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Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online: This is the time to vote for your favourite contestant in Bigg boss now. Bigg Boss Telugu is now being aired all over the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Rules:

  • All the Contestants will be given the same treatment irrespective of their celebrity status
  •  Lapel should be with Bigg Boss Contestants all the time.
  • Only Telugu must be spoken in the Bigg Boss House.
  • No one is allowed to leave the house unless he faces the wrath of Bigg Boss Season 2 Elimination
  • No one should discuss his or her nomination process
  • No one goes to bed without the permission of Bigg boss

Bigg Boss Telugu vote online

How to Vote Big Boss Telugu Vote Online :

  • Search in the Google for Big Boss Telugu vote or Bigg Boss Telugu voting or Voting Bigg Boss Telugu
  • Go to the relevant page where you can find the contestant who appeared for the public poll
  • Per Day from One E-mail, you can cast 50 votes. You can split the 50 Number the way you like.
  • After completing Casting 50 Votes submit and finish the voting process
  • Remember the voting process will be available only from Monday to Friday Midnight.
  • You have to cast your vote in the middle the clock tick off

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 32

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 33

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 34

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2  Episode 35

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 36

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 37

Nani replaced NTR as the host of Bigg Boss Telugu show. He is good and generating few laughs here and there for real. Follow the instruction below to Bigg Boss Telugu Vote. Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Online Poll is waiting for you below.

The contestant for Bigg Boss Show Season 2 is Geetha Madhuri, Nutan Naidu, Babu Gogineni, Amit Tiwari, Deepthi Nallamothu, Tanish Babu, Roll Rida, Bhanu Sri, Shyamala, Kireeti Damaraju, Deepthi Sunaina, Tejaswi Madivada, Samrat Reddy Kaushal Manda, Ganesh and Sanjana.

You may know a few names and personalities from the names mentioned above. However, if you like to know about each of them in detail, don’t go anywhere just read the info about each of them here. Scroll down to know the info regarding Bigg Boss Telugu vote.

Note: Kaushal, Nutan Naidu and Ganesh are in the list of Bigg Boss Elimination and one of them is going to get eliminated for sure. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is in their deep need for them. Vote your favourite Big Boss Contestant now.


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Telugu – Online Voting Poll

Follow the below instruction to vote for your favourite Bigg Boss Contestant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Elimination

Bigg Boss Telugu vote: All the watchers will be voting Bigg Boss Telugu every week. The Bigg Boss Contestant who gets less number or the minimum number of votes will be eliminated. The contestant who faced the wrath of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 elimination will be out of Bigg Boss House.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online – Bigg Boss Latest Promos:

Geetha Madhuri is a famous singer from Telugu Cinema. She sung so many songs and Pakka Local from Janatha Garage is my favourite. She is the famous singer of Tollywood who has the capability of singing songs in all the South Indian Languages namely Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. She is the Shreya Ghosal of South India.

Amit Tiwari is the Villain seen mostly in Trivikram Srinivas movies. He is one of the favourite villains of South India. Besides doing the negative roles, Amit Trivedi used to do the comic roles too. He is expected to be the toughest competitor of Bigg Boss Telugu season.

Deepthi Nallamothu is the TV9 anchor from Vijayawada. She also acted in few movies namely Bhadra and Shankar Dada MBBS. She is known for her cuteness and her voice is the melody. She has got the fans all over the Andhra Pradesh and let us see how far this TV Anchor could move on.

Tanish is one of the finest actors of the Tollywood. He did child characters and the famous ones are Devullu and Manmadhudu movie. Both these movies will remember you about this guy. He also did few movies as a hero and became successful with his first movie itself named Nachavule directed by Ravi Babu. The interesting thing here is Nani and Tanish did Multi-Starrer for the movie named Ride and now Tanish is the contestant whereas Nani is the Host of the Big Boss Season 2 Telugu.

Babu Gogineni is the modern age Socrates for Telugu people. He is the one who believes in Truth. He drinks eat and breathe the Truth even. He is doing a very vital role in the present day society by eradicating all the social evil practices. My favourite Bigg Boss Contestant for sure.

Roll Rida is the rapper from Telangana. He is famous for his work Patang song. This song made him famous and he has worked with Popular Telugu Heroes  Akhil Akkineni like and Junior NTR. Telangana people are giving him a huge support.

Bhanu Sri is one of the actresses from Tollywood and she has made her own mark in Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu. Let us see how she perform in Bigg Boss.

Shyamala is the anchor for most of the Telugu movie audio functions. She even acted in few Telugu movies. She has got fan base for sure and let us hope she wins Bigg Boss title.

Kireeti Damaraju is one of the actors in Bigg Boss Show. He used to do friend roles and we could see him in Vunnadi Okate Zindagi movie.

Deepthi Sunaina who is predominantly known as Insta Queen is the toughest Bigg Boss Contestant for sure. To defeat her we have to defeat her Instagram Army first.

