Mersal .

If you guys haven’t watched Mersal Tamil movie teaser till now. Don’t waste time and watch it here now. If you have doubt regarding how to watch Just click on the play button and you can watch Mersal Tamil movie teaser here itself without getting redirected to YouTube. In Mersa Movie vijay played a triple role. He shown variation in three roles. Vijay is ready to entertain his fans with his mass Mustache. In this article you can view Mersal Box-office collections. Just click on the appropriate link and you will get redirected to the place where you can find Mersal Tamil movie collections. Stay tuned for our website and to this article to view Mersal collections updates over here. Scroll down to view Mersal Box-office collections till now below.

Mersal Total World-Wide Pre-Release Business :

Mersal did a whooping Pre-Release Business before its release itself. Below I am mentioning value of mersal before release into theaters. Even if you believe or not Mersal has collected 156 crores before its release itself.

AreaValue in Crores
Tamil Nadu70
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana4.7
Rest of India0.8

This is totally unbelievable. Movie collecting 156 crores before movie release itself is very rare in South Indian cinema. Movie has so many expectations and it is the reason why Mersal has done this much business before its release itself. Vijay started this and hope this euphoria continues and stays with South Indian Cinema. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Mersal collections are being updates daily in this article. If you are in search of Mersal Box office collections you can come here daily without wasting your time surfing in internet. Just click on the appropriate links that will lead you to Mersal daily updates of collections. The main plus points of Mersal Tamil movie is Vijay Thalapathy doing triple role for the movie which is a way longer in Tamil movies. He did his part very well which made Vijay fans to get connected to Mersal movie to core. Mersal is the sure blockbuster and you can look over Mersal collections to know about the facts over here.

Mersal opened with huge openings on its very first day. It is expected with the views mersal got from Youtube. Mersal teaser is a huge hit and the combination of Vijay and Atlee is the reason why Mersal opened with such huge amounts. Mersal first day is a Non-Rajini super hit. Vijay fans started celebrating that their hero is number 1 after Super star rajini. They began their celebration world wide. Mersal is increasing its theaters too. Mersal Diwali celebrating Diwali along with Mersal movie came true. Tamil Nadu state gave more amounts of collections to the producers. Lets go mersal rock the box-office man.


Mersal 1st day collections, Mersal 2nd day collections, Mersal 3rd day collections / Mersal first week end collections and Mersal total collections will be updated in this article.

Mersal is the first movie to get huge social networking support. The teaser of Mersal itself created huge sensation among the internet world. 10 million likes for a Tamil movie teaser is not a joke. Thalapathy fans have achieved the YouTube mersal record in few days. As there are huge expectations rose on the Mersal movie. Director Atlee decided to keep them some low. That is the reason why Mersal Trailer hasn’t released after the release of Mersal Teaser. No doubt Mersal will collect lot at box-office too. Check this article to know about Mersal collections till now and Mersal collections till date at box-office.


Mersal first day collections are huge as expected by the movie critics. Mersal managed to remain huge profits in the pockets of producers on its very first day. Still Mersal Telugu Version is yet to be released and we will mention Adirindi movie collections once movie releases into theaters.

Mersal 1st day collections –> Check here

Mersal First day reports are fantastic. According to the updates Mersal on its first day collected like more than 20 crores in Tamil Nadu itself. Still there are places from where Illaya Thalapathy can step hard like Kerala, Karnataka and overseas. Mersal in Telugu as Adirindi is still to get released. Once it comes on to screens Telugu audience will rush to theaters to watch Thalapathy on screen. Mersal Diwali here my friends.


 Mersal second day collections –> Check Here

Mersal opened with huge amounts on its second day. As it was Diwali people rushed into theaters to witness their favorite actor and Hero Vijay on big screen. Vijay did triple role for mersal movie which was a huge plus point for the movie. As it was after very long time a hero doing triple role people want to see how the hero nailed it. Vijay with his variation in characters gave his 100 percent for Mersal movie. Samantha and Kajal is an added attraction for Mersal movie. They also have given their efforts to become a plus point to Mersal Tamil movie.

Mersal is the movie which was aimed at social awareness. Director Atlee concentrated a lot on the things happening in today’s Indian society. Mainly GST issue is being raised in Mersal movie. There is a lot going about this movie as it is aimed against Government. Government have asked the Mersal movie unit to remove those scenes otherwise they may create problem in screening mersal movie. Mersal Producers have already written a sorry not for BJP leaders and they have also told that they would remove GST scenes if they feel so much offended.

