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Bhaagamathie Collections will be updated in this article. As per the information from the sources, Anushka will be seen as an aggressive cop in the film, Bhaagamathie would be a Horror movie or a Supernatural Thriller. Visuals from the trailer look more captivating.

Coming to the story plot director explained, “In the first half, you will crouch to the back of your seat due to fear and in the second half, you will come to the edge of your seat due to excitement and enthusiasm, These are the two kinds of experiences you will feel in the film.”

Whereas Unni Mukundan plays the role of Shakti who did MBA in Australia to do something for the country and he leaves the job comes back to India and plans to provide education facilities for the kids who were not able to attend the schools. His words turn as a strength for the villagers in a critical situation.

It is more than a different film, One can understand after watching it. Bhaagamathie is a screenplay oriented thriller, Story concept is very unique, Each and every technician owned the film and made it looked great.

This script is prepared for Anushka, That is for sure, No one can fulfil the portion other than Anushka. Characterization of Anushka Shetty will definitely meet the expectations. Director managed things very carefully and created the curiosity in the film while narrating the story.

Now the question is will Anushka deliver the Blockbuster of 2018. A lot of expectations was kept on the film. In this article, we have decided to provide the information regarding Bhaagmathie Box Office Collections and all the latest updates regarding Bhaagmathie Telugu and Tamil Box Office updates. So we recommend you to bookmark this page so that you can view Bhaagamathie Box Office Collections without wasting your time on the internet.

Bhaagamathie Box-Office Collection

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Bhaagamathie 1st day collections/
Bhagamathie 1st Day Collections
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Bhaagamathie 2 days collections/
Bhagamathie 2 Days Collections
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Bhaagamathie 3 days collections/
Bhagamathie 3 Days Collections
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Bhaagamathie 4 Days Collections Check Here
Bhaagmathie 5 Days Collections Check Here
Bhaagamathie 6 Days Collections Check Here
Bhaagamathie 1st week collections/
Bhagamathie 1st week Collections
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Bhaagamathie 10 Days collections/
Bhagamathie 10 Days Collections
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Bhaagamathie Total collections/
Bhagamathie Total Collections
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Bhaagamathie movie is releasing worldwide with huge expectations. G. Ashok, the director of Bhaagmathie movie has waited for 4 years so that he can get Anushka Shetty in the lead for Bhaagamathie movie. On the other hand, the producers of this movie are the owners of UV Creations. The banner which is known for hit movies and passionate movies. We can get a decent watch in theatres and hope Bhaagmathie movie will satisfy all set of the audience. In this article, we have exclusively written Bhaagmathie movie review and rating. View Anushka Shetty’s Bhagmathie movie review over here. Scroll down for Bhaagmathie Collections.

Bhaagamathie COLLECTIONS/ Bhagamathie Collections

Bhaagamathie 1st day collections, Bhaagamathie 2nd day collections, Bhaagamathie 3rd day collections / Bhaagamathie first weekend collections and Bhaagamathie total collections Worldwide and Bhaagamathie collections till now / till date will be updated in this article.

DAY1 – Bhaagamathie 1ST DAY COLLECTION

Bhaagamathie first day collections/ Bhagamathie day 1 Collection —>> Check Here

Bhaagamthie 1st day collections are now updated in this article. Bhagamathie is an awesome movie and getting a good response all over the world. As Anushka Shetty has so much craze among the audience all over the world, this movie is been dubbed into Tamil and Malayalam language.s The income reports of Bhaagamathie 1st day approximately equal the collections of Natural Star Nani’s MCA 1st day Collections. As the movie is a Superhit, we can expect more from Bhaga Bhaga Bhagamathie. Keep in touch with our webpage for more interesting updates regarding Bhaagamathie Collections.


Bhaagamathie second day collections / Bhaagamathie 2 days collections —>> Check Here

Bhaagmathie 2 days Box Office Collections are now updated in this article. Bhaagamathi movie is doing tremendously well on its 2nd day at the box office. This movie has collected 275 K Dollars in Overseas on its very first day. Running successfully on its very second day Bhaagamathie movie has collected 250K Dollars from Overseas. That’s for two days, Anushka Shetty’s Bhaagamathie has Collected Half million dollars at the Overseas Box Office. We will be updating day to day updates regarding Bhaagamathie Collections, Keep coming to view Anushka Shetty’s Bhaagamathie Telugu movie Box office Collections. Keep waiting for out Bhagamathie Collection update on the 3rd day.


Bhaagamathie third day collections / Bhaagamathie 3 days collections —>> Check Here

Bhaagamathie 3 days collections are updated now in this article. Anushka Shetty’s appearance has made this film do wonders at the box office. She has nailed with her actions. Especially during the interval block of the movie, Anushka Shetty did her career best. No one in the theatre stays in their seats when viewing Arundhati Anushka on the big screen at this specific point. The story and the screenplay of Bhaagamathie movie have helped this movie to get good collections at the box office. For more interesting updates regarding Bhaagamathie Box Office collections aka Bhaagamathie Collections, stay tuned to our website. We will be very happy to provided Bhagmathie collection update to you.

