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Aruvi Collections report is here for you. Aruvi is not a regular movie. Aditi Balan is the first one to be hailed after watching Aruvi. The reason is she is the debut actress for Tamil Film industry that is Aruvi is the first movie she is sharing her screen. But the performance she gave in the Aruvi movie is totally beyond limits. No one will agree that she is the debut actress after watching Aruvi movie.

She nailed it as if she was the Mature actress Tamil film industry has got. Aruvi is totally beyond the line which defines the regular type movies. If you have any doubt regarding the words I am speaking now, you are totally allowed to visit the nearby theatres to watch Aruvi Tamil movie. Once you watch it with your own eyes, you will agree heartfully.

Aruvi Box Office Collections updates will be updated in this article based on the official sources available on the internet. Aruvi first day box office may be weak but as it has good content within itself it has a lot to do at the box office. Theatres will start increasing for Aruvi Tamil movie for sure in coming days. I am pretty sure about it. Also, you can read Aruvi Movie Review written by our team.

Now let’s talk about the Technical team who have strived hard to provide us with this awesome movie. First, one to be appreciated is the director of the movie Arun Prabha Purushothaman. The taking of the scenes which played a key role in the uplifting of Aruvi movie is out of the boundary. He has written the screenplay for Aruvi movie very well and this has helped a lot to do this movie in detail. Aruvi is a totally different movie Kollywood is witnessing. Don’t miss it and enjoy it in theatres.

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This article is totally dedicated to writing about Aruvi Box Office Collection updates. Check Aruvi Collection updates below;

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Aruvi 3 days collections/
Aruvi Movie 3 Days Collections
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Aruvi Movie Total Collections
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Aruvi COLLECTIONS/ Aruvi Movie Collections

Aruvi 1st day collections, Aruvi 2nd day collections, Aruvi 3rd day collections / Aruvi first weekend collections and Aruvi total collections and Aruvi collections till now / till date will be updated in this article.


Aruvi third day collections / Aruvi 3 days collections —>> Check Here

Aruvi 3 Days Collections are now updated for you here. Aruvi 1st weekend collections are beyond expectations. The extraordinary screenplay from the director received great applause from all the directors of Kollywood industry. Even Enthiran Director Shankar commented that this movie is very good and must watch. He applauded the director hard work and smart work for the movie. It is very good to watch this type of movies in Kollywood. Hope movie like Aruvi comes to the industry here and then. Keep coming to view Aruvi Collections updates.


Aruvi 24 days Collections are now updated in this article for you. Aruvi is the Tamil movie which has made its release 24 days before and received great appreciations from all the directors of Kollywood. The main reason for the success of Aruvi the Tamil movie is the screenplay written by the director. All the actors in the movie have acted well and done well before the screen. Especially Aditi Balan has done a tremendous job and she nailed her role in Aruvi. I liked the climax to deep and no one would have ever expected the interval block. For more information regarding Aruvi Collections, Aruvi Box Office Collection keep coming to our website.


Aruvi total collections will be updated soon.

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