Fidaa Telugu Movie Review  – Varun Tej – Fidaa Review

Fidaa Telugu Movie Review  – Varun Tej – Fidaa Review

[I]n this article we are writing Fidaa Telugu movie review for you guys. Fidaa is the Telugu movie releasing for this Friday. There are so many exciting things to be watched in this movie. First of all Let’s spell about cool director Shekar Kammula who seems to back in the track with Fidaa movie. Later on Sai Pallavi , Pimple beauty from Malayalam Premam movie. She managed to score some young audience with Premam. So her debut in Telugu movies with Premam is really exciting for her fans. There comes Here Varun Tej who is looking much handsome in this movie. It’s time, Scroll down to read Fidaa Telugu Movie Review.



Fidaa seems to be a cool movie which may remain us Shekar Kammula’s old movies while watching it. Fidaa Theatrical trailer released by the movie unit recently and the Trailer seems to be very interesting.

Shekar Kammula did his homework on each character from Fidaa. Especially he spent hours creating ” Bhanumathi  ” Character. He also Let cat out of the brag about Bhanumathi in Fidaa Audio launch. Later on he stuck his tongue in jaws realizing he revealed one of the exciting secret from his work.

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As soon as Shekar Kammula kept Pawan Kalyan’s name out of his mouth. Crowd got crazy. They shouted and shouted till Shekar Kammula promised to talk about Power Star Pawan Kalyan at the end of the Audio function. The secret revealed by Shekar Kammula was a interesting one. It says that Bhanumathi , Fan of Pawan Kalyan. From now on I am going to talk about Fidaa Telugu movie Theatrical Trailer in detail. If you are ready Pass on your seat belts  :mrgreen:

Watch Fidaa Movie Trailer Below :

[showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”…” less_text=”Show less…”] Hey, If you are confused How to watch Fidaa from above box, Don’t worry just follow my Lead. Those which are appearing like pictures are not pictures actually. They are the thumbnails of the videos from Fidaa movie. If you want to watch any of those videos. All you have to do is just click on those thumbnails. Then a light box appear and you can watch that  video here itself. Also you can slide to the next video by clicking on the arrows provided. Cool right  😎  Watch all videos at free of cost  😛

Come on guys let’s talk about Fidaa Telugu movie Theatrical Trailer in Detail. As the trailer starts, Dil Raju sir’s banner name comes on to screen. Two to three shots of American nights are shown. Along with that a title card rolls ” A Sekhar Kammula Film ” . Happiest thing for ones who likes no who loves shekar Kammula’s cool movie. Now Hero Varun Tej was shown jogging with headphones on. Varun Tej in next frames shown along with may be his brother or friend and his kid. He asks him that ” It’s high time yar , you must get married “. During all this , A back ground music from Hey Mister Song keeps on playing.

Plot of the Trailer :

Here comes Bhanumathi aka Sai Pallavi mostly loved to called as Malar comes on to Screen. She is the naughtiest girl along with his father and sister enjoying in her village. She pities her sister that she gets mad serving those three monkeys indicating Hero’s family members. Hero introduces himself to Heroine while Bhanumathi was driving car. “I am Varun , You ? ” . Now it is the introduction of Heroine ” Bhanumathi, only piece, Hybrid Pilla “. I think that Director drove his focus showing Heroine attitude and character at the same time in these frames. She dances in rain, spends his time with varun. At this particular part cinematographer of the movie did a fabulous job. During all this one more machete song thrown Shakthikanth Karthick. Hey Pillagaada Song plays wetting the hearts 😀 .

Later on Varun says , “I don’t know about her but her sister was like crazy”. Malar shouts ” Ey..Mental “. Here comes my favorite track from Fidaa. Vachinde mella mellaga Vachinde     😆 . This may be the time for Marriage. A shot Varun fighting with someone was shown now. Follows Varun’ s rejected love. Now the sad song from Fidaa Telugu movie plays on. Frames one by one featuring Varun and Bhanumathi keeps on rolling as Oosupodu Vurukodu Song Plays. Both of them blames each other for different reasons. And it is the time to end the Fidaa trailer with Fidaa title song and Edo Jarugutondi song.  And Hero, Heroine shares a dialogue as title Fidaa fills the screen color fully  🙂  . If the trailer was this much good you won’t don’t want to watch it one first day.

