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Agnathavasi Review will be available in this article. Agnathavasi movie is the movie starring Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Keerthi Suresh and Anu Emmanuel in the main roles. After Attarintiki Daredhi movie, Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan Joined hands together for this awesome movie.

Buyers all over the World bought this movie for a huge price. This movie is the 5th South Indian movie to cross 150 Crores Pre-Release Business. Only Stars Like Pawan Kalyan can achieve these type of records. New Year 2018 is going to start with Agnathavasi movie and let us hope this movie embarks its name on most of the records.

Agnathavasi is releasing in so many theatres and the number of theatres is more than Indian’s Pride Bahubali. So Agnathavasi movie collections are expected to be more than Bahubali is few areas. Nellore is the place where Sales of Agnathavasi movie is more than that of Bahubali movie.

Anyway as Bahubali is dubbed to so many languages and Agnatahvasi is a single language release, breaking Bahubali records is not so possible for Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyathavasi movie. But I am pretty sure if Agnathavasi gets a hit talk at the box office, it can create a Non-Bahubali record.

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Agnyathavasi story starts with showing Bomani Irani as the biggest Businessman, His son will be killed by someone and no one was aware of the fact who has done so.

Now Powerstar Pawan Kalyan was introduced on to the screen with the Martial fight. As he took this fight after Johny movie there is a huge response for this from the side of the audience.

The introduction screen of Pawan Kalyan was well received and the response well continued for Dhaga Dhagamaney song. With an aim to find out the guy who involved in the death of his father Pawan enters office as an employee.

Anu Emmanuel will be introduced on to the screen now. She is pretty and I am sure that she will score some good points with this movie.

With the reference of Mega Star’s Gharana Mogudu, Keerthi Suresh is now introduced on the screen.  Madhurapuri song is awesome and received appreciations from the audience.

Here comes the first song released by Agnythavasi Telugu movie, Baitikochi Chuste song. The Chemistry between, Anu Emmanuel and Pawan Kalyan are good and the picturization of the song is too awesome. Anu Emmanuel and Pawan Kalyan are at the best in this song. For Agnathavasi Review follow this webpage.

After the completion of Baitikochi song, it is time for some humour in Pawan Kalyan Style. Director and Writer of Agnyathavasi movie, Trivikram Srinivas has chosen the office to be a fun ground.

He made few decent comedy scenes over there which will make the audience to laugh. Pawan’s Style of humour is really interesting and he was successful for one hundred percent in generating laughs.

Now the screen gets a bit serious with the introduction of Aadhi Pinisetyy entry. His entry with the Background Score of Anirudh Ravi Chander worked well.

Funny Scenes and dropping of love in between Pawan and Keerthi lead to Gaali Vaaluga Song. Gaali Vaaluga song is well picturized and the pair of Keerthi Suresh and Pawan Kalyan are good. This is one of the best songs till now and received good applause from the crowd. Now the movie is slowly moving towards the interval block.

An attempt was made to kill Pawan Kalyan which fails as he revolts back. The background score from Anirudh Ravichander was awesome and given Goosebumps. All the fans who are in theatre gone mad for the interval block. They never expected this much aggression from their hero and after seeing the real thing they want to they can’t control themselves in the seats. One of the best Interval and Intro scenes in Pawan Kalyan’s Career.

The First half of the movie is good and decent. The movie is equally packed with the story and as well as the entertainment. The main highlight of the first half is the martial arts fight in the introduction of Hero character. No one has expected that Introduction scene of Pawan Kalyan will be this much huge and believe me this is one of the best intros in Pawan Kalyan’s Career. Moving on, songs are good and well picturized. The Screenplay of the movie reminds us Attarintiki Daredi a bit. However, let us wait for the second half of the movie. Keep scrolling for Agnyathavasi Movie Review.

Agnathavasi Review is here for you now. After the Interval Block, the second half of Agnathavasi movie starts with the flashback of Vinda (Boman Irani). The Emotional Scene established in between Boman Irani, Kushbo and Pawan Kalyan is at the top notch.

Pawan Kalyan now enters the AB headquarters. Here is the scene that was much awaited in between Rao Ramesh, Colleagues and Pawan Kalyan.

The trademark of Trivikram Srinivas which was missing for so many days established on the screen now. It is wonderful and no stopping of laughs in theatre. Get Going Kalyan.

It is time for much awaited Kodaka Koteswararao song. As this song is most overrated and sung by Powestar Pawan Kalyan itself, the expectations are so high on this song. But to the disappointment song didn’t satisfy the hunger of the fans but managed to receive okay reports. The fun part thus established by Trivikram Srinivas was well received by the audience and they loved it to the core.

