Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online – Elimination Results Out

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Bigg Boss Tamil is the reality TV game show which is hosted by Kamal Hassan. Currently, season 2 is ongoing and it is aired on Star Vijay. All the episodes are also available on Hotstar. This season is commenced on 17 June 2018 and was said that it will be for 105 days this time. This season has started with 16 housemates and they are locked in the Bigg Boss House between 60 cameras.

Each week, each contestant has to nominate other 2 contestants for the eviction. A voting poll will be conducted for all the nominated contestants. The contestant who gets the least votes will be evicted from the show. As of now, four contestants are already evicted from the show.

The public has to vote their favourite contestant by giving a missed call or by casting their votes on the official website i.e. online voting. Below, we have updated everything related to Bigg Boss Tamil Vote. Check the complete information in the below section.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

If you are watching the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2, then you will be aware of the eviction process. Every week, few contestants are nominated by the fellow housemates. The contestant who gets the least number of votes is evicted from the Bigg Boss House.

The one who withstands till the end will be the winner. The public need to cast their votes in either online mode or by phone. Below we have updated the information through which you can learn how to vote for your favorite contestant. That is, we have provided the voting poll options in detail.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

Voting Poll Options:

  • Online Voting-In online voting, you need to visit the official site of Bigg Boss Tamil Vote. There you need to select your favourite contestant from the given list. Then you need to cast your votes on them. Each day, you can cast the votes for a limited number. You can vote for them throughout the week.
  • Missed Call Voting-In missed call voting, you need to give a missed call to a pre-assigned number. Yes, every contestant is assigned a unique phone number. You need to know the number which is assigned to your favourite contestant. And, then you need to give the missed call to that number to cast your votes on your favourite contestant.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote – Online Voting

Follow these instructions, if you want to vote your favourite contestant by online voting:

  • Open the web browser on your device.
  • Go to Google Search and type ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Vote‘ (or) ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Voting‘.
  • After that, select the link to Bigg Boss Tamil Vote.
  • On that page, you can see the nominated contestants list below the search bar.
  • Now, you need to log in to your Gmail Account for casting the vote.
  • Once after logging into your Gmail, select your favourite contestant from the list.
  • And then, cast maximum number of votes. (Remember that you can cast 50 votes per day)
  • You can also split the votes for the different contestant from their maximum limit of 50 per day.
  • After completing your vote, don’t forget to submit them.
  • Click Submit Vote button to complete the voting process.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote – Missed Call Voting

As we discussed earlier, you can also vote for your favourite contestant by giving the missed call to their pre-assigned number. Below, we have listed the pre-assigned numbers of all the contestants. You can look for the number which is assigned to your favourite contestant. And, then you can give a missed call to that number. Also, remember that each day you can give a maximum of 50 votes. Only 10 votes will be counted for 1 missed call.

Missed Call Voting Details / Phone Numbers

  • To Vote for Yashika Aanand – Give Missed Call to – 8367796816
  • To Vote for Ponnambalam – Give Missed Call to – 8367796810
  • To Vote for Riythvika – Give Missed Call to – 8367796812
  • To Vote for Mamathi Chari – Give Missed Call to – 8367796807
  • To Vote for Ramya NSK – Give Missed Call to – 8367796811
  • To Vote for Sendrayan – Give Missed Call to – 8367796813
  • To Vote for Thaadi Balaji – Give Missed Call to – 8367796803
  • To Vote for Nithya Thaadi Balaji – Give Missed Call to – 8367796809
  • To Vote for Daniel Anne Pope – Give Missed Call to – 8367796804
  • To Vote for Aishwarya Dutta – Give Missed Call to – 8367796801
  • To Vote for Mahat Raghavendra – Give Missed Call to – 8367796806
  • To Vote for Mumtaj – Give Missed Call to – 8367796808
  • To Vote for Shariq Khan – Give Missed Call to – 8367796814
  • To Vote for Vaishnavi – Give Missed Call to – 8367796815
  • To Vote for Janani Iyer – Give Missed Call to – 8367796805
  • To Vote for Ananth Vaidyanathan – Give Missed Call to – 8367796802