Tejaswi Madivada is the famous actress from Tollywood who debuted with Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalli Chettu movie. She could win Bigg Boss Prizemoney.

Samrat Reddy is the friendly guy from Tollywood. He did so many friend roles and now he in Bigg Boss House to test his luck. Let us hope he will win the match.

Kaushal Manda used to negative roles and he seems to be one of the hardest rock to crack in Bigg Boss House.

Ganesh is the common man and who has not got any celebrity status. But he is doing well and also getting a good number of Bigg Boss Votes.

Sanjana is the Miss Hyderabad Beauty Pageant in 2016. She is doing well by the by.

Nutan Naidu is the final contestant and got fans with his special AV.

Bigg Boss Telugu Polling Results (Unofficial)

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Week 6 Episode 37 Highlights

Bhanu Sri got eliminated and as the reason for her nomination is Amit he lamented. Deepthi Sunaina lamented too and Geetha Madhuri is helping her to recover. Her words are soothing and helping her to get well soon. Bhanu Sri while going from Bigg Boss taught a lesson to the other Bigg Boss Contestants to play their own game. It is dinner time Kaushal was doing the Bigg Bombe task imposed on him by Bhanu Sri.

Tejaswi and Samrat started discussing regarding Tanish and the words got warmed up. This made Samrat to jump into the pool. Tejaswi latest explained the reason to Deepthi Sunaina and Sunaina is fine from her side.

Day 36 started with a rap song which elated Roll Rida. Kaushal asked Deepthi Nallamothu to restart her fitness so that her cheeks will look fine. It is Picnic time in the Bigg Boss Garden. Bigg Boss sent chicken for the Bigg Boss contestants. Now there is discussion about Bigg Boss wild card entry.

Tanish counting the chicken pieces and Geetha Madhuri is with the news one bathroom was closed.

Now it is time for Bigg Boss Telugu Nominations this week.

Amit was nominated as the disappear man in Bigg Boss House. He was given a secret task to get saved. Other Bigg Boss Contestants are asked to locked up with their best ones and the one who gets released from the Shackles will not be nominated for this week. The other one must be saved only through Bigg Boss Telugu Vote. Lets wait for the one who will get nominated this week.

Amit as part of Secret task broke an egg on Ganesh’s Head. Also he dipped the clothes of Tanish in Swimming Pool. Ganesh got angry and in aggression he made shouts which melted Amit and he revealed the task and said sorry to Ganesh also Pampering him.

When we are asked regarding Bigg Boss Nominations Telugu Tejaswi, Samrat and Tanish got nominated for Bigg Boss Telugu show this week. There is a lot of drama regarding the Bigg Boss Nomination of Deepthi Nallamothu and finally Deepthi saved Ganesh and freed him from Bigg Boss Telugu Nomination this week. Now it is our work to Bigg Boss Telugu Vote and save our Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants from getting elimnated.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Week 5 Episode 36 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 episode 36 is a fun task. Babu Gogineni was made to dance and the ice standing task is rocking. Meanwhile, you guys know the process of how to Bigg Boss Telugu vote to your favourite contestant.

Tanish got two songs and those two songs are Aaresuko Poyi Paaresukunnanu and Hello Guru Prema Kosamera Jeevitham.

Deepthi Sunaina’s two songs are Eenati Ee Bandham Ye Naatidho and Sarasalu Chalu Srivaaru Vela Kaadhu. There is so much fun generated over here.

Now it is time for Ganesh to stand on ice Nee Petta Naa Kodini Muddetukoni and Paavuthakkuva Padakunde Padmavati songs are given to him.

Amit two songs are Chitapata Chinukulu Padutunte Nenu Puttanu Ee Lokam Edchindi. Nani is making so much fun with the Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants.

Roll Rida is asked to sit on the ice couch. He is asked to do rap sitting on ice. Nammodu Nammodu Aadavallani Nammoddu and Amma Choodali songs.

Bhansu Sri’s songs are Gaali Vaanalo Vaana Neetilo Padava Prayanam and Nee Dookudu Saatevadu.

Nandini’s songs are Chetilo Cheyyesi Cheppu Baava and Nee Kavalsindi Naa Deggarundi songs

Deepthi Nallamothu songs are Gunna Gunna Mamidi and Oho Basti Dorasaani songs.

Now there are dances in Bigg Boss House for Gunna Gunna Mamidi song.

Total Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results are around 6 Crores.

It is Bigg Boss Telugu Elimination and the first to protected one is Ganesh. Now the thing has to clear in between Bhanu Sri and Deepthi Nallamothu. It’s Opp Selfie time and now the Bigg Boss Eliminated contestant will be announced now.

It is Bhanu Sri who got eliminated from Big Boss Telugu Season 2.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Week 5 Episode 35 Highlights

Today is Saturday and we all know that Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 host Nani will come today and rock on the Bigg Boss Stage. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results will be out today. Let us wait and watch the Bigg Boss Telugu Polling results on the screen.

