Karuppan Collections – Karuppan Box-office Collection

Karuppan Collections – Karuppan Box-office Collection

Karuppan Collections : Karuppan is the Tamil movie released on 29 Sep 2017. This movie managed to build audience successfully with its teaser itself. Reference of Jallikattu is the added attraction for the movie. Vijay Sethupthi has this long mustache which covers half of his face. To be frank the most important thing in the movie is Vijay Sethupathi’s Mustache. Also the songs of Karuppan are treat hear. Music director has did a fine job giving awesome music for Karuppan songs and Background score. But we all know that today’s movie verdict will be decided based on Collections. So in this article we will be providing you with Karuppan Box-office collection.

You may have watched Karuppan Trailer which got as a part of promotion. Karuppan trailer managed  to impress audience with its visuals. Heroine is other interesting character in the movie. She gets chased by hero and tortured to love him. She hates him to core and by the rules of South Indian Cinema she fells in love with him later. Both of them are get married and the couple of Vijay Sethupathi and Tanya looks awesome on screen. They look like village married couple very close to reality.

Director did his home work to show a village atmosphere on big screen. Also he succeed in showing so because we feel a story happening in a village and we are witnessing in real. Jallikattu is shown in a promising way impressing audience with mass looks of Vijay Sethupathi. I like the frame shwoing Vijay Sethupathi Mustache and its above part. Eyes laughing cruelly and the Back Ground score played by music director during this sequence gave Goose Bumps to Vijay Sethupathi fans. Below I will be providing you Karuppan collections, Let’s see what audience decided their verdict for the movie like Karuppan.

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Watch Karuppan Tami Movie Trailer Below :

If you haven’t watched Karuppan Tamil movie Trailer till now. Go up and hit on play button. Enjoy Karuppan trailer here itself. The thumbnail of the trailer itself was so interesting and giving Goosebumps. This article is embedded with Karuppan box-office collection. If you are in search of Karupan collections pat your back because you are in the correct corner of the internet. You can view details regarding Karuppan movie collections below.


Karuppan 1st day collections, Karuppan 2nd day collections, Karuppan 3rd day collections / Karuppan first week end collections and Karuppan total collections will be updated in this article.


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