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Aruvi Movie Review is here for you. Aruvi is not a regular type movie. This movie has a lot to inspire with respect to the screenplay. After Joker, Dream warrior Pictures are back with Aruvi movie. This movie took a lot of time to get on to screens.

But as the content is the king always all the obstacles lowered and made a way for Aruvi movie. It is good to see movies like Aruvi on the screen. Aditi Balan is the one who made things happen on the screen and the director Arun Prabhu must be appreciated for his work.

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Aruvi Movie Review and Rating:

Aruvi Story:

Aruvi story starts interrogating Aditi Balan as she was convinced to be having the connection with the terrorist gang. Director didn’t choose same routine type screenplay introducing characters. He unfolds the story by interviewing the people Aruvi met right from her childhood.

As the movie moves forward we will approach Aruvi Interval which has a great twist. Entire theatre erupts with whistles and claps at this point for sure. I don’t want to spoil the thrill so leaving it to you.

Aruvi movie reached climax showing some sensitive issues that are not taken care. The movie is not aimed at feminism or anything related to that. Director Arun Prabhu with Aruvi movie wants to say that only way to eradicate hate is by loving and spreading the love to the people in society.


  • Story and Screenplay are the main assets of Aruvi movie
  • Aditi Balan is perfect for the role and she nailed it.
  • Background Score composed by Vedant and Bindu Malini worked out well
  • Theme of the movie is new and impressive
  • Elevations of the character Aruvi were shot well
  • Emotions and things which will be liked by movie lovers are handled well


  • As the Budget is low, some locations may not seem compromising. But it is not their fault
  • Length of the movie is too long. Would look good if trimmed a bit
  • Director took 30 minutes to go to the actual part of the movie. Which is too long for the audience like us
  • Commercial elements embedded in middle may not be liked by some set of people

Final Verdict:

Aruvi is a good movie which topped in the screenplay. This movie must be watched by the audience who encourages new stories. Stop reading now and book your tickets to Aruvi Tamil movie right now.

Aruvi Movie Rating: 3.75/5

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