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote – Elimination Updates

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote - Elimination Updates
Bigg Boss Tamil Vote – Elimination Updates
  • Week 1: Four Contestants were nominated for eviction. They are Ananth, Mumtaz, Nithya, and Riythvika. But, there was ‘No Elimination’ in the first week.
  • Week 2: Four Contestants were nominated for eviction. They are Ananth, Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, and Mamathi. ‘Mamathi was Eliminated in Second Week’ i.e. on the 14th day with less number of public votes.
  • Week 3: Five Contestants were nominated for eviction. They are Ananth, Balaji, Mumtaz, Nithya, Ponnambalam. ‘Ananth was Eliminated in the Third Week’ i.e. on the 21st Day with less number of public votes.
  • Week 4: Four Contestants were nominated for eviction. They are Balaji, Nithya, Yashika, and Ponnambalm.  ‘Nithya was Eliminated in the Fourth Week’ i.e. on the 28th Day with less number of public votes.
  • Week 5: Five Contestants were nominated for eviction. They are Aishwarya, Balaji, Janani, Ponnambalam, and Ramya. ‘Ramya was Eliminated in the Fifth Week’ i.e. on the 35th Day with less number of public votes.
  • Week 6: Five Contestants were nominated for eviction. They are Mahat, Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, Vaishnavi, and Yashika. The contestant who will get less number of public votes will be eliminated on this Sunday.

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 42 Updates

The episode started with the intro of bloopers by Charlie Chaplin. After this fare discussion, Kamal Hassan showed them the blooper of the housemates which filled the faces of housemates with smiles. The bloopers are quite realising and Kamal enjoyed them a lot.

Sendrayan was not allowed in the Mumtaz’s Kitchen team. There is a lot of discussions and without a complete wellness of Mumtaz over Kamal’s intervention, she allowed Sendrayan into Kitchen team. Ponnamabalam was asked about his usage of words. After showing him his mistakes, Kamal demanded explanations.

Now it is time for Bigg Boss Tamil Vote eliminations. Yashika, Ponnambalam, Vaishnavi, Mahant and Mumtaz are tensed at this part. Finally, Yashika was out of Bigg Boss Tamil evictions list and she is saved because of getting a lot of Bigg Boss Tamil Votes.

Ponnambalam who is being nominated every week was saved again and he thanked all the Bigg Boss Tamil show audience.

It is Vaishnavi to exit from Tamil Bigg Boss show. She gave her plant to Daniel and asked him not to torture the plant as he tortures her. All the Bigg Boss Tamil contestants became emotional on Vaishnavi’s exit.

Vaishnavi was asked to stay in the Bigg Boss Tamil secret room and there is some drama going on there. The emotional thing is the bit less in the house.

When Kamal Hassan often referred Bigg Boss house as a family, Mumtaz denied and it is not good to call Bigg Boss Tamil House as family and it doesn’t deserves to be called as a family.

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 40 Updates

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Poll Closed today and we have to wait for 2 more days to see the Bigg Boss Tamil Poll results. Let us move on the written update of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 Episode 40.

The next task details sent by Bigg Boss Tamil. Janani Iyer read out the announcement and the one who wins the task will get the hold of living area.

Janani’s Team alias Blue Team and Mumtaz’s Team alias Yellow team have started the game. The task is to bring the pillows from one end of the another in the activity area. Yellow team won the task and possessed the living area.

Mahat gave some tasks to Janani and Daniel to use bathrooms. When the team captain Mumtaz get to know this, she asked him How can he give the task to the contestants without the captain’s decision. Mahat got hurt and asked her not to speak with him if she wants to use impolite words. Mumtaz asked him to get out of the team and if he wants to continue he must abide by her words. Shariq supported Mumtaz’s decision and felt it would be always good if the decision is taken after discussing in deep with the teammates.

Now the discussion went to Balajie. He said that it would be a good decision to expel the Bigg Boss Tamil contestant if he is favouring opponents and he advised her to complain about the issue to Bigg Boss. Mumtaz repeated her problem with Mahat in front of Camera. There is one more announcement now and invasion and hosting their flag in opposite’s possession is the main idea behind this task.

