Arjun Reddy Collections | Arjun Reddy Box-office Collections Worldwide

Arjun Reddy Collections | Arjun Reddy Box-office Collections Worldwide

Arjun Reddy Collections : In this article along with Arjun Reddy collections you can view Arjun Reddy movie review and Arjun Reddy songs lyrics. Click on the appropriate link and it will lead you to the spot where you can find Arjun Reddy collections.

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Arjun Reddy setting things to hit screens on August 25th 2017. It was the movie which gained lot of craze among the audience with its teaser itself. There are so many interesting elements that can attract you in Arjun Reddy teaser. As the Arjun Reddy Teaser got huge response audience have eagerly waited for the Arjun Reddy Trailer. And the wait is no more since Arjun Reddy trailer is in youtube now. I am going to provide you Arjun Reddy trailer below. You can Watch Arjun Reddy teaser here itself by clicking on the play button. After a detailed discussion about Arjun Reddy Theatrical trailer we can go through Arjun Reddy collections.

Watch Arjun Reddy Theatrical Trailer Below :

As the Arjun Reddy trailer starts we can see Bhadrakali Pictures appears on the screen along with the logo. Bhadrakali Pictures are the ones who have produced and presenting us with Arjun Reddy movie.

Hero Vijay Devarakonda who will be from now called as Arjun Reddy lights his cigarette. Starts his Royal Enfield bike and starts his ride. As he moves on the bike he smokes his cigarette. He is the football uniform and Background score gets increased its levels. This time a train passes from the back and Arjun moves away from the other player who may have got hurt. He chews the gum moves and spits the chewing gum out. “Hey Amit” he calls and when Amit from the opposite football team responds shown him. This part of the trailer alone explains how crazy Arjun Reddy is. Scroll down for Arjun Reddy collections.

Middle of Trailer :

Arjun Reddy friends like two girls and boy named Siva watching the game in their chairs. Meanwhile one of the girls calls Siva and shows him something in the park. ” I will say one thing  remember it . In life if you go to any subject in deep what remains is zero”. A red card was shown in the air and I think Arjun Reddy gets this. “Your brother is so much near to that zero”. Siva raises from his chair and removes his goggles surprisingly. Other two girls also raises from their seats.

A guy in the same uniform of Arjun Reddy runs with utmost force. Arjun Reddy riding his bike on the bridge with so much speed. Arjun Reddy and four of his friends stands in the college corridor with confused faces. Lecturer from the teaser continues his speech ” In middle history if you can’t control your anger then you are equal to a surgical blade murderer” .  Arjun Reddy along with a beer and dog sits in dark room. Produced by Pranay Reddy Vanga and the college bell rings.

Arjun Reddy gets into his junior class and tells like this to his juniors “See guys I am here to say about a thing today. I am telling everything in Telugu not using a single English word so that Teacher can’t understand it, Listen carefully” A guy nods his head for this ” A girl joined in the first year, I like that girl very much. ” Now is the introduction of Heroine Shalini. She walks in a lone along with some other girls. “You can try for other girls instead of her” He fell in love with her at his very first sight. You can view Arjun Reddy collections below if you want to.

“Don’t be too miser. As the years go on new classes comes on and you will have pretty good chances” Two more guys nods their head now. ” Tell this thing to those people who don’t know our language and other class boys too. I can’t wander every class and say same thing right ! I must not get any kind of discomfort . That girl’s name is ” when Arjun Reddy try to remember it His friend interferes and says ” She wore white dress top wear is rose color that is what you have to remember Understand right.. Understand right”

End of Trailer :

Shalini moves off and as she goes music too with the text After few years. Arjun Reddy was being controlled by Shalini and he was desperate pleading her to leave. An old woman see this from a glass window. He falls down with a grown beard and increased heart beat. some guys come and take him. He lit his cigarette and a girl comes to him and holds his saline bottle. ” Bro Siva In life sometimes body will say that my capacity is over. We must stop everything then. Right away Arjun must stop everything. Siva for this ” He is not listening to anybody ya”. “Must listen otherwise we lose him”.

ARJUN REDDY title rolls on the screen now and Vijay Devarakonda walks confused in the corridor. As he moves on vision gets blurred. He shakes a bottle vigorously with naughty expression in his face and Worldwide release on August 25th 2017 is the next thing on scree. This is the end of Arjun Reddy Theatrical Trailer.

Arjun Reddy Collections


Arjun Reddy Collections will be update after movie release.

Vijay Devarakonda Arjun Reddy First Day Collections :

Arjun Reddy First day Collections are 4.5 Crores worldwide. This is a very good thing for a movie with emerging hero. Movie with this numbers can do wonders in future. We have to wait for the good things to happen at the Box-office.

Vijay Devarakonda Arjun Reddy Weekend Collections :

Arjun Reddy is very good at box-office on its first day and collected about 10 Crores at Box-office for its weekend

Vijay Devarakonda Arjun Reddy First Week Collections :

Movie Name Collections
Arjun Reddy First week Collections 16 Crores
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Arjun Reddy Song Lyrics :  

There are totally four songs in Arjun Reddy Telugu movie. Namely Emitemitemito song , Magaluru Mussoorie song, The Break up song and Madhuram song respectively. Music director Radhan did well with his music instruments. Every song seems to be taken utmost care. He composed all Arjun Reddy songs well and even he is good with Arjun Reddy Background music. Hope Arjun Reddy will set a Record at Box office too. In this article we provided you with all Arjun Reddy song lyrics.

Arjun Reddy is the Telugu movie starring Vijay Devarakonda and Shalini. Sandeep Reddy Vanga did writing work for Arjun Reddy movie. Raju Thota took care of the camera work and Radhan composed music for Arjun Reddy Telugu movie. Pranay Reddy Vanga produced this movie under the banner named Bhadrakali Pictures. Sandeep Reddy Vanga directed this movie. Scroll up for Arjun Reddy collections.