Bahubali Song Lyrics – Bahubali The Beginning Song Lyrics

Bahubali Song Lyrics – Bahubali The Beginning Song Lyrics :

Bahubali is the senstaiton of Tollywood. It had set so many records in Tollywood. S.S.Rajamouli sculptured this movie very well. He took so much time to direct this movie. And the output result was awesome. Happy tears for all Telugu Cinema Fans. Definitely Bahubali waved Telugu Cinema Flag on World Cinema. M.M.Keeravani given Goosebumps with his music and Background music. Prabhas and Rana worked hard for this movie. Not only them entire cast and crew of Bahubali Worked hard for this movie. In this article we embedded all Bahubali Song lyrics .

Bahubali Song Lyrics :  

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Sivudu becomes a member of tribal family. Ramya Krishna saves him dedicating his life. Sivudu right from childhood wants to climb the mountain and see what’s there on top. He however reaches top in search of Avantika. There to help Avantika Sivudu escapes Devasena from Bhallaladeva Prison. He kills Bhadra who stops him. Then Kattappa tries to attack shivudu . As he sees Sivudu face clearly he realizes that Sivudu is Bahubali’s Son. Then he starts telling the story of Bahubali to Sivudu.Bahubali and Bhallaladeva are brothers. Bhallaladeva has huge crush over Mahishamthi Throne. Sivagami says whoever kills Kalakeya head can get Mahishmathi Throne. Bhallaladeva kills him but Bahubali will be announced as king of mahishmathi by Sivagami. This increases Bhallaladeva Anger. He however wants to destroy Bahubali. Finally by the end of movie Sivudu asks who killed my Father. And Kattappa reveals that he himself was the murderer. Hearing this entire theater got shocked and became desperate to know reason why kattappa killed Bahubali. And the Answer came with Bahubali The Conclusion.