Fidaa Telugu movie Songs and Lyrics :

Shakthikanth Karhtick composed all songs from Fidaa Telugu movie. There are totally six songs in Fidaa movie. They are lined up as Vachinde Song, Edo Jarugutondi song, Hey Pillagada song, Hey Mister song , Oosupodu Vurukodu song and Fidaa Title song. Our website is the official source for all popular song lyrics. So here in our website we also giving you all popular songs lyrics. You can search them in our Google Custom Search space. All Fidaa Songs lyrics were already embedded at the top of this article. If you are too lazy to roll up roll down I am providing links for each song below .

I am providing full list of Fidaa songs in this article. Along with the list you can find a text link beside every song. If you are still confused what do you mean by Text Link. To segregate your tension I named it as ” Click Here “. Now go to above list and find your favorite song in the list . Click on the text link beside your favorite song. Once you click you will be redirected to a new tab where you can find your favorite song lyrics. So I think that my instructions have helped  you 🙂 . It’s time for Fidaa Telugu Movie Review.

Fidaa Telugu Movie Review :

  • Our Rating:3.25 /5
  • Single Line Review: “Fidaa to Shekar Kammula”
  • Release Date: July  21st,2017
  • Genre: Love
  • Language: Telugu
  • Play Time: 144 minutes
  • Censor Report: “U”
  • Main Cast: Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi
  • Music by: Shakthi Kanth
  • Writeen By: Shekar Kammula
  • Dialogues: Shekar Kammula
  • Screenplay: Shekar Kammula
  • Camera Man: Vijay C. Kumar
  • Banner Name: Sri Venkateswara Creations
  • Director: Shekar Kammula
  • Produced By: Dil Raju

So these are the people who worked very hard to complete Fidaa Telugu movie.

Fidaais a Telugu movie released on July 21st , 2017. The Genre of Fidaa movie is Love. Fidaa is a Love based movie. Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi acted in main roles of this movie. Shakthi kanth composed music for all the songs from Fidaa movie. Shekhar Kammula written and directed this movie.  Dil Raju produced this movie under the banner named Sri Venkateswara Creations. Scroll down for Fidaa Review.

Story :

Varun Tej , Varun of this movie is an NRI who lives in abroad with his brother. He trips for India to get his brother married. He reaches Bhanumathi’s Village and get closer to her. As the time passes Varun fells in love with Bhanumathi and vice versa. But no one of them open up their love towards each other. Varun reaches US and as he understands he can’t stay without Bhanumathi. So he puts his love to her. But by surprise Bhanumathi, rejects his proposal. Why did she do like that ? What Happened ? To know answers for all those questions Book your Ticket for Fidaa.

Assets :

  • First of all we have to talk about Shekar Kammula. He did his best with this movie. You will remember old Shekar Kammula watching Fidaa.
  • Every part of the movie was taken utmost care. Comedy and Love between NRI and a Telangana village girl were well established in the movie.
  • Varun Tej, though kept quite in the movie. Looks cool and smart. This movie will be a turning point of his career
  • Sai Pallavi as expected rocked with her performance. She must be appreciated and Bhanumathi character will have high impact on the audience.
  • Other Cast and Crew well acted and given support for the main crew of the movie
  • Music is another plus point for this movie. Songs and Background music given by Shakthi Kanth must be appreciated.

Defects :

  • First half of the movie was filled with fun and romance.
  • Everyone hopes that same continues with second half, but sadly it didn’t.
  • Climax of the movie seems to be shot in rushed way. It would have created more impacted, if Director had taken utmost care in it too.
  • Predictable story by the by

Fidaa Movie Final Verdict :

Fidaa is one more cool movie from Shekar Kammula. He was back with this movie. If you love his old movies don’t miss this movie for any reason. Stop reading and start booking tickets for Fidaa.

Our Fidaa Rating :- 3.25/5

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Fidaa telugu movie review

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