Pelli Choopulu Song Lyrics 2016 – Vijay Devarakonda Pelli Choopulu Songs

Pelli Choopulu Song Lyrics 2016 – Vijay Devarakonda Pelli Choopulu Songs

Pelli Choopulu is a romantic comedy entertainer. Starring Vijay Devarakonda and Ritu Varma. Tharun Bhaskar one of the young bloods of Tollywood. This movie got huge hit at the box office and surprised everybody. Before this movie there is a talk that there is no scope for Short film directors to do a long length movie. But after this movie short film directors and makers got confidence that they can sustain in Tollywood. Short film guys like Priyadarshini, Ritu Varma and director Tharun Bhaskar got settled in Telugu Cinema. Here in this article we embedded all hit songs of Pelli choopulu lyrics. Check down for Pelli Choopulu Song lyrics .

Pelli Choopulu Song Lyrics :

Here in this article we provided four Pelli choopulu song lyrics. They are Raalu raaga poolamala song, Chinuku taake song lyrics, Ee babu gariki song lyrics, Merise merise song lyrics. At the top of this paragraph you can see four song lyrics. Click on the link to get to the place of lyrics.

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According to the story line Vijay Devarakonda is a lazy guy who can’t complete his M1 supple. He is scolded by his father for making nuisance with his life. His father finally decides to marry him with a fortunate girl. But by mistake he meets Ritu Varma . His life changes from then. He works towards his passion from then. Also he does some crazy stuff with his friends Priyadarsini. This brings some laughs on screen. Finally How Ritu Varma and Vijay Devarakonda gets married will be rest of the story. Scroll up for Pelli Choopulu Song lyrics.

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