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Gautam Nanda is the upcoming movie of Gopi Chand. After Jil movie Gopi Chand looking so stylish no no Ultra Stylish in this movie. Especially his beard look steals everyone’s hearts. There is a poster I saw recently in which Hero Gopi chand shows off with tobacco smoke and fully grown beard. It really reminded me how thug life actually looks like. In this article we are providing you guys with all Hero Gopi Chand’s Gautam Nanda collections. Scroll down to find Gautam Nanda collections.

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Hey . You can see a table above which are provided with topics mainly. Goutham Nanda Collections, Goutham Nanda story, Goutham Nanda re;view Final verdict and rating and also Goutham Nanda collections. Beside every topic  I mentioned above there is a text link provided which when clicked leads you to that specified topic. We really don’t want to waste your time. That is the reason we have provided these links which will help you to find whatever contents in this article easily. Now Let me dig deep into the theatrical trailer of Gopi Chand’s Goutham Nanda Theatrical trailer.

Watch Goutham Nanda Theatrical Trailer Below :

Here is the Theatrical trailer of Gopi Chand’s Goutham Nanda Theatrical Trailer. After watching this trailer , I am very happy because the trailer is very good firstly and I am a huge fan of Gopi Chand. Trailer seems to be promising and Director Sampanth Nandi given his best with respect to trailer. Also the music of S. S. Thaman given some goose bumps. Glamour of both the heroines Hansika Motwani and Catherine Teresa will definitely a huge assets for Goutha Nanda movie. After discussing the trailer we movie to Goutham Nanda Collections.

As the trailer of Goutham Nanda starts, Hero Gopi Chand appears stunning slicing the rain water. Here comes Director Sampanth Nandi’s voice telling about the facts he gathered about the world. He says that no one was interlinked to anyone in this world. But the only one known to every person in the world in “Money”. Thaman starts his music work for the Trailer of Goutham Nanda and a red colored car drives the path and Gopi Chand happily dances whistling in towel. Seems like he made fortune as the house he dancing looks rich.

Another amazing emerged from Racha Director Sampanth Nandi’s pen and Generated from Hero Gopi Chand . He delivers that Even though money has changed so many hand it will never be called as second hand. People love to call it as First Hand. Now the introduction of two beautiful heroines from Goutham Nanda for Goutham Nanda of course. Hansika Motwani drives her bike where Gopi Chand sits on his back. Catherine Tresa does ramp walk with a smiling face. And there comes the shot Hero Gopi Chand rides horse along with Catherine Tresa.

In Middle of Goutham Nanda trailer :

Now Bithiri Sathi from Teenmar comes to screen. He alligate that Gopi Chand is wasting money when he was earning hard working in Teenmar program. Now energetic song from Goutham Nanda plays and Hero Gopi Chand dances with Hansika Motwani and Catherine Tresa. Composition of the song was good and also the cinematographer must be appreciated for his camera work. Read Goutham Nanda Collections below.

Here comes Gopi Chand with his rusty beard look. He shouts fiercely that he want to know who he was really. Now some rich shots of him were shown in the trailer. He smokes tobacco and enjoy with girls in the ocean. Also he jumps from air wanders around the world which was the dream of most of the guys. Here comes Heroine Hansika Motawani saying that Gopi Chand is like USA President Trump and no one can expect how he reacts at times. Few more shots of richness are shown in next part of the trailer. It is time to introduce villains of Goutham Nanda. The change of Back Ground Music from Music Director S. S. Thaman must be appreciated at this part of the trailer.

It is time to deliver a Mass dialogue from Hero. He delivers that ” If anyone wants to kill man like him..Planning must be perfect..Execution must be excellent..Hire Quality people..If you need any financial support text me..will arrange somehow be taking loan”. In middle of these shots a rain fight was shown. The fight seems to be in a Theater where Khaidi No. 150 movie  When we are asked to talk about the dialogue Hero just delivered.  Helping villains to beat him is completely crazy concept. It is one of the new concept I observed in Goutham Nanda Trailer. You can find Goutham Nanda Collections.

End of Goutham Nanda Trailer :

We are almost at the end of Goutham Nanda Trailer. So many shots plays meanwhile. I think a effect was used by the video editor. It increased excitement by the by. So many important shots rolled meanwhile. As the trailer ends Goutham Nanda Title appears on screen . Bu the end Hero Gopi Chand descend plane and Goutham Nanda Releasing on 28th July 2017 with Music Director S. S. Thaman’s back ground score. This is all about Goutham Nanda Theatrical Trailer. If you have not watched Goutham Nanda Trailer, you can watch it above. For me it increased my curiosity to watch Goutham Nanda Telugu movie on the first day in theater.

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