What to do in Manhattan when it rains?

In the meantime, you can move around very well with the subway, which reaches almost every point of the island (yes, if you didn’t already know Manhattan is an island, even if it doesn’t seem like it). And if the subway is already an excellent means of transport when the sun is shining (unless you want to take long pleasant walks) in Manhattan when it rains is definitely the most suitable way to move. Continue reading “What to do in Manhattan when it rains?” »

Here’s what to do in New York when it snows?

Although you run the risk of slipping! It’s well known that snow brings out a goliardic side of people who often don’t show up in public. And so you start throwing snowballs, making puppets and maybe talking to strangers. “The Big Apple” turns into an even more magical city. This does not remove the problem, especially for those who are visiting it, of what to do in New York When it snows. Continue reading “Here’s what to do in New York when it snows?” »