Bhaagamathie Collections are very good all over the world. But this does not mean, Bhaagmathie movie is experiencing profits all over the World. There are few places like Tamil Nadu, where Bhaagmathie movie has received a negative talk from the audience and getting very low collections. As the weekend is completed, there may be no pick up for Bhaagamathie movie in Tamil Nadu even. If the situations continue like this we can expect very bad numbers and eventually the buyers of Bhaagmathie movie will get losses at the box office. For more interesting updates regarding Bhagamathie collections, Stay tuned to our website.

Bhaagamathie 4 Days Collections

Bhaagmathie movie 4 days Collections are now updated in this article for you. According to the reports, this movie is doing very well in South India. According to the theatre run, this movie will soon enter in 50 Crores Club soon. Bhaagmathie Collections have already done the break even and now this movie is going to enter in 50 Crores Club. Anushka Shetty is the main reason for all these Tsunamis at the box office. She has done tremendously well and the director well moulded her role on the screen. A movie like Bhagamathie must come to theatres here and then so that we can enjoy watching them on the big screens.

Bhaagamathie 4 days Collections can be viewed from this article now. All you have to do is click on the appropriate link that will lead you to the place where you can find Bhaagamathie Collections. Bhaagmathie Box Office Collections are tremendous when compared to other movies that released along with Bhaagmathie movie. The sole reason for all this tremendous success is Anushka Shetty. She nailed with her performance and got successful in impressing her fans. Bhagmathie collections are now inching towards 1 Million in the USA. When so many top heroes can’t get to the position of 1 Million at the box office, Anushka Shetty has reached just in 4 days.

Bhaagmathie 5 Days Collections

Bhaagamathie 5 days Box Office Collections are now updated in this article. According to the reports, we can understand that Bhaagmathie is doing very well in the USA. This movie is now inching towards 1 Million marks alone in the USA movie market. Anushka who has previously proved herself in the roles of Jejamma and Devasena now roaring as Bhaagamathie at the box office. Along with Bhaagmathie 5 days collections you can view in detail the breakdown of Bhaagamathie Collections in this article. For all the interesting updates regarding Bhaagmathie box office Collections, keep coming to this webpage.

Bhaagamathie 6 Days Collections

Bhaagmathie 6 Days Box Office Collections –> Check Here

Bhaagmathie 6 days Box Office Collections are now updated in this article. This movie has done pretty well in Overseas till now and Bhaagamathie Collections are now inching slowly towards the 1 Million mark in the USA. The whole and the sole reason for this triumph at the box office is the presence of Anushka. She nailed with her acting skills in this movie. While Playing a soft role on one side, she did her part well as Bhaagmathie on the other side. No other actress can suit this plot other than Anushka Shetty. It will be one of the movies which will be a milestone in her career. Keep coming for Bhaagmathie Collections updates.


Bhaagamathie first week collections —>> Check Here

Bhaagmathie 1st week Collections are now updated in this article. According to the reports, we can know that Bhaagamathie movie has managed to cross 20 Crores mark at the box office. Anushka Shetty has nailed with here action in this movie. She is the main reason for all these collections at the box office. The craze she has scored worldwide with the characters like Jejamma and Deva Sena helped this movie to collect a ton at the box office. For more information regarding Bhaagamathie Box Office Collections, Stay tuned to our website.

Bhaagmathie movie has already done the break even at the box office. No one expected that Deva Sena can manage to do the break even just in its 1st week of the release. The script written by the director G. Ashok has done a huge thing for this movie. The audience loved to watch Jejamma on the big screen. She roared during the interval of the movie like a Tigress. Here you can view all the latest information regarding Bhaagmathie Collections aka Bhaagamathie Box Office Collections. Feel free to visit this webpage whenever you like to view Bhagamathie Collection updates.

Bhaagamathie 10 Days Collections

Bhaagamathie 10 days Box Office Collections are now updated in this article. Anushka Shetty is the main reason for the huge release of Bhaagmathie movie all over the world. Fans of Anushka Shetty all over the world loved to see her on the big screen in the role they like to watch. She had impressed her audience already with the roles like Arundhati and Deva Sena previosuly. Now it is the time for Bhaagamathie movie to make sound. Stay tuned to our website for more information regarding Bhaagamathie collections aka Bhaagamathie Box Office Collection.


Bhaagamathie total collections –> Check Here

Bhaagamathie Total Box Office Collections are updated in this article. This movie has collected 27.5 Crores Share Worldwide. Follow the URL above to view Bhaagamathie Total Box office Collections.

This is all about Bhaagamathie collections. Keep coming for more Telugu Movies Box-office collections here. Follow us for more interesting updates about Telugu cinema (Y).