Jagga Jasoos Movie Review 2017 | Ranbir Jagga Jasoos Movie Review

Jagga Jasoos Movie Review 2017 – Ranbir Jagga Jasoos Movie Review

Jagga Jasoos is a Hindi movie featuring Ranibir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. This Hindi movieJagga Jasoos trailer released lately and seems to be scoring huge hit at box office. In this article we are going to in detail with the Ranbir and Katrina’s Jagga Jasoos movie and also on the recently released Jagga Jasoos Theatrical trailer. Si if you are here for Jagga Jasoos movie review, then I assure you that you are at the correct corner of the Internet. I know most of the people like to read movie review before actually buying the ticket for any movie . If you are that kind of Person. Believe me you can get what you want here . Scroll down to read Jagga Jasoos movie review.

Want to finish of things quickly and read Jagga Jasoos movie review as fast as you can. So don’t worry you can read Jagga Jassos Hindi movie review in less than 10 seconds.


Before actually looking into or jumping into will be more appropriate I think so into Jagga Jasoos movie review, Let’s talk some things. ” I don’t know why but my stomach is in pain early in the morning ” . Wait kiddo let’s talk didn’t mean your health problem. What I really mean is let’s talk about the movie you came here. Yes Let’s talk about Ranbir kapoor and Katraina kaif’s Jagga Jasoos movie. What was so special with this movie ? Why were you so eager to watch this movie as soon as it gets released. Read Jagga Jasoos movie review in less than 10 Seconds – Click here

You may have so many reasons but for me katrina kaif  😛  and if you are a a girl mostly reason to watch Jagga Jasoos movie will be Girl’s Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor.

Watch Jagga Jasoos Trailer and Jagga Jasoos Song Trialers Below :

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Here is Jagga Jasoos Theatrical Trailer Review below :

How much you liked Jagga Jasoos Theatrical Trailer ? If you missed some important points from Jagga Jasoos theatrical trailer . Here I will explain you those things. I think it will be most appropriate to say interesting points from Jagga Jasoos rather than important points. Spelling interesting as important feels me crazy 😆 . How ever get back to track and let’s move in detail with Jagga Jasoos Theatrical trailer. Scroll down to view Jagga Jasoos movie theatrical trailer review in detail.

As the Jagga Jasoos Hindi movie trailer starts Some girl ask Hero Ranbir Kapoor what is his name ? He stammers and struggles a lot to tell his name. He make some funny sounds in middle which makes us smile. Three shots of him are shown which will explains us his craziness. Finally Katrina applies brakes for his stammering and titles of the movie goes on screen. This time he holds a flower pot and sings a song. The summary of the song was that flowers will take time to flourish so as his words. So rather than talking he started sings to make his words smooth. Now it is the time to show his character in the movie.

Glimpse of Jagga Jasoos Movie Review :

He travels and performs some stunts in middle. Also he stands on a clock tower for an unknown reason. He adjusts his hairstyle and which shows his craziness. Finally the song stops with his whispering It is murder not suicide into one of his friend’s ear. Then Katrina asks how do you know all this. For this he replies he found finger prints on the dead body for which katrina slaps Ranbir Kapoor. Some more adventures this time with heroine Katrina Kaif and a background music are shown involving a blast at the end. Now a photograph of hero’s father will be shown indicating his death.

Ranbir Kapoor as a child asks his father when will he come back. He promises to come but didn’t show up. For this Ranbir weeps and a sad song plays as a background music. Now a guy says that his father died in an accident but Ranbir laughs and says that no sorry what you saying is totally wrong. Now Ranbir was haunted by bad guys. And the trailer ends saying Jagga Jasoos in cinemas on July 14th 2017. To get all the questions regarding Jagga Jasoos clear you must watch movie. Scroll down to read Jagga Jasoos movie review.

Jagga Jasoos movie Review :

  • Our Rating: 3.5/5
  • Single Line Review: “In Search of Father”
  • Release Date: July 14h ,2017
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Language: Hindi
  • Play Time: 180 minutes
  • Censor Report: “U/A”
  • Main Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Sayani Gupta
  • Music by: Pritam
  • Writeen By: Anurag Basu
  • Dialogues: Anurag Basu
  • Screenplay: Anurag Basu
  • Camera Man: Ravi Varman
  • Banner Name: U T V Motion Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures
  • Director: Anurag Basu
  • Produced By: Siddharth Roy Kapoor , Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor

[showhide type=”post3″ more_text=”…” less_text=”Show less…”]  So these are the people who worked very hard to complete Jagga Jasoos Hindi movie. Jagga Jasoos is a Hindi movie released on July 14th , 2017. The Genre of Jagga Jasoos movie is Mainly Adventure. Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Sayani Gupta acted in main roles of this movie. Pritam composed music for all the songs from Jagga Jasoos movie. Anurag Basu written and directed this movie. Anurag Basu written Screenplay for this movie Jagga Jasoos. Siddharth Roy Kapoor, Anurag Basu and Ranbir Kapoor produced this movie under the banner named D V V Entertainments. Scroll down for Jagga Jasoos movie Review. [/showhide]

Story :

Jagga Jasoos movie Story is about a teenage detective. This teenage detective will go in search of his father. Katrina Kaif and Adah sharma acted in lead roles along with Ranbir Kapoor. Hero’s father leaves him promising to return but as he never shows up. Our Hero goes in search of him. What happened to his father and searching elements of detective will be rest of the story.

Cast Performance :-

Ranbir Kapoor did splendid job in this movie. This is totally new of him and his hard work must be appreciated. On the other Hand Katrina Kaif was good too. All the cast of the Hindi Movie Jagga Jasoos managed to get good name with this movie.

Technical Team :

Director and Writer of this movie Anurag Basu must be appreciated for his excellent work. He had given best with this movie. On the other hand Production values and camera work are good too. And the Music composed by Pritam is the biggest asset of this movie.

Reasons to Watch :

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Cast Performance
  • Music
  • Direction
  • Interval Scene

Reasons to Deny :

  • Few Boring Scenes in Second Half
  • Editing can be much better

Jagga Jasoos Final Verdict :

It is one more block buster from Ranbir Kapoor . If you are a kapoor fan stop reading and start booking tickets for Jagga Jasoos now. Hail Ranibir  ➡

JaggaJasoos movie Rating : 3.5/5

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