Today’s Short story is about two donkeys in which one carries the weight of Salt and other one carries Cotton. In the middle of their journey, they come across a canal. The donkey which is carrying Salt dips into the water in middle and when the other one asked the reason it replied that every time I dip into the water the salt dissolves in the water and the weight on me lessons. Impressed with the idea the second one tries the same thing and as cotton absorbs the weight gain occurred. Nani promised to link the story with the episode at the end. Let us begin the show.

Day 34

12.30 PM: As a captain, Geetha Madhuri is setting up the issues in between Kaushal and Bhanu Sri. Finally, it is decided there should not be any casual talking in between them as the things are warming up easily.

12.40 PM: Kaushal asked Tanish why the so-called people who supported Samrat during Captaincy task at the beginning didn’t support Deepthi Sunaina Yesterday. There is a good answer from the side of Tanish.

3 PM:  Tanish and two Deepthi’s sat for a talk. Deepthi revealed herself that she used Bigg Boss Telugu vote for Deepthi Sunaina. Tanish said that people are not same with them as before. Nani from the stage said that Tanish is doing the same mistake he did in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Week 1.

5 PM:  There is an announcement from BIGG BOSS to Geetha Madhuri to change her batteries. With this announcement, there is laughs and fun explode in the Bigg Boss House.

6.15 PM: Tanish went to Teju and Samrat to ask reasons behind not voting for Deepthi Sunaina and they told their reasons but it seems like Tanish didn’t like those reasons especially the ones told by Tejaswi.

9.45 PM: As Ganesh was not allowed to take food other than fruits a cake was made with fruits. It is a nice gesture from the teammates and we should appreciate it for sure.

11.45 PM: Ganesh birthday celebrations in the Bigg Boss House.

Now it is time for Day 35 and chit chat with Bigg Boss Nani.

After a break, Nani is with the Throne and the Game starts now.

Everyone is sitting on the couch and questioning starts now.

Nani is talking about the Telephone task in which sacrifices from the teammates is seen. He said that everyone can’t win the title and the one who gets the maximum number of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote will win the show.

Nani wished Ganesh a very very Happy Birthday.

After wishing Nani started roasting Ganesh for self-nominating for Roll Rida. The entire argument is good and Nani’s words seem to be correct. Hope Ganesh won’t mistake like this again in Bigg Boss Telugu show.

Nani roasting Amit now for his unclear thoughts and decisions during Bhanu Sri’s nomination. He said that he lost the faith and he must change himself and start thinking of himself at least from now on. He also played the clips in which Kaushal lost his name.

Roll Rida said that he said Ganesh to think twice before self-nominating and Nani agreed you must have been bitten greedy at that time.

Not it is the interesting part it is Tejaswi’s turn now. Nani asked her what is the problem with Kaushal and her words didn’t fix the plot. When she said that she gave clean chit for Kaushal, Nani played the Videos of her discussing Kaushal and other teammates. Nani concluded asking her to do or talk after thinking twice.

Now it is Kaushal’s turn. 7 People voted for his captaincy and rest revealed their reasons. Kaushal gave his reason for choosing Bhanu Sri as the worst performer in the previous day’s task.

Nani applauded Geetha for tattooing Bigg Boss and taking a stand in Kaushal’s issue. He said that he is a great fan of her from now and wishing her a good luck for captaincy task he took leave.

Nani asked Deepthi Nallamothu why she Bigg Boss Telugu Vote for Deepthi Sunaina and she gave her reason. There is so much fun over here.

Natural Star Nani asked Nandini to show what she is worth when she is in Bigg Boss House itself and she nodded her head.

Nani asked Deepthi Sunaina to separate herself from Tanish and do so. He asked her to prove herself.

Nani said that there is nothing to talk with him as he talked already with Tejaswi this was bit funny.

Bhanu Sri gave her reasons for roasting Kaush the other day and Nani said that she must change her tone and tell in a way that will reach the opposite person in a better way.

Babu Gogineni’s hairstyle changed and he is looking cool. Babu Goginein’s support is for Geetha Madhuri. Nani somehow roasted Babu Gogineni again.

Nani asked Tanish not to involve with Captaincy task. Nani asked him to play your game and let Deepthi Sunaina to play her game.  Stay tune and Bigg Boss Telugu vote for your favourite Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Week 5 Episode 34 Highlights

It is still day 32 in Bigg Boss House and we are shown Bhanu Sri being jailed by the captain of the house Kaushal. There is no regret face from Bhanu or Kaushal. Teju is spreading the negative vibes among the Bigg Boss Telugu contestants regarding Kaushal’s decision of jailing Bhanu Sri.

9.15 PM: Everyone is visiting the prison area. Tanish and Deepthi Sunaina visited Bhanu Sri and telling few good words to her. Samrat and Babu Gogineni discussing Bhanu Sri. Babu Gogineni agreed that Bhanu Sri’s position. Tejaswi is arguing with Babu for his decision of deciding Bhanu as the worst performer.