While the issue is going like this Most of the Kollywood artists and youth don’t want to remove those scenes. They think that movie was once censored and there is no need to censor it again. Kamala Hasan using his twitter tweeted that it is not a good practice to re censor a movie which has been already censored for Government’s benefit. Even young hearts of Tamil Nadu are offending that it is very offensive to re censor a movie like mersal which was aimed at the problems faced by Public. Mersal collections are given here click on the appropriate link to view Mersal collections over here in this article.


Mersal third day collections –> Check Here

Mersal is doing well in Overseas too. This movie released with a message stating free medicine for all the Human. Vijay along with Vadivelu comes to India in the same aim. Here he comes to witness all the problems normal human face in the hospitals. Especially the scene in which Hospital staff tries to cash a girl met with fatal accident is created well on the screen with the mind blowing Background score by A R Rahaman. Vijay nailed in Mersal movie. Especially in the flashback scenes he kept the feel of Vetri Maaran. Mersal 3rd day collections are tremendous. Go and watch Mersal for this weekend. in this article we have embedded Mersal collections .

In Tamil Nadu Only Rajini can make big numbers when compared to other heroes. But now it is time for Vijay to take the place of Thalaiva. He is creating big numbers box office in Tamil Nadu. If the collections storm goes like this vijay will be collecting more than Bahubali in the first week. Samantha impressed in the role of TV anchor. Even there are flaws in Mersal movie here and there it has succeeded in impressing youth and citizens with the elements like Hospitals robbering scenes and GST scenes. No star in Tamil Nadu except Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay would fit for the roles Atlee have created.

Mersal 4th Day Collections

Mersal 4th Day collections and 4 days collections—> Check Here

Mersal is doing very well on its 4th day also. Mersal fans are rushing into theaters to watch their favorite actor on the big screen. The hit pair of Theri Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay and Samantha Akkineni continued their hit track with Mersal movie. In this article we will be providing you with Mersal 4th day Box-office collections. All you have to do is hit on the right URL which will directly re direct you to the place where you can find Mersal 4th day collections. Also you can find Mersal collections over here. Just hit on the right click to view Mesal Box-office collections.

Mersal storm still continues on its 4th day. Students have hugely connected to the movie and rushing to the theaters to watch their favorite hero on big screen. Samantha Akkineni, Kajal Aggarwal and Nithya Menon have given a huge support for Vijay in Mersal movie. Being a huge star in Tamil Nadu Vijay is collecting huge numbers. As it is saturday and Sunday time the mersal collections are recording in large numbers. Mersal Box-office collections will be updated here daily. So if you want to know about Mersal collection day to day update don’t waste your time here and there come here and check Mersal Box-office collections daily.

Mersal 5th day Collections

Mersal 5th day collections and Mersal 5 days Collections –> Check Here

Mersal has already crossed 100 crores Gross. The movie is now rushing towards 150 crores. The GST issue raised by Atlee in Mersal movie created some controversy . BJP leaders wanted to remove the scenes regarding GST in Mersal movie. As the Government may keep them in trouble regarding Mersal screening the producers of Mersal written a letter that they will remove the scenes if necessary. All the kollywood superstars are supporting Mersal movie. They didn’t want mersal to get re censored again. Kamal Hasan in his twitter account stated this. In this article all updates regarding Mersal collectins are embedded. Come daily and check updates over here.

Mersal 6 Days Collections

Mersal 6 days collections and Mersal 6th day collections –> Check Here 

Mersal has already crossed 100 Cr gross and now moving towards 150 Gross. The movie is creating collection records at box office. GST issue created some chaos in middle but with the Mersal producers sorry to the BJP leaders the issue has settled and now everything is clear for mersal to create records at box office. Makers of Mersal have written an apology letter to BJP leaders and the issue was then settled. It is really a good move from the producers to face the issue like political collide. We will be updating this article with Mersal 7 days collections and Mersal 8 days collections. Keep coming for more updates regarding Mersal collections.

Mersal collections are stable on its 7th day even. Mersal is doing very well and the main reason for this much craze for Mersal at the box office is the concept the director of Mersal Tamil Movie Atlee have inserted in. GST has very good impact on the Mersal movie and the scenes of GST clicked very well. Youth connected to GST scenes to the core. Even Samantha Akkineni has done a fabulous job in stating the condition of hospitals in India. As hero wants to give free medicine to every Indian citizen the screenplay played very well by Bahubali writer K V Vijayendra Prasad. Keep coming for more updates regarding Mersal Box office collections


 Mersal first week collections —> Check Here

Mersal 1st week collections are updated here. Those you want to check Mersal first week collections just hover over the link I have provided above and click on it. Once you click on the above URL you will be fetched to the spot where you can find Mersal first week box office collections. Along with Mersal first week collections, Mersal 9 days collections are also updated here in this article. Save your time and click on the appropriate link. We will be back with Mesal 10 days collections, Mersal 11 days collections and Mersal 12 days collections. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Mersal collections.