This has turned into a violent task and Daniel and some others got injured. Balajie was released from the jail and Mumtaz’s team was the final winner of the task. When Bigg Boss asked about the least performer of the task, Mumtaz named herself in her team and Ponnambalam in Blue team. There were given specific punishments and there is this Nithya’s re-entry topic through wild card entry.

Riythvika declared a Yellow team as winners and there have right to shop with 2200 bullet points they won by winning the task. Aishwarya was the next captain of the house and she accomplished the task with perfection. Yashika’s behaviour seemed to hurt Bigg Boss Tamil new captain Aishwarya.

Bigg Boss Tamil Episode 39 Updates

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 2, we have seen Mahat has been jailed. After coming out of the Prison, instead of relieving himself from the four side lock of the jail walls, he said that he would be happier if he was left locked in jail for a couple of days. Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for Mahat as he was in Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination this week.

After this, Mahat not realising that he is from the opponent team gifted a towel to Janani and when one of his teammates cautioned him he realised his mistake and finally got the towel back from Janani. Of course, Janani is the good friend of Mahat.

Next task from Bigg Boss Tamil is the funniest one till date. One of the team members should decrease the soap’s density by bathing. The winners will get the hold of Bathroom. Sendrayan from Janani team and Mahat from Mumtaz’s team are the participants and it is good to see the spirits of the teammates. As there is a mistake done by Sendrayan, Mahat won the task and got possession of Bathroom.

Ponnambalam discussed the mistakes and threw opinion that may lose luxury budget points for this mistake. Now there is the discussion of mistakes done by the teammates and the things are getting heated up rapidly. Mahat without respecting his team captain Mumtaz pointed her mistake. This is the huge turnpoint and the noise of mistakes all over the Bigg Boss Tamil house.  Mumtaz watching Mahat discussion with Janani and her teammates said that Mahat was being influenced by them.

Mumtaz had no food for more than 24 Hours. Sendrayan wants to use the toilet but the Bathroom was under the possession of Mumtaz’s team. Mumtaz gave a task to sing 5 songs and he did it with the help of other Bigg Boss Tamil contestants. Now there is discussion regarding Mumtaz’s mistakes and Shariq wants to discuss these mistakes with Kamal Hassan.

During the midnight, Mumtaz asked for the gas connection and Daniel lied that the working condition of gas is not good. Sendrayan made fun of Mumtaz that she is in a female body with a male attitude.

The thoughts are conflicting now and there is a verbal fight in between Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants. Aishwarya was asked to do dry land swimming to use the bathroom. Do Bigg Boss Tamil Vote for your favourite contestant.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 – Contestants List

The contestant’s list is updated here. The contestants or housemates, in order of their entry to the Bigg Boss house, are as follows:

  1. Yashika Annand
  2. Ponnambalam
  3. Mahat Raghavendra
  4. Daniel Annie Pope
  5. RJ Vaishnavi
  6. Janani Iyer
  7. Ananth Vaidyanathan
  8. Ramya NSK
  9. Sendrayan
  10. Riythvika
  11. Mumtaz
  12. Thadi Balaji
  13. Mamathi Chari
  14. Nithya Balaji
  15. Shariq Khan
  16. Aishwarya Dutta

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 – About Contestants

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 - Contestants
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 – Contestants

Here are the few details of Contestants or Housemates of Bigg Boss House:

Yashika Annand

A model & actress known for her roles in the films Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (2016) and Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu (2018). She made her acting debut in 2016 at the age of 16 after gaining popularity among the public as a model as well as an Instagram fame. She is more popularly known as a social media influencer and as a fashion model. She entered the Bigg Boss season 2 as the first contestant and also emerged as the youngest participant in the second season.


Ponnambalam is an Indian film actor and politician who started his career as a stunt performer. He has primarily appeared in supporting roles in Tamil films. He has appeared in some Telugu films and also in a few Malayalam,  Kannada and Hindi films. He often played lead roles or a supporting antagonist and appeared in several films throughout the 1990s. He is one of the sixteen contestants who is taking part in the Bigg Boss Tamil 2 which is being telecasted on Star Vijay.