9.30 PM: Kaushal is now in front of the cameras confessing something. Let us hear it. Kaushal said that he and Bhanu are being enemies in Bigg Boss house right from the beginning of the show. Now he wants to make friends with her and so he likes to use his power of using jail card releasing Bhanu. He seeks permission and Bigg Boss’s decision is still behind the curtains.

9.45 PM: The request of Kaushal using jail card was declined by the Bigg Boss. He said that you imprisoned her and you should not use jail card to free her again. There are some positive vibes regarding this gesture from whole Bigg Boss crowd.

10 PM:  Here is the announcement from Bigg Boss and the statement was read by Deepthi Nallamothu. He granted 200 points to every one of the house and said that Tejaswi is not getting her share of 200 Points for breaking the Bigg Boss’ property.

10.15 PM: Even Tejaswi is not getting anything, she dictated the itemes needed in the house for the week. Everyone are observing the things. They are calculating the things and the points are enough for now.

10.30 PM: Teju and Samrat are discussing the issues in the Bigg boss Telugu house with the prisoner Bhanu Sri. She said that it is not true that she is the worst performer and the worst one should be either Kaushal or Babu. When the same thing discussed in between Kaushal, Babu and Ganesh, Sunaina got the place.

11.45 PM: Now Geetha Madhuri and Bhanu Sri fighting for what is right and wrong with Kaushal. This issue is going to be last for so many days I think.

It is day 33 in Bigg Boss Telugu House.

8 AM: Ting-aa Ting-aa Ting-aa naa song started and everyone started dancing except some lazy bedders. Babu Gogineni went to Bhanu Sri and she shared her night experience with him. She was feared of a butterfly and enjoyed the long night rain. Babu asked her to enjoy as it is the only place where dogs won’t bark.

10.15 AM: Kaushal asked Deepthi Sunaina and Tanish to set up the beds and Deepthi Sunaina made some fun here. When they talked about the Captaincy task, Tanish said that he may not perform well because of his damaged hand. Sunaina showed some interest and we may know the new Bigg Boss house captain in a few minutes.

12.15 PM: Bhanu Sri completed her jail time and she is out now.

2.15 PM: Everyone is sitting in the hall waiting for Bigg Boss’ announcement regarding the Captaincy task. Bigg Boss announced that Geetha Madhuri is the thief who stole things in Bigg Boss House. Now it is time to announce the nominated contestants for Captaincy task and Bigg Boss asked female contestants to decide the ones. As Geetha completed her task successfully she was nominated directly and Deepthi Sunaina by the rest of the Bigg Boss Female contestants.

2.30 PM: The things stolen by Geetha Madhuri from the Bigg Boss house are out now.

2.45 PM: Tanish is preparing Deepthi Sunaina for Captaincy task.

3 PM: Seems like Bigg Boss contestants planned a trip. Babu Gogineni and Roll Rida are making fun of Ganesh.

3.15 PM: Deepthi Sunaina is asleep and there is this funny sound made by Bigg Boss. Bhanu Sri made fun of Sunaina as she is the next Bigg Boss Telugu Captaincy contestant.

3.30 PM: Nandini and Deepthi Nallamothu are eating food now. Deepthi admitted that Babu is been so supportive to her. Nandini is sure that Ganesh will be evicted his week. Roll Rida and Bhanu Sri are making fun of Amit’s dressing. Geetha Madhuri joined Nandini and Deepthi.

4.15 PM: Deepthi is giving the announcement on behalf of Bigg Boss. The Bigg Boss’ task is to make some tremendous changes in the house and the members. The task is more like an election. Let us see who will win the election.

5.30 PM: Task has stated and Bhanu and Tejaswi dressing Sunaina. Babu Gogineni is helping Geetha Madhuri. Deepthi Sunaina is searching for someone who will change the words from English to Telugu. Tejaswi spreading negative vibes to Ganesh against Kaushal. Now she is telling the negative points regarding Babu Gogineni too.

5.45 PM: The Campaign for Captaincy post has started and Geetha is doing very good so far whereas Deepthi Sunaian is still taking suggestions from Tejaswi. Babu started making fun and Geetha is reflecting it too. Deepthi Sunaina is still at the dinner table. Kaushal asked her if she sings songs when she becomes captain and she said the same too. When Babu asked about Weight Loss problem he said that Geetha said that “My body My wish”.

6.45 PM: Deepthi Sunaina is with a chat and everyone is eagerly looking forward to her. Deepthi Sunaina is with her personal issue now. She is with so many charts and Babu Gogineni is not interested at all. Now the economical use of resources in the Bigg Boss house. Amit gave her a kiss on her forehead. Tejaswi concluded that Deepthi Sunaian confused in between House leader and Gang leader.

Now Geetha is to Tanish and the campaign is doing good. Geetha Madhuri is doing good so far.

7.45 PM: Deepthi Sunaina is disputing with Kaushal. Tejaswi asked some sensitive questions to Geetha Madhuri and she passed it excellently. Kaushal is confusing Deepthi Sunaina and he succeeded.