This is the Trivikram we are missing all these days. Even Pawan Kalyan with his unmatchable attitude and comic timing nailed the part. You will love this sequence for sure while watching Agnathavasi Review in the theatres.

Agnathavasi Review is written for you here. As this is a prestigious movie, this movie is released in so many theatres still now. Even the premiers started in few theatres by now. We will update Live updates regarding Agnathavasi Telugu movie review and also the Positives and Negatives about the movie.  We have to wait just a bit more to know whether the magic of Trivikram Srinivas and Pawan Kalyan has worked out or not on the screen. For more information regarding Agnathavasi Review and rating, use this article to the full extent.

Now the movie goes to Bulgaria where some chasing scenes are shot. The chasing scenes are good and well shot. Links involved with the movie breaks one by one interesting the movie in story-wise. Pawan Kalyan nailed his role and his intense looks made his fans go crazy.

If you have a doubt regarding my words you can go to the theatre and watch Agnathavasi movie by yourself. The background score by Anirudh Ravichander must be appreciated as he did well and tried to give the intense feel to the audience with his musical instruments. Now the story slowly moves towards the climax of the movie. Scroll down for Agnathavasi Review below.

Agnyathavasi movie ends with comedy track in between Pawan Kalyan and Vennela Kishore. The movie is good after all but there are few negative points which must be considered for sure and never be neglected. Agnathavasi Review will be provided for you shortly which will unveil the detailed Agnathavasi review. However in short Agnathavasi is a movie which aimed mostly at elevating the Pawan Kalyan and weak Villan’s track drops our energies a bit. If you are a great fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan you will love this movie to the core. Stay tuned for Agnyathavasi review.

Agnathavasi Box Office Collections

Agnathavasi Review and Rating:

Our Rating: 3/5

Single Line Review: “Not to the expectations ”

Genre: Revenge

Language: Telugu

Play Time:   2 Hours 38 Minutes

Censor Report: “U/A”

Main Cast: Pawan Kalyan. Keerthi Suresh and Anu Emmanuel

Music by: Anirudh Ravi Chander

Dialogues: Trivikram Srinivas

Story By: Trivikram Srinivas

Screenplay: Trivikram Srinivas

Camera Man: V. Manikandan

Banner Name: Haarika & Hassine Creations

Director: Trivikram Srinivas

Produced By: S. Radha Krishna

So these are the people who worked very hard to complete Agnyathavasi movie. Agnyathavasi is the Telugu movie starring Pawan Kalyan. Keerthi Suresh and Anu Emmanuel. Trivikram Srinivas did writing work for Agnyathavasi movie. V. Manikandan took care of the camera work. Anirudh Ravi Chander composed music for Agnyathavasi Telugu movie. S. Radha Krishna produced this movie under the banner named Haarika & Hassine Creations. Trivikram Srinivas directed this movie. Scroll down for Agnyathavasi Telugu movie review and rating.

Agnathavasi review is here for you and this movie is the movie which is releasing with huge expectations all over the world. So many theatres were allocated for Agnathavasi Telugu movie. So the collections of Agnathavasi movie are expected to be a lot. However, if movie receives bad talk the movie can fold out at the box office. But as this is the season of Pongal, minimum collections are expected and it can collect like 60 Crores. For more information, you can visit our Agnathavasi Box Office Collections article. Scroll down to view Agnathavasi Telugu movie review and rating below.


Agnathavasi Movie is the movie which will entertain Pawan Kalyan fans for sure. Even though there are few flaws in the movie, this movie will stand as the Perfect Pongal Entertainer. We can also see that there is no competition of bigger movies at the box office for Agnyathavasi movie which will be a huge asset for the movie buyers. The Power-Packed action from the side of Power Star Pawan Kalyan is mind-blowing and the pen power of Trivikram in few places is appreciable. All together we can say that even though Agnythavasi movie didn’t satisfy fans to the full extent it is a decent watchable movie.

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Agnythavasi is the Telugu movie releasing today. This movie is coming on the occasion of Pongal when the Telugu States are going to get three holidays. Everyone will be with their family and likely to watch stars like Pawan Kalyan on the big screen. Keeping this in mind makers have released Agnythavasi movie today and fans are very eager to watch this movie on the big screen. In this article, we provided Agnythavasi movie review and Agnthavasi review along with the rating. This is the detailed article which will help you to know the information regarding Agnathavasi movie talk and live updates from the premiers.

This is all about Agnathavasi Review. Keep coming for more interesting updates regarding Movie reviews.


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