Belkin Router Setup

Belkin Router Setup information is updated in this article. Router Setup is a very easy task but so many newbies to the technical world find it difficult setting up the router.

So we have decided to help all of them to set up the router within no time. In this article, we will be explaining in detail regarding Belkin router setup. All you have to do to set up Belkin router is follow the easy steps I have mentioned below.

We have provided a series of steps below, which will take you to the admin panel of the Belkin router. There you can set up the username and password of the Belkin router.

The baby steps of setting up Belkin router involves unplugging of the modem and router from the power source. Connect the router and the modem through Ethernet cable. Now power on the Modem by pressing the power button. Now plug in the router and the modem to the power source.

Belkin Router Setup

Belkin Router Setup

The following steps will help you to set up Belkin Router very easily. This is a manual process even.

  • Connect your PC to the router through an ethernet cable.
  • Now launch any of the internet browsers
  • Now enter the Belking router Default IP address and click enter
  • If you don’t the default Belkin router IP address, you can find it here –> Find IP Address and Password of My router.
  • Choose the model to Belkin and get the IP address of your router from here.
  • Now the Belkin router panel interface can be seen on the screen
  • Click login and hit enter without entering the password
  • Now select Connection type and enter your Internet Service Provider (ISP) details
  • Finally, click on Apply Changes button.

Belkin Router Setup: Wireless

  • The users can select Wireless tab on the setup page
  • From there we can change the wireless network name and wireless channel.
  • Also, you can make changes to Belkin router security by clicking on the security option below the wireless tab.

Hope this article has helped you with Belkin Router Setup. Keep coming for information like this.