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Firangi Collections will be updated in this article daily. Firangi is the upcoming Bollywood movie starring Kapil Sharma. There is no one who doesn’t know Kapil Sharma. He is famous in this Television World. He is coming forward with a full-length movie named Firangi. This movie story line belongs to 1920’s where Indians were ruled by British. Kapil Sharma tries a lot to get placed as a Firangi but all his attempts go in vain. He has nothing in his hands but his legs have a magic. The head British official of that area is affected by back pain. When our Firangi hits his back with his bootleg all set right.

When, the British official asks him if he wants any money, Kapil Sharma softly rejects the money and asks him for a job. This is when the interesting part of the movie Firangi starts. I am not totally clear on the part but Kapil Sharma was given a job to clean shoes and stuff in the British fort. He wears the uniform of Firangi and goes to the work. He also fell in love with Ishita Dutta. When everyone in the village fight against British rule, our hero works under their rule. This issue turns entire village against Firangi Kapil Sharma.

This movie has so many interesting elements embedded in it. We have to wait a bit, to watch all the wonders Firangi is going to make on the silver screen. Firangi is not a usual movie with songs and comedy scenes, it has something to say about the past and the British rule. 70 Percent reports from the trailer say that Firangi movie will be a sure blockbuster. However, we have to wait for Firangi Box Office Collections to make the sound. In this article, we will be updating Firangi Box office collection updates daily. Keep coming to look for Firangi movie collections till date.

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Firangi first day collections/ Firangi Movie day 1 Collection —>> Check Here

Firangi 1st day collections are now updated in this article. Firangi is the movie which belongs to the period of 1921 when India is fighting hard against British. Firangi movie is getting mixed reviews on its very first day. Most of the critics who have watched Firangi movie on its First day pointing that Firangi resembles Lagaan movie in most of the cases. This is the main drawback of the movie. As Lagaan is a Superhit movie, comparing Firangi to Lagaan is a bad idea and it may show the effect of Firangi Box Office Collections. Firangi 2nd day collections and Firangi 2 days collection total will be updated below. Keep coming for more updates regarding Firangi Collections.

Firangi starts showing on the screen 1920’s India. Most of the characters from Firangi movie resembles Lagaan. Kapil Sharma who is very popular on Television for his funny accent covered it in the movie. He maintained a face which has a sad determination. Of course, there is no wrong with it as he wants to establish the actor hiding inside him with Firangi movie. But the audience who wished his funny role on the screen missed it a lot. Firangi will be one of the movies which released with huge expectations for sure. Hope Firangi Collections will fill Producer Kapil Sharma’s pockets.


Firangi first week collections/ Firangi 1st week Box Office Collection  —>>Check Here

Firangi Total Box Office Collections will be updated in this article every day. Firangi is the Hindi movie released a week back starring Kapil Sharma in the lead role. According to the storyline of the movie the movie of Firangi belongs to the times of 1920’s. Loved the screen presence of Kapil Sharma. He wants to provide himself as the actor. But as the audience are not ready for a serious action from Kapil Sharma they haven’t received the movie so good at the box office. However, Firangi movie has managed to collect 10 crores at the box office. Keep coming for Firangi movie Collections updated here.


Firangi total collections will be updated soon.

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