Mersal 12 Days Collections

Mersal 12 days collections —> Check Here

Mersal 12 days collections are here for you here. Mersal for 12 days collected 200 Cr Gross and 100 crores share. To know about Mersal 12th day box-office collections in details. Hit on the URL provided above. Once you click on the link you will be fetched to the place where you can find Mersal 12 days collections. As censor of Mersal Telugu version is incomplete it didn’t get release in Telugu states. We can except little addition in the Mersal total collections once movie gets release in Telugu. Mersal collections updates will be here for you everytime. So whenever you want to check Mersal Box-office collections. Come here and  have a look.

Mersal 19 Days Collections

Mersal 19 days collections –> Check Here

Mersal 19 days collections are now updated in this article. To view Mersal 19 days box-office collections, all you have to do is click on the URL located above. Once you click on Mersal 19 days collections, a new window pops up viewing Mersal 19 days worldwide collections. This article will be further updated with Mersal box-office collections. To view Mersal Box office collections, all you have to do is click on the appropriate link that will lead you to the place where you can view Mersal collections. Keep coming for more updates regarding Mersal collections. Vijay is the main reason for this whooping business done by mersal at Box-office. Mersal is a movie which will be in Tamil Nadu movie history forever.

Mersal 26 Days Collections

Mersal 26 days collections —> Check Here

Here in this article now we are updating Mersal 26 days collections. To check Mersal 26 days collections, all you have to do is click on the appropriate link that has been provided above. Mersal is the Superhit movie which stood in the row of the blockbuster list of Tamil Kollywood movies. Mersal 26 days overseas collections are here for you. All you have to do is click on the URL we have provided above. Once you click on the link a new window pops up showing Mersal 26 days collections on the screen. For more updates regarding Mersal collections keep coming to our website.

Mersal 33 Days Collections

Mersal 33 days collections –> Check Here

Mersal 33 days collections are now available in this article. Mersal 33 days box office collections are now available in this article. Mersal Box-office collections will be updated in this article every day. So if you like to view Mersal day to day collections, I hereby advise you guys to bookmark this page and keep coming to view Mersal total box office collections. Mersal Total collections will be updated in this article. Mersal collections are here for you in this article. Mersal is the sure blockbuster with respect to the collections. Mersal box office collections are too huge and Mersal movie will be in the hearts of Tamil Nadu people for all the interesting elements inside it.

Mersal 5th Week Collections

Mersal 5th Week Collections –> Check Here

Mersal 5th week collections are here for you. Mersal is the movie which released 5 weeks earlier. The main concept of the movie is to provide free medicine to all the people in India. This movie got released in Telugu with the name Adhirindi and scored good name over there even. Illaya Thalapathy Vijay is the main reason for this push in all states of India. Even Mersal collections are very good at Overseas. Especially in Malaysia Mersal managed to collect 18 Crores. We will be back with Mersal Total collections worldwide. So wehenever you want to keep an eye on Mersal worldwide collections till now, keep coming to our page.


Mersal total collections –> Check Here

Mersal Total collections are now updated in this article. Mersal is the 5th biggest Grosser in the South India. Mersal has managed to collect 250 Crores in Total. This is the huge achievement for a Tamil Cinema and also Indian Cinema. Only big South Indian stars like Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay can collect huge amounts like this at the box-office. Samantha and Kajal Aggarwal even though did small roles impressed with their smiles and glamour. Mersal will be a mile stone in Tamil Cinema. After Rajinikanth Ilaya Thalapathy has proved himself with Mersal that he has stamina to collect huge lot at Indian Box-office. Hope movies like Mersal rain here and then.

Mersal has done tremedously well at the box office. Joseph Vijay rocked with his appearance in the movie. As Illayathalapathu played the role of three characters in the movie, movie rocked in the theatres. Mersal is aimed at the business donw by hopitals in India. So many obstacles came to the Mersal movie inmiddle of it’s full run. The things include GST issue and Hospitals issue tried to stop Mersal but failed to do so. Mersal is good and especially scenes starring the Magician are designed well by the makers. Even though so much money was spent for the Mersal movie, I guess Producers, Distrubutors and Theatre oweners have benefitted with the Mersal movie.

Mersal, as expected, collected a lot on its first day. Atlee managed to promote the movie giving a huge profit margin to the producers. The movie opened with mixed talk but managed to get huge collections on its very first day itself. Vijay must be appreciated for his dedication to a movie like Mersal. He played a triple role in the movie which is the huge plus point to watch the movie in theatres.

This is all about Mersal collections. Keep coming for more Tamil Movies Box-office collections here. Follow us for more interesting updates about Tamil cinema (Y).