1st week Collections – First week collection

1st week Collections – First week collection

1st week collections : In this article you guys will be viewing exclusively 1st week collections of all Latest Telugu and Tamil movie. Collections are playing a main role in the success of the movie these days. So we came forward with this article which will enlighten you with 1st week collection of all Latest Telugu and Tamil movies. It is very hard for a ovie these days to keep a long run in the theaters. So Producers are relying on the first week collections. They are striving to get as much money in the movie box-office as much as possible.

Piracy devil is killing the cinema all over the places. Family audience mostly getting addicted to these Piracy as they can’t afford money to buy movie tickets for entire family. Even the multiplex culture which is responsible for it. The rates are too high and a common working man can’t take their family for a movie in the weekend. So taking this as an advantage the black hats are eradicating the movie culture. They are killing Indian cinema by pirating the movies and selling the DVD copies for just 30 Rupees.

This made producers think of getting as much money as they can in the first week of the movie release itself. They want all the interested candidates to watch the movie within first week itself. They are spending lot of amounts on the promotion of the movie. So that getting attracted by the promotions audience will buy ticket for the movie within first week. In olden days movies used to play in theater for hundreds of days but now keeping a movie in theater for 10 days is critical. So it is very very important that producers fill their pockets with 1st week collection.

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Mahanubhavudu 1st Week Collections

Mahanubhavudu is doing well at the box office. It is entertaining all the family audience with its fun elements.

Mahanubhavudu first week Collections —> 17.5 Crores 

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Spyder 1st Week Collections

Spyder even though getting negative talk at the box-office trying to get money for Producers. It is very often for Telugu movies maintaining such a huge run at the box office despite negative talk. Check Spyder first week collections below.

Spyder 1st week collection —> 118 Crores Approximely

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Jai Lava Kusa 1st Week Collection

Jai Lava kusa became a huge hit at the box-office. This movie has managed to cross 100 crores. But there is an obstacle named Spyder. This movie released on 27th Sep 2017. So there is a speed keeper on the way of Jai Lava Kusa collections. But let’s check how much Jai Lava kusa collected for its first weekend

Jai Lava Kusa first week collections —> 120 Crores 

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This is all about 1st week collections. Stay tuned for regular updates.