8 PM: Ganesh is into Kitchen looking suspicious.

9.15 PM: Everyone is into the hall and now Geetha is with her slogan. She is good with the speech and now it is time for Deepthi Sunaina. Sunaina is with metal influence topic and it time to see who is the new captain of Bigg Boss Show.

9.30 PM: It is time for voting and the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Poll Started with Geetha Madhuri.
Babu – Geetha Madhuri, Deepthi Nallamothu – Deepthi Sunaina, Nandini – Geetha Madhuri, Kaushal – Geetha Madhuri, Geetha Madhuri – Geetha Madhuri, Sunaian – Geetha Madhuri, Tanish – Deepthi Sunaina, Ganesh – Geetha Madhuri, Bhanu Sri – Geetha Madhuri, Roll Rida – Geetha, Amit – Geetha, Samrat – Geetha, Tejaswi – Geetha Madhuri

Geetha Madhuri – 11 Votes, Deepthi Sunaina – 2 Votes

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote for Captaincy task was won by Geetha Madhuri

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Week 5 Episode 33 Highlights

It is 32nd day in Telugu Bigg Boss and the time is 8 AM. The day started with Duvvada Jagannadham Title song. The dance steps and facial expressions from Tejaswi are bit funny.

8.30 AM: Tanish master planned again and got succeeded in closing the outlet to the garden area. Babu Gogineni is explaining the game plan of Tanish to the other teammates of white angels Nandini and Deepthi Nallamothu. The Black Devils are bit shocked and they don’t know what to do. Deepthi and Nandini are staying in the toilet area to secure the place.

Tanish started wrecking the branches and black balls to the tree. Ganesh stood at the door helpless.

8.45 AM: Kaushal and Deepthi struck with the urgency and contestants using Captain’s room. Now Tejaswi wants to destroy the apples.

9 AM: Black Devils tried hard to prison the White angles in the bedroom but with the effort of Kaushal and Babu white angels are safe now. Tejaswi tried to escape from the garden area but she was caught again. Tejaswi using some bad words and kicking them if they try to prison someone.

8 AM: There is a team decision and they decided to quit the game but black devils are not confirmed yet.

9 AM: Tejaswi is breaking the red balls. Now Ganesh and Bhanu Sri decided to prison Deepthi. When they tried to close the door Tanish hurt his hand. Tanish is into great depression now.

11.30 AM: The white angels and Black Devils destroyed the tree and when they tried to prison Deepthi. The discussion in between Deepthi, Nandini and Bhanu are warming up now. Bhanu is behaving badly and Tejaswi is igniting the discussion.

11.45 AM: Kaushal and Tanish are encouraging the teammates. Tejaswi and Bhanu Sri are planning to stick balls to the broken tree and win the game.

12 AM: Roll Rida who has outside locked himself in Bathroom. Tanish trying to open the door and succeeded in breaking the handle. There are claps for this act from everyone. Roll Rida and Tanish are happy. Bhanu is sticking the balls slowly. Lifting Tanish failed totally. Now the teammates are trying to lift Deepthi and failed again.

1.30 PM: Geetha and Bhanu struck to the tree and they are trying again to prison Deepthi and prison Kaushal again which failed again. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is very important task now. Prisoning Roll Rida failed again.

2 PM: Kaushal pulled off a ball. Bhanu Sri is defaming Kaushal and Tejaswi is trying to do so. Tejaswi is igniting the fight in between Kaushal and Bhanu Sri. They threw the apples at him. Kaushal shouting that we know that tactics. Geetha is shouting that you guys are making his character bad. Tejaswi is increasing the fire and everyone is trying to increase the dispute. Now they are fighting on Geetha Madhuri for supporting Kaushal.

2.15 PM: The things are warming up still and Kaushal ti too angry. It is confirmed that is is a gameplay defaming Kaushal. Babu Gogineni told that Geetha Madhuri deserved respect. Bhanu Sri is confessing herself to the Bigg Boss Telugu Camera. She gave her reason of losing temper. Babu Gogineni confirmed that using the body to save apples is absolutely wrong. Geetha Madhuri confessed in front of Bigg Boss Telugu Camera that Kaushal didn’t touch Bhanu Sri intentionally.

2.30 PM: Kaushal refused to say sorry. Bhanu Sri said sorry and Tejaswi said too. There is no deal settlement between them. Geetha is on fire now. Tanish is doing fun with Ganesh that his sugar levels are down as he made him run.

2.45 PM: Black Devils are telling that they want to finish the task. Tejaswi will be jailed as per the deal. Babu Gogineni telling to Tejaswi that her interpretation was absurd.

3.15 PM: Roll Rida and Geetha Madhuri are making fun with the skull. Now its time to complete the task. Now their hugs all over. Bhanu Sri is explaining the reason for her aggressiveness.