Mahat Raghavendra

An actor, known for his roles in the films Mankatha (2011) and Jilla (2014). He predominantly works in Tamil cinema and Telugu cinema. After finishing a degree at Hindustan College of Arts and Science, Mahat pursued a career in films with actor-director Silambarasan who cast him in a minor role for the 2006 film, Vallavan. He is one of the 16 contestants in the ongoing reality show Bigg Boss Tamil 2 season.

Daniel Annie Pope

An actor, theatre artist and television producer known for his role in the film Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara (2013). In the mid-2010s, Daniel became busier with acting assignments and signed up for projects including Massu Engira Masilamani (2015), Thiri (2017) and the Vada Chennai trilogy. He is one of the sixteen contestants who is taking part in the Bigg Boss Tamil 2 which is being telecasted on Star Vijay.

RJ Vaishnavi

A journalist and radio jockey working for Radio Mirchi, granddaughter of Tamil writer Saavi. She is one of the sixteen contestants who is taking part in the Bigg Boss Tamil 2 which is being telecasted on Star Vijay.

Janani Iyer

An actress who is best known for playing the lead role in the films Thegidi (2014) and Adhe Kangal (2017). She predominantly appears in Tamil and Malayalam movies. She started her modeling career during her studies and appeared in over 150 television advertisements before getting signed by director Bala to essay the lead female role in the Tamil feature film Avan Ivan.

Ananth Vaidyanathan

A voice expert who is best known for his role as a voice trainer in Star Vijay’s Super Singer and also known for playing a role in Avan Ivan (2011). Ananth Vaidyanathan was born in Jamshedpur and began studying music at a young age. He began giving voice lessons in 2003 and training to contestants on various Indian TV shows in 2007.  He took part as one of the sixteen contestants in the Vijay TV Game show Bigg Boss Tamil 2. He is the second contestant to be eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 2.

Ramya NSK

A playback singer from Tamil Nadu. She is the granddaughter of N. S. Krishnan and T. A. Mathuram. She took part in the Tamil television reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil 2 along with 16 other contestants and she was an evicted contestant on 22nd July 2018.


An actor, known for his roles in the films Moodar Koodam (2013) and Metro (2016). He is a Tamil film actor who has appeared in Tamil language films. Sendrayan is featuring as a housemate in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2.


An actress, known for her roles in the films Madras (2014) and Kabali (2016). She appears in supporting roles in Tamil films. She is one of the contestants in the reality game show Bigg Boss Tamil 2.


Mumtaj (born Nagma Khan) is an Indian model and film actress known for her work in Tamil and Telugu cinema. She entered film industry through the Tamil film Monisha En Monalisa. She has appeared as an item girl in several item numbers, and also in lead and supporting roles. She was a judge in the first season of the reality dance competition Boys Vs Girls, which aired on Star Vijay, and season 6 of Maanada Mayilada, which aired on Kalaignar TV.

Thadi Balaji

An actor who has primarily appeared as a comedian in Tamil films as well as in Tamil teleserials and is a judge in Star Vijay’s Kalakka Povathu Yaaru. He is an actor, anchor, and comedian as well. Currently, he is the part of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2, in which his ex-wife Nithya is also participating.

Mamathi Chari

A television actress, anchor and video jockey, popular for hosting the shows Hello Tamizha and has acted in the teleserial Vani Rani. Apart from being an amazing radio jockey, TV presenter, and an actress, she is also a businesswoman who is the founder of Earth Calling (a real estate company). She was evicted from Bigg Boss House on the 14th day.

Nithya Balaji

The estranged wife of Thadi Balaji. In 2017, she came under the controversy when she publicly confessed about her bad marital status with Balaji. She has made entry into the house of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 as a contestant along with her husband but she was evicted on Day 28.

Shariq Khan

An actor, national-level athlete, and bodybuilder who has appeared in the film Pencil (2016). He is the son of Riyaz Khan and Uma Riyaz Khan and the grandson of Kamala Kamesh.

Aishwarya Dutta

Aishwarya Dutta (born 1 January 1995) is an Indian actress who has appeared in Tamil films. She was born in Kolkata. She is one of the contestants of Tamil television reality show Bigg Boss Tamil 2. She made her acting debut with Ramprakash Rayappa’s Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum (2015).

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