How to travel for free!

Everyone loves to travel. Few do it. Many boasts of the most disparate pretexts, often just excuse to themselves for fear of leaving their comfort zone. Those who dare to “win this battle against routine”, however, never regret it. Sometimes, however, it’s not about excuses but budget restrictions (for choice or need). And here is that reveals some secrets to travel virtually for free (or almost) not only for those who need it but also for those who want to try some new experience.

Let’s prepare for the departure!

First of all, let’s say that “Free Travel” does not necessarily mean hitchhiking and sleeping on the ground at stations or under bridges. First, because this is illegal in many countries and second because it would be a matter of wandering and not really “travelling”, especially now that we are no longer in the ’60s.

However, there are several expedients that will allow you to make trips completely free but also to save a lot of money and to have part of the accommodation and transport without excessive burden.

Remember, then, that organizing your trip well from the beginning is crucial not only to travel for free but also to save a lot of money, because you can calmly choose from home what has the best value for money and that suits your needs, thanks to the fabulous medium that is the Internet (when used in the right way).

And I recommend you use our examples against all those who will say that they would love to travel but can not afford it because now they no longer have pretexts to keep the bottom glued to the chair.


There are some sites (like where you can find a rich list of companies that rent you the camper almost for free (often at a symbolic price of a dollar) because they need to move it from one place to another. You will then have the possibility to choose one of the many destinations around the world where you can take your camper on a given date to transfer it, with the full freedom of choice of route and within a few days, in the destination location.

Often you will be reimbursed even the fuel!

Imagine travelling between Chicago and Las Vegas, perhaps via Mount Rushmore, the Yellowstone NP and the Grand Canyon, paying almost only for the international flight.


If you’re one of those people who don’t mind doing little housework on holiday, such as feeding the cat or watering the plants, here’s the solution for you: on or you’ll find ads of people who, in exchange for simple basic care for their home, will allow you to have a free holiday home in your chosen location!

Similarly, if you are willing to exchange your home for that of someone who lives in the destination you have chosen for your trip, you can use


Going to sites like or you can experience not only the pleasure of a low-cost trip but also participate in missions that will leave you in your heart even more excited than those of the trip itself.

How to travel for free: Bed & Breakfast at no cost!

It may seem incredible but on the website B&Bs throughout Italy offer free bed and breakfast in exchange for typical products of your land (such as orange jam) or services (such as a photoshoot of the structure).

From GUEST welcome

If you want to enrich your travel experience by getting to know and be friends with people from all over the world, here is a great free way to combine cultural exchange with savings: Through this site, you can get in touch with over 400,000 hosts who want to host you and organize for your events and free visits.