4.30 PM: Babu Gogineni complemented Geetha Madhuri for her genuineness. Tejaswi is still arguing the same thing in the kitchen.

7.15 PM: Deepthi Sunaina is giving dance classes to the Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants. Samrat is doing funny and he is executing it one hundred per cent.

8.30 PM: Geetha Madhuri is telling that we must respond on their faces at the time. They are talking about people and how to behave with everyone. They kill our attitude and kill our humour they said to each other.

9 PM: Bigg Boss meeting here on the couch. Kaushal was asked to jail the most performer of the Bigg Boss. And now Bhanu Sri was jailed.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote for your favourite Contestant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Week 5 Episode 32

As we saw the Bigg Boss Season 2 Episode 31 in which there is a fight in between evil and good, the same task is going to continue for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Episode 32.

The day started with Dabangg movie title track. Everyone is asleep and one by one are getting up leaving their laziness on their beds covered with the thick blankets. No one changed their costumes and Ganesh dances are bit funny here. He is trying hard to grab the attention of the audience. Tejaswi hugged him and the song stopped.

Samrat, Tejaswi and Amit discussing in detail about the Evil good task and they are pretty sure that Evil won the game. Ganesh is busy filling the swimming floor with cotton and Kaushal trying to divert him. Tanish, Babu Gogineni and Deepthi Nallamothu along with Roll Rida are discussing the task and their drawbacks.

Day 31 10.30 Am: Amit and Tejaswi sitting on the couch and discussing Kaushal’s Game Play. Geetha Madhuri and Bhanu Sri joined the discussion and appreciated Nandini.

Day 31 10.45 Am: Black Evil teammates started their show and disturbing the cleanliness of White Angels. Deepthi succeeded in holding few blankets from Black Devils. Roll Rida adjusting the chairs whereas Samrat disturbing them.

11 AM: There is no talking in the house and the only thing we could hear is the humming of Tejaswi. Tanish and Deepthi discussing the behaviour of Bigg Boss Telugu teammates.

11.15AM: Babu Gogineni, Deepthi Nallamothu and Roll Rida discussing the deduction of the marks. Teju and Tejaswi disturbed the kitchen work and hence the cooking stopped in the house.  Geetha Madhuri asking for food and Deepthi is not giving a freak about her words which is increasing the voice of Geetha Madhuri.

12.45 AM: There is an announcement from Bigg Boss. He declared that Black Evils are forward when compared to White Angels. Now there is another task regarding Apple Tree and its fruits. Ground rules are not to destroy the property of Bigg Boss Home.

1 PM: There is the game buzzer and everyone are fighting for key and finally Samrat won the key. People started pulling the apples down and all the apples are down now. Amit got a branch which has two black fruits. Now there is a fight in the prison area and roll Rida was surrounded by few black mates. Kaushal was being forced into the prison and  Tanish sat before prison and he seems to be totally depressed. The dispute in between Bhanu Sri and Roll Rida.

1.30 PM: Roll Rida and Bhanu Sri hugged and Geetha Madhuri is making fun of them. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is here for you. Just follow the steps to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu. Tejaswi tried lifted Deepthi Nallamothu and fell down. There is an argument of Self Defence and Self Hurt in between Tejaswi and Deepthi Nallamothu.

2 PM: White Angels protesting before the prison and Babu explained to his teammates that they don’t have any powers to black evils. Kaushal and Tanish sat beside each other and it is a good sight watching them together.

2.30 PM: The blacks and Whites collected the fruits. I don’t know why I hate Tejaswi’s appearance on the screen. Samrat and Amit along with Tejaswi discussing the game in Toilet. Roll Rida and Tanish Planning the game. Now there are discussions heating up regarding Captaincy task.

Tejaswi and Samrat confirmed that Tanish and Deepthi Sunaina are mixing life with the game. Now Samrat, Tejaswi on one side and Tanish, Sunaina on the other side.

3.15 PM: Bhanu and Deepthi had a clash and the discussion is heating up now.

3.45PM: Deepthi Sunaina and Tanish slept beside the swimming floor. Kaushal tried jailing Bhanu and the plan has failed. Amit kept the balls in his pants. He danced with his bumping back. Ganesh in the toilet and a fun task inside.

4.45PM: Ammit took care of the apples and hold them in his stomach. Ganesh is free from Apples now.

5 PM: Sunaina’s discussion about Babu Gogineni with Tanish.

5.30 PM: Tanish is psychic is the discussion now. Bhanu Sri, Teju and Samrat telling about Tanish with Babu Gogineni.

6 PM: Kaushal fixing the red apples on the tree. Tanish explaining their gameplay to the camera.

6.15 PM: Still Tanish’s discussion between Tejaswi and Bhanu Sri.

7 PM: Babu Gogineni told that they are frustrating regarding Tanish. Tanish trying to explain the situation.

7.15 PM: Kaushal and Tanish are teaming up now. It is good to see now. Tanish is aggressive not knowing what is the reason behing hating him? It Seems like Tanish is correct. Deepthi Sunaina is good with acting and clarified that why their is trust issues and why she is discussing with everyone.

8.30 PM: Kaushal is getting close with us and Tanish is also good with Kaushal. Deepthi Sunaina, Kaushal and Tanish is good with everyone.

9 PM: Samrat and Tanish trust values are great.

9.15 PM: The things are warming in between Tanish and Tejaswi. Tejaswi threating the kitchen work if they don’t open the door. Babu Gogineni is trying to setup the plan.

10 PM: Now the things are warming in between Tejaswi and Babu Gogineni. Due to Babu Gogineni’s intervention, the task messed up.

10.45 PM: Roll Rida said some words on Teju’s face. Only Tanish seems to be genuine on the screen. Tanish said that good white wings won the game.

11.15 PM: Tejaswi is being bad on the screen. Tejaswi said that Roll Rida is flourishing fake emotions on the screen. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is here for you. Know how to vote for your favourite Bigg Boss Contestant now.

Bigg Boss Week 2 Elimination Season 2:

Bigg Boss is getting heated up day by day. There are so many twists in the big boss house and by the end of the day 22 Geetha Madhuri was jailed by Bigg Boss for discussing Bigg Boss Telugu Nominations in the Bigg Boss house which is against rules. Bigg Boss Elimination on Sunday night left so many members in tears and now we have to wait and watch the show for any more suspense thrills. For all the regular updates regarding Bigg Boss Telugu vote updates stay tuned with us.

After a long drama in Bigg boss house, Kireeti Damaraju is out of the game and he was evicted on this Sunday. But Nani didn’t want him to leave as a loser, so he made a good talk and cleared his mind from all the fuss. Kireeti Damaraj Became emotional at few places but anyway he is out of Bigg Boss Season 2 because of lack of Bigg Boss Telugu voting. Big Boss Telugu Vote plays a crucial role and gets ready for Bigg Boss Season 2 Week 4 Elimination.

Saturday is the Funday and a weekly review of Bigg Boss. Even though there are so many ups and downs in the Bigg Boss show, we could enjoy it to the core. As per the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is done online, Sanjana and Tejaswi are survived. The three contestants left are Geetha Madhuri, Ganesh and Kireeti. There are these vibes that Kireeti is going to be the man who will be eliminated. Let us wait and watch Bigg Boss Telugu for more regular updates regarding Bigg Boss Telugu Vote results.

This is the most entertaining part of Bigg Boss Telugu season. Bigg Boss conducted a game in between the contestants and each team has to draw the number of bottles containing sugar cane juice as per the order was given by the Bigg Boss. Bhanu Sri is the referee and there is some mischief first day. Gree team Bigg Boss Contestants Geetha Madhuri and Ganesh are reported for mixing water diluting Sugar Cane Juice. Bhanu Sri caught them and a finally Yellow team led by Kaushal won the test. Today there is another order of filling 25 Sugar Cane Juice Bottles. Stay tuned and vote for Bigg Boss Telugu.

This may sound crazy but it seems like Tejaswi and Samrat Reddy are falling in love with each other. Even though it looks so cute and lovely we don’t know whether Bigg Boss going to like it or not. At the end of the show, someone has to evicate his Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant from the Bigg Boss House. Even though Tejaswi is ready to shoot his competent to be the Bigg Boss winner, Could she really do it? This is the big question in Big Boss Telugu show right now. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is waiting for your response.

Bigg Boss Day 13: Bigg Boss day 13 is anxious and Nani did a wonderful job warning the housemates about their negative points. One and the most important thing he said is that not to treat Deepthi Sunaina as a Girl but treat her as a woman. A video leaking the behaviour of Deepthi Sunaina expressing her aggression towards the Bigg Boss contestants shocked everyone. This may drop her into the well of Bigg Boss Elimination. To save her from Elimination all you have to do is vote for Deepthi Sunaina and  Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is explained in this article in detail. Do watch the show regularly for intimate fun.

Here is the latest promo of Bigg Boss Show Telugu. As per the video, we could understand that there is heat going on this show now. Even though the contestant is cool for the first week of the show, here starts the fire in between them. The dispute first started in between Nutan Naidu and Samrat Reddy. Later of Kaushal and Tejaswi entered the dispute. Later on the situation heats up with the entry of Tanish Babu. As he rages on Nutan Naidu, Nutan Naidu doesn’t gives a F word here. Bigg Boss Telugu vote is explained below.

After eliminating Sanjana we have chance to one more chance to protect our favourite contestant. According to the big boss rules, the five contestants who are in the round of Bigg Boss Elimination are Babu Gogineni, Nutan Naidu, Deepthi Sunaina, Kaushal and Ganesh. You must do your Bigg Boss Voting Telugu to save your contestants.

Surprisingly Vennela Kishore and Srinivasa Reddy are in the Bigg Boss House to cheer up the audience. They came here as part of the promotions to his latest movie Jamba Lakidi Pamba. The fun gone to peaks because of this guy entry and you would love this episode for sure. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote updates will be posted here.

Read About Bigg Boss Season 1 Below:

Hey, everyone, you may be a fan of Bigg Boss NTR. How o Bigg Boss Vote Telugu is explained here. The show started on 16th July 2017 and continuing its telecast. We all are aware that Bigg Boss is a game show of eliminating contestants and the contestant who lasts at the end without getting eliminated will be the winner and he wins the Prize. Each week there will be an Elimination poll. But most of us are not aware of those full details.

Finally, the winner of Bigg Boss Season 1 is Siva Balaji. Congratulations sir!

“Scroll Down to Check the contestant name eliminated from Bigg House Today – Archana Vs Deeksha”

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Online Full Details

This article will help you to go through those details like Star Maa Big Boss Telugu Vote – Online Voting Pole , Missed Call , Elimination Details. So get ready to fill your brain now.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Poll

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote game started as 14 Contestants staying for 70 Days. But one of the contestants will get eliminated each week. This elimination will be done on the number of votes contestants getting in voting mechanism.

For expelling someone from the show Every housemate was asked to nominate two other co-participants. The person who receives most number of votes from the housemates will get nominated for the public poll.

Week 9 Eviction : Four contestants Archana, Diksha Panth, Adarsh and Hari Teja has been nominated for the eviction. They went for the public polling this week. The poll will be available from Monday. Those who want to use their vote to save their favorite Big Boss contestants must cast their vote in between Monday Evening to Friday Midnight. You can cast your vote either by Online voting or Missed call.

Result: Exclusive information we got from the Bigg Boss Team that “DEEKSHA” got eliminated from the bigg boss house today.

Who is the Bigg Boss Telugu Title 1 Winner- Vote here:

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Vote Method in Detail :

Bigg Boss is a very interesting show these days. Every house maker and every working human. Comes to Home relax themselves to watch Bigg Boss in Maa TV. One of the main reason for the success of this Bigg Boss show is Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao aka Junior NTR. This guy has made this show look wonderful and also increased the TRP ratings of STAR MAA.

As the contestants come to Public Poll by getting nominated by Housemates have to face Public Poll. Now the viewers who are watching the show will be asked to vote for their favourite contestant. Based on the votes the contestants nominated gets in the public poll the elimination will be done. If the contestant gets the minimum number of votes that’s it she must leave Bigg boss house.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Missed Call Voting Process

You can vote your favorite Bigg Boss contestant by giving a missed call. Ya that’s it. You just have to dial the number I am going to mention below and give a missed call to that number so that your Favorite contestant escapes from Elimination.

Name of The ContestantMissed Call Phone Number
Hari Teja08433900171
Diksha Panth08433900165

So Here are the missed call numbers of four contestants who came to elimination list of Bigg Boss House this week. These four contestants stood in the race till a ninth week and now it is time that one of these four Big Boss contestants must leave the show. But who will be that one person is the interesting thing to watch. It is very injustice to pluck of a participant who stood in the race till today. But according to the game rules Oh god it must happen yar. One of them must be eliminated.

See You can, however, help your favourite contestant of the Bigg Boss show from getting eliminated. But what is the deal? How one can be protected from the wrath of elimination. It is simple you provide them with this shield. My words may be little confusing and irritating for you. Let me make it simple for you.

Bigg Boss Telugu vote: You can protect your contestant by just giving a missed call to the number I mentioned in the table above. For suppose If you want to vote Archana give a missed call to 08433900160. If you want to protect Hari Teja from getting eliminated give a missed call to 08433900171 . Also Adarsh was your favourite contestant from Bigg Boss show just give a missed call to this number 08433900172. Diksha Panth is your Favorite contest Oh then don’t wait give a missed call to this phone number – 08433900165

Bigg Boss Eliminated Contestant List :

Here is the list of the Bigg Boss eliminated contestants. Jyothi got eliminated in the week 1. Madhu Priya in week 2 and Sampoornesh Babu left the show same week. Sameer in week 3 and Mahesh Kaththi got eliminated in the following week no 4. Mumaith Khan got eliminated in week 5. Dhanaraj and Kathi Karthika joined the list next. Recently Prince got eliminated who was unexpected. Everyone thought that Prince will be a tough competitor in the Bigg Boss show. But beating all those expectations he got eliminated previous week.Search in Google to Bigg Boss Vote Telugu for your favourite contestant.

Now it is four other Bigg Boss Contestant in the list namely Archana, Adarsh, Hari Tej and Diksha Panth. I am not going to support anyone because it is not a good job to do so. Keep your mind free, you know whom you like most. Ask yourself for your favourite Big Boss contestant. Once you got his or her name in your mind proceed to vote for him and so that helps that contestant not getting eliminated from the Bigg Boss show.


Just scroll up and find the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Procedure. Just follow the missed call system to vote for your favourite contestant from Bigg